1. P

    cutting crown on the flat need angles for 10*

    I need to cut crown molding on the flat for angles 10* to the vertical and 808 TO THE HORIZONTAL WITH 90 DEGREES WALL ANGLE help
  2. MrAudio815

    Wood Earrings & Other Flat Work

    Hello Fellow Woodworkers, I have been selling at the local Gardener's Market here in Logan, Utah. And started making Domestic and Exotic Wood Earrings. The locals love them and they sold very well the first few weeks. I also made the display stand from dumpster already finished Walnut...
  3. mshel

    For Sale Wood turning squares, flat stock, mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak

    Had to move this from the classifieds: Cleaning house and need to move this wood out. Mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak. Lots of nice projects sitting here. Sadly, I have no place to store it so it has to go. $65.00 for the lot.
  4. CrealBilly

    Flat Sawn / Rift Sawn / Quarter Sawn

    I'm interested in your preference for building furniture.
  5. erasmussen

    Flat Work

    On the goldsboro thread it was told that I done some flat work :eusa_doh: So I might just as well go ahead and show it. Its not too much just a small box 3 1/2" x 5" x 9 1/2"
  6. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Three Piece w/doors shown, but not attached
  7. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Three Piece w/o Doors Attached
  8. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Vainty - Oak Ply with Oak FF and Oak Draw-fronts w/o door attached
  9. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Oak Ply w/Oak FF, w/o doors attached
  10. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Medicine Cabinet - Solid Oak, w/o doors installed
  11. Tarhead

    CA or Epoxy Grain Filling on Flat Stuff?

    I know CA is used on Pens as a finish but does anyone have any experience using it or Epoxy on flat things for grain filling? The topic came up in a discussion and the technique seemed too simple. Round off the corners of a straight edge razor blade and use it as a squeegee to work the stuff...
  12. erasmussen

    Flat work

    My daughter wanted a coffee mill Funny thing what ever my daughter wants, my daughter gets:eusa_danc Sorry about the POOR picture
  13. Mt. Gomer

    Flat and Square. Finally!!!

    Whooo Hooo! I FINALLY got some shop time in this weekend. It had been a month or more since I was able to spend more than a few minutes at a time there and it was GREAT to be back! My big accomplishment was to get my recently sharpened jointer and planer knives (which had been sitting on my...
  14. R

    Juried Craft Show - Flat Rock

    Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show: Submit your application for a juried show at The Flat Rock Playhouse. The Flat Rock Playhouse and Inspired Arts Fine Craft Guild are inviting craft artists to submit applications for the Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show. Application deadline: Jan. 30 Show dates...
  15. MrAudio815

    Book Shelf....Some flat work Finally

    Hey Everyone, Remember when I made the cabinet for the wall out of MDF with a Hardboard backing. Welp I converted it into a Bookshelf and added Cherry trim. The top/front piece is one solid piece. Comments/opinions welcome, Good or Bad~! :gar-Bi
  16. PChristy

    CJAWFJ2 Jumbo Flat Jaws

    Is this what some of you use to finish turning the bottoms of your bowls to get the tenon of of it http://www.amazon.com/PSI-Woodworking-CJAWFJ2-Jumbo-Flat/dp/B000KI8BTY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=hi&qid=1250106993&sr=8-3
  17. jrs

    Am I being too picky (AKA, how "flat" is flat enough)?

    Hi all- My shop is currently devoid of any flat workbench/assembly table type surface. I tried to go the easy route, and ordered a door slab from lowes, to at least bootstrap the process (figuring that I could just chuck it up on a couple of sawhorses in a pinch). I picked it up yesterday...
  18. mshel

    Flat rate APO boxes

    I will be sending Michael Garner some wood in the near future and will have surplus flat rate APO boxes available. Michael said the boxes come in groups of ten so if anyone has someone in the military, let me know and I can provide a box if needed. Mike
  19. R

    I do SOME flat work

    Well I do a little flat work too.This is a cross a friend ask me to make.He wants to put it up where they spead the ash's of his mother.It's made out of Sapele.I drilled a hole in the bottom for a steal rod.Now he don't have to figure out how to put it up.It's got 5 coat's of poly on it.Thanks...
  20. CrealBilly

    RedNeck Logging big round ones made flat

    Ok Fred mission accomplished, big round ones made into small flat and square ones. I figure there's a good 1000 BF there about 1/2 pine and 1/2 sweet gum. Here's what the sweet gum looks like. Some of the boards look like someone took a brush with burnt umber and burnt sienna and touched the...

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