1. J


    Anyone interested in a couple 100 BF of poplar? I'll be slicing lumber off the logs tomorrow, PM me know if your interested. Thanks
  2. TracyP

    *UPDATE* Pics* Possible poplar available at a good price

    I have an opportunity to buy some poplar at a good price. Is anyone interested in any. I will probably get about 400 bf that has not been spoken for. I will buy this if there is enough interest. Mostly 4/4, some 5/4 at between 8 and 12 feet lengths. This is air dried over the last ten years...
  3. Kyle

    Tulip Poplar..

    Just an interesting tidbit I learned this week. Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) is a close member of the MAGNOLIA family.. and not really a true poplar.True poplar are aspens and cottonwoods. Poplar is in the Magnoliaceae family and aspens and cottonwoods in the Salicaceae family...
  4. Bigdog72

    Poplar Tree in Backyard

    After the wind storms of the last few weeks, and having two 40' limbs come down in the yard, I need to take down a large poplar tree. I am wondering if anyone here would be interested in the logs once the tree is down. I have no way of setting up a drying area right now so someone else gets the...
  5. rhett

    staining poplar?

    I am calling on the wisdom of NCWW. I have just finished two built ins for my sister, and made them from some old poplar my father had in his building. The original plan was for her to paint them. Well, plans have apparently changed. Having known she was going to change her mind, I would have...
  6. Scrollsaw boat in red oak, poplar and BB ply

    Scrollsaw boat in red oak, poplar and BB ply

    A small "picture" of a sail boat made by scrollsawing red oak and poplar pieces. The red oak portion of the boat is one continuous piece. The poplar pieces were cut to fit the openings. The background is baltic birch ply and the frame is red oak. Finished with tung oil
  7. R

    Mahogany finish on poplar?

    A friend wants me to build a stand an antique Coates Thread box her mother had. I'm pretty sure the box is mahogany. I plan on building the stand out of poplar and staining it to match the antique box as close as I can. Anyone have a good stain recipe other than Minwax Red Mahogany? Is poplar...
  8. rick7938

    Need KD Poplar

    Anyone know where I can get 4/4 and 8/4 KD poplar? Thanks
  9. J

    4MBF Poplar

    Looking to get rid of about 4000 BF of poplar, not cut yet still in the logs. I'm coming up dry trying to find a buyer. Price and and dimensions are negotiable... If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks
  10. kota62

    Using Poplar outdoors

    LOML wants to spruce up the front porch, I happen to have a fair amount of popular available... What I'm trying to figure out is if pop is a good wood to use outdoors... Will it need special attention/painting to extend it's life ect Thanks for any and all advice Gary Currently stuck in N.J. and...
  11. J

    Raleigh Lumber Run - QS Hickory / Ash / Poplar

    Think I finally am settled back in at the log yard in Bullock, my mill is under a new saw shed and I got the bobcat I picked up Sunday running good, still waiting on a set of forks for the bobcat but they will be coming soon. I'm going to be down right honest and maybe say a few things I...
  12. J

    QS Poplar

    Ted called me up and has run across an OLD poplar that's begging to be QS'ed. I figured I would post it here and see if there is any interest. If there is I'll go ahead and QS it into 4/4 boards and take it to Scott to be KD. Ted said it's a long way up there before there's a limb, and it's...
  13. Terry

    Burled Poplar Tree for Sale

    Found this in an email from WOOD. Anyone interested? Terry Burled poplar tree for sale Located in southwest North Carolina near Murphy stands a heavily burled, 100- to 150-year-old poplar tree with a base circumference of almost 10'. From what can be counted from ground level, this majestic...
  14. J

    KD Lumber Run #2 QS Poplar / ERC *updated*

    After close consideration Scott and I have decided to try QS Poplar and flat sawn eastern red cedar as our second KD lumber run. I was pleasantly surprised after QS’ing poplar for the first time to see its uniqueness and uniform straight grain pattern. Not to mention QS lumber does have it’s...
  15. J


    Wanted to let you guys know 5 - 32"x8' poplar logs from the same tree came in today. These logs are no childs play, their huge. Please let me know if your interested in wide board poplar. Thanks
  16. John Reeves

    Need some poplar

    I need 10 or so pieces of dried poplar that are 40" long by 4" wide. Thickness is less of an issue as I am building up a bed post for painting. I would like to finish this ASAP. Can go to Lowe's or BORG just rather give $ to a fellow woodworker. John
  17. J

    Poplar Exterior use

    I am thinking about making a number of adirondack chairs. using poplar they will be painted. and for outdoor use. Has anyone use poplar for this type of project. If so how did it hold up. Thanks to all in advance Dwight PS I want to use poplar because forthe paint finish,cost.
  18. taandctran

    anyone want any rainbow poplar??

    I have this assortment or rainbow poplar that I have no use for... I was wondering if anyone has any other type of wood that they have no use for that they would be interested in trading. Some are small bowl blanks 4 1/2 square x 1 3/4, some are game call or bottle stopper blanks, and some are...
  19. M

    Finishing Poplar

    Restoring a drop leaf table for a customer. At firs glance the table appeared to be a cherry wood before the finish was removed. Only to find out it was stained poplar. Customer wants to go back with a brown-looking stain to match other pieces in the home. My question is whether or not a...
  20. Arcrist

    Poplar Sources

    Does anyone know a good source for small 3-5 feet poplar boards? I found them only at 2 home depots. The ones in apex and durham. Thanks, Andy www.dreadcraft.com

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