1. Sharp Blade

    Poplar is made of wood, right?

    Er...anyway, I am making a raised feeder out of poplar for both of my dogs. (They each get their own because one is still a puppy. :BangHead: ) There I was dadoing my way through the board when the thinkable (if I HAD been thinking) happened. Chip-out. POOP! :crybaby2: :BangHead: :BangHead...
  2. michaelgarner

    Green Poplar Trick

    Hey everyone, I’m putting together an entrainment center for my father-in-law and he wanted something that was inexpensive but looked good. Well I knew that I could stain poplar to resemble cherry so I went with that. When the wood was delivered it had a lot of green hue in some of the boards...
  3. G

    finishing poplar

    Any thoughts on how to give poplar a hard, dent resistant finish finish. I realize that poplar is a fairly soft wood, but I have a project in mind that would utilize some old pieces that I have.

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