1. eyekode

    Opinions on shop layout/dust collection plan

    First a little bit about my shop situation: I have been working on creating a functional shop for a couple years now. I have 1/2 of a 2 car garage. I can also pull out SWMBO's car when I need some extra space. I also share this space with a couple bikes and a water heater. I have mostly larger...
  2. B

    Mini lathe opinions

    Can anyone give me a first hand opinion of a Grizzly Mini Lathe - Model G9247? I am looking for a starter lathe and wondering if this might be winner. Brad
  3. ebarr

    Benchtop Jointer opinions

    OK, so now that I am actually building something instead of just turning stuff, I am in need of a benchtop jointer. I have looked at the Porter Cable from Lowes for $250.00. Anybody have any feedback on this machine? I don't have a lot of room to buy anthing much bigger. Although I did look...
  4. Leviblue

    Ridgid Stationary Drill Press - Opinions

    I went to the HD today and purchased a stationary drill press that was on clearance. The clearance price was $299 but I had a photo from another store where the price was $149.50. I spoke with the Asst. Mgr and they matched that price. HD has clearanced several of the Ridgid stationary tools...
  5. sawduster

    angle drill opinions please

    Anyone have one of these or know anything about them ? http://www.woodworkingshop.com/cgi-bin/67A1CB88/mac/additmdtl.mac/showItemDetail?item=TZ20000&sku1=Y&shipRemaining=0&daysBetween=0&daysBetweenFix=0&monthsBetween=0 my primary use would be bowl sanding on my lathe . I have a little "...
  6. kernnal

    Opinions please

    Hi all, I have figured out that I love the scrollsaw and have recently decided to try some intarsia projects. I currently am using a Craftsman saw that I picked up at a yard sale. I figure that will get me through my early projects. However, I have a feeling that I will need to upgrade saws in...
  7. J

    Looking for opinions on theJet 707410 10 Inch Jointer Planer Combo machine

    I was hoping to get some feedback from some folks who might own or used one of these combo machines. I'm typically an old iron fan and recently saw one of these Jet combo machines and was wondering if some of the owners of these machines could share their thoughts/opinions on how they like them...
  8. Tarhead

    Opinions on Flexcut Carving Tool Sharpening Kit

    This is on my wishlist for Hartville tool. http://www.hartvilletool.com/product/11755 Any feedback? I have a very limited carving set. This is not something I'm planning to get into in a big way but when I need to do it I would like for the tools to be sharp and they're not. I can use my...
  9. dpsnyder


    I have to build a platform for a friends front loading washer and dryer. 2 platforms about 30x30 and 12" tall. He wants a drawer that rolls on the floor cut into the front as tall as I can make it. I was thinking of using a 2x12 as a frame with a piece of 3/4" ply on top. then cover the...
  10. JohnW

    New Shop-need opinions

    Wife wants a garage...I want a shop. Considering setbacks and property size, we only have room for one building, which will be 35' x 22' single story. Size can change a little but 35' wide is the max. This will be built on a slight grade so the left side and rear of shop/garage will have...
  11. sawduster

    Delta 46-460 lathe opinions

    Does anyone own this lathe ? I am considering this along with the Jet 1220 VS Any and all input appreciated ....positive or negative :icon_thum
  12. CoolHandLuke

    Thickness Planers and opinions

    Hey fellas, I think I'm going to be shopping for a thickness planer soon and I wanted to hear your opinions/recommendations on a smaller (maybe portable) thickness planer. If you've used one that you like, or know of anything I should look out for please let me know. Thanks Dave
  13. merrill77

    Opinions on Hickory brand hardware?

    I'm pricing out hardware (knobs, pulls) for my next project. I'm comparing nearly identical hardware from both Hickory and Classic Brass brands. The price difference is 3.82 vs 27.73. Since I need 12 of these, that comes to a $287 difference :eek: I'm not looking to shave pennies here and there...
  14. CarvedTones

    larger Flexcut tools - opinions?

    I got the Woodcraft flyer about an upcoming March sale and one of the things that caught my eye was that the will have 4 piece sets of the larger handled Flecuts on sale for $49.99. They showed 3 - the 1" (regular $99), 1/2" (regularly $75) and the 1/2" skewed (regularly $85). I have one of...
  15. Mr. Lahey

    Need opinions on this book case design

    I designed bookshelves that will go on my living room wall. The big empty square in the center is where my fireplace and flat screen TV will be...so the shelves are built around it. I can't decide what joining method to use or how to best attach the shelves to the living room wall. Anyone have...
  16. TracyP

    Urgent Review and opinions needed (Revised in original Post)

    Please Review Quickly. I want to post this in the next 30 minutes. Members; Most members are unaware that there have been many threads and posts lately that have violated the policies of NCWW. The staff spends a lot of time dealing with these threads. Most of these violations of the...
  17. R

    H&L vs. PSA; Opinions?

    All of my sanders are PSA (except one I use for bowls on the lathe). These are Porter Cable random orbit sanders. I purchased them because the sanding disk were so much cheaper. I was wondering if anyone has used both--this is mainly for large area flat sanding--and if you have an opinion on...
  18. D

    delta 18-36 drum sander any opinions

    I have a chance to get a delta 18-36 drum sander for 100 bucks form a freind of a freind. The machine is practicaly brand new due to the fact that the guy purchased it and it did not perform as he had hoped so he put it in the back roon of the shop where t has been sitting ever since. Just...
  19. S

    Opinions on circular saw laser

    Just wondering if anyone has used this or similar laser attachment. My eyes aren't what they used to be and I need all the help I can get. Is it accurate enough for small projects-miters, etc? Thanks, Dick http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=16841
  20. owen299

    Table saw fence opinions...

    I have an older Grizzly 1022 table saw that i would like to replace the fence on for something with a little less 'WOBBLE". Got the saw a couple yrs ago for a pretty good deal and wonder if it's worth upgrading the fence or raplace the saw (rather not). Anyone having any info would be a great...

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