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  3. Carl Fisher

    Gloat from the Charlotte Wood Working show

    We went to the show both Saturday and Sunday. Came home with a Sommerfeld angle bit set, a set of Shaker Raised panel bits, band saw blades, tires, cool blocks, micro splitters, link belts and just sooo much more. What's better is that the wife was with me the whole time and actually approved...
  4. A

    Charlotte Show Review

    I took a long lunch and went down to the show today. NCWW has a nice set up. I got to meet ScottM and saw Gotcha along with several other folks. I won't name them all cause I'm sure I'll miss some. One thing to note is the layout isn't what I saw posted earlier, also it is in Freedom Hall...
  5. HMH

    PE Request: Charlotte WW Show to points East (Raleigh)

    I posted a "want to buy" add several weeks back for a small, "vintage" radial arm saw, and was lucky enough to be find a 1958 Delta Super Columbia, SC. I have already looked over the machine (electronically), and squared up w/ the seller, now all that is left is to pick it up...
  6. Bill Clemmons

    Friday brunch before WW Show

    Several people said they are interested in getting together for brunch before the WW show on Friday. Pete suggested several places at the Cotswold Mall. How does IHOP sound? For some reason I'm in the mood for pancakes. :gar-La; If that works for you, I'll be there at 11:00. Pete said you...
  7. Bigdog72

    Carpool to WW show from Raleigh area

    Anyone interested in carpooling to Charlotte show Saturday?
  8. Wolfpacker

    WNC Carpool to 3/25-26 show in Charlotte ??

    Is anyone interested in carpooling from the Asheville/Hendersonville area on either Friday or Saturday to the show ? If so, post here and we'll work out the details. THE TRUTH: I'd love to catch a ride with someone as I can't leave the LOML stranded w/o a vehicle and my other vehicle is a...
  9. ScottM

    WW Show Update

    Below is the floor plan for the Charlotte WW Show. NCWW is at booth 317. We are right across from the Lee Valley booth. I can't think of a worse place to put a bunch of tool junkies:rotflm: I do know that The Hardwood Store and Klingspor will both be at the show as well. Come out and...
  10. cskipper

    Craft Show display question

    I know some of you folks have participated in craft shows, and I think I'm ready to throw my "hat into that ring". This could be both inside and outside shows. I know I need tables, some type of display, but what else do I need? Canopy? Booth curtains? If curtains, do I also need the...
  11. T

    Charlotte NC has been added to the woodworking show tour

    hey just to let you know I found out that CHARLOTTE, NC has been added to the woodworking show tour for 2011... I am so glad they worked it out to make it back to NC but since it is last min most people probally will not know about it... I do not work for them but here is the link so others...
  12. ScottM

    NCWW at the Charlotte Wood Working Show

    In keeping with our growing recogntion, NCWW has been offered and accepted space at the up coming Charlotte Wood Working Show. This is a great opportunity to expand and continue our mission. To do this we need members to bring in items for display, work our booth and put on short demos. We...
  13. J

    Southen Farm Show Feb 2-4

    The Southern Farm Show returns to the State Fair Grounds next week. One of the vendors of interest is the band saw mills. If you ever want to see them in action, this is the place.
  14. Douglas Robinson

    The Woodworking Shows - Charlotte show

    I got the following email. I think it is a good opportunity and being in Charlotte is a good place for us to have a greater presence. What do all of you think? Scott, as events director, how does this fit into things? Doug Hi Doug, Mike Smith, with the Charlotte Woodworker's Association...
  15. flyrod444

    One way to show off a walnut crotch.

    This is a HF I turned last week from a recently acquired walnut crotch. I hope to get the rest of the tree soon. I put the old milk jug in the picture for a reference of the size. This piece tested my hollowing technique to the limit since I don't have a captive system to hollow. I hollow using...
  16. J

    The Woodworking Show Returns to Charlotte

    Got an email from Kreg today listing cities where they would be with The Woodworking Shows. Charlotte is on the list for March 25-27 , 2011. Checked Woodworking shows web site and sure enough, it is now listed. Charlotte wasn't listed as recently as two days ago.
  17. NZAPP1

    Who won the show prizes?

    Who won the show prizes? Did any NCWW win anything at the show.:dontknow:
  18. zapdafish

    how do i show my name?

    I think the avatar section that shows post statistics also used to show my name and now it doesn't. How do I turn it back on? thnx
  19. ScottM

    Klingspor show

    I have to lock in with Greg what we want him to do and with Coleman on our demo schedule so suggestions are welcome. For NCWW demos I am thinking: - Scroll saw (easy to do and we have some good folks who normally attend). I can bring my saw again - Turning (how about we turn some weed pots...
  20. froglips

    Klingspor Show - Steam Bending help!!!

    To help Phil with his steam bending magic, have a few items we could use. 1. Safety Glasses 2. Leather Gloves 3. Some straight walking stick blanks that we can bend, about 1" dia and just partially dry would be perfect. I'm heading to the show shortly, so no need to reply to me. Contact...

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