1. ScottM

    Helpers needed for Klingspors Show case Raleigh

    North Carolina Woodworker is a co-sponosr for the Klingspor Showcase Sept 11th at the Klingspor store in Raleigh. To make the showcase successful we need a few people to assist. In particular we need help: 1 person from 3-6 on Friday Sept 10th to help with check in and setup 3 people from...
  2. PeteM

    Rough Cut Show Trailer
  3. Douglas Robinson

    Picnic Activity: Show off your work!

    Every year there is a place set aside for members to show off their work. Yes we like pictures here (no picture: did not happen). However, a lot of members here are such good woodworkers that pictures do not do their work justice, hence the show-off table(s) at the picnic. I know that I have...
  4. CarvedTones

    Woodsculpting TV show on DIY

    I don't know if they are bringning it back regularly, but when I was setting my DVR for some upcoming Woodwright shows, I noticed the listing. There is one coming on next Thursday morning. I selected "record series", but who knows? I got part 1 of something on "Handmade Music" over a week ago...
  5. PeteM

    New woodworking show coming to WGBH
  6. Gotcha6

    CLT Woodcarvers Show

    CLT Woodcarvers show is this weekend @ Marion Diehl Center on Tyvola Road. Anybody wanna do lunch @ The Roasting Company on Montford?
  7. J

    One Month till Fredricksburg Show

    It's only a month till the Woodworking Show hits Fredricksburg VA. Anyone from here planning on going? I plan leave from Klingspor's parking lot around 7:00 AM on Sat the 13th, and get to the show around 11:00. I usually pack my own lunch, so I can spend my money on the show, not over priced...
  8. BKind2Anmls

    Atlanta WW Show and gloat

    Just got back from 3 days at the Atlanta Woodworking show. I thought is was better this year than two years ago (I didn't go last year). The venue was smaller but at least the parking was free. :eusa_clap There were several good deals. Highland Woodworking had a whole LOT of stuff at 50% off...
  9. R

    Juried Craft Show - Flat Rock

    Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show: Submit your application for a juried show at The Flat Rock Playhouse. The Flat Rock Playhouse and Inspired Arts Fine Craft Guild are inviting craft artists to submit applications for the Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show. Application deadline: Jan. 30 Show dates...
  10. J

    Going to the Woodworking Show in March?

    Anybody given any serious thought to going to the show in Fredricksburg in March? Been toying with the idea. Go to the show and back on Saturday, rerag and leave for Savanah (St Patrick's Day) on Monday.
  11. Gotcha6

    CLT Woodworking Show

    Sorry, guys. I jumped the gun on this one. Google search pulled up the web page but a calendar check coincided with LAST YEAR's event. The nearest events on their FORMAL website area in Atlanta 1/29-31 and Fredericksburg, 3/12-14 Here's the official site:
  12. boxxmaker

    Craft show in Tampa fl

    After about 3 yrs of contemplating,I finaly took the plunge and dang near drowned:kamahlituShoulda just kept thinkin bout it.:gar-Cr Oh well I did get my setup fee back,I think I made enough profit to take mama to steak & shake :gar-La; but unless some miracle takes place between now an next...
  13. Woodchuck

    Show In Hickory

    I haven't posted in a while but would like to brag a little. I went to the Catawba Valley Woodcarvers Show in Hickory last weekend and did pretty good. The 2 Santa Ornaments won a 1st and a 2nd but somehow I did not get photos of them. Had a great time and met a lot of good people. Thanks for...

    Klingspor's Woodworking Show thoughts and thanks!!!

    First of all, A big thank you is in order for several local clubs for participating in our event this year. - Great demo's - Worksharp, Penturning, and WOW! AWESOME CLOCK Ted! Also, from my understanding - many NEW signups for the club and tons of entries for the fundraising...
  15. J

    March Woodworking Show

    With the Charlotte Show being canned again, is anyone thinking of going to the show in Fredricksburg VA? I don't exactly understand the Woodworking Shows thought process, as there are three shows (Baltimore, Chantilly, Fredricksburg) within an hour of DC.
  16. Klingspor 2009

    Klingspor 2009

  17. LeftyTom

    Forgive Me 4 Being MIA at Hickory Show

    I hate I missed the show this year. I wanted to go, but got saddled with working nights, supposedly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. The plan was to start at 9pm, but Tuesday the vendor did not call until 11pm, finished at 5am. Wednesday, started at 9pm as planned, finished at 5am...
  18. Ken Massingale

    Who'll Be At The Klingspor Show Friday?

    We'll be there around midday. Just warning folks who want to avoid meeting me!:gar-La;:tongue2:
  19. ScottM

    Who needs the WoodWorks Show?

    I have not been on the site much lately due to my real job. Anyway we now have another major event on tap. I have managed to get the NCWW invite to Wood Turning Symposium being held in Greensboro. See there letter below. Scott, I wanted to get back to you regarding your request for an...
  20. boris

    WoodWorking show in Asheville, NC

    The show was scheduled on October 2 - 4, 2009. Now it's website is not available. Is it canceled? Any clue?

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