1. M

    Show Your Face

    It's occurred to me that many regulars and newcomers alike don't know about one of the key Photo Galleries on the site -- it's called "Faces of NC" and it's a place where members can post their favorite photo of themselves so others get a better idea of Who We Are! It's important...
  2. J

    Free registration for Greensboro show

    The Carolina's Wood Expo will be held on Thur and Fri, Feb 16 &17. To register, go to and in the free pass code, enter the code GSNP. A group of us will go from the Bo-Jangles on Hwy 64 in Apex on Thursday. We will leave around 7:30 AM. We will make a stop at the...
  3. Joe Scharle

    Moving Up Show canidates

    The Learning Channel (TLC) is casting new episodes of their home design show Moving Up and would like your help. If you have homebuyer clients in the Raleigh area who are moving sometime between January 23 and March 30, 2006, read on. The show is looking for homebuyers with: · Outgoing...
  4. hpetty

    Charlotte Woodworker's Show "Get-Together"

    I am about 15 miles north of the Charlotte Merchandise Mart. My wife and I would be be willing to offer our house/shop as a convenient meeting place if any of you are planning to go to the Show and would like to gather for some conversations and maybe even some "adult beverages" before or after...
  5. gator

    Greensboro Show Gathering

    In years past there have been several WoodNet Igits that got together at the show. Seems like a good time to start initiating such a gathering this year. For me, Friday is the day I will be going. I hope that everybody else doesn't pick Thursday and I miss the BBQ. George
  6. R

    Small project to show

    Just though I would show a small project I did for my grandson. A suspended cradle. I bought the spindles for the sides and used newel posts for the uprights. I also added a picture of him enjoying a nap in the cradle
  7. cskipper

    Woodworking show at Woodcraft in Greenville SC

    I don't know if this is appopriate to post, but the Woodcraft store in Greenville SC is having a woodworking show this Sat and Sunday. Glen Huey (furniture maker and author) will be there both days and will demonstrate hand cutting dovetails. Three will also be other local folks doing...
  8. DaveO

    Let's show them what NCwoodworker can do

    A member and a very fine woodworker is offering his hard, very hard work up for auction. All proceeds are going to the Katrina huricane relief fund, a very worthy cause. Here's the chair that is being auctioned: For more info on the chair and it's craftsman see here...

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