1. adowden

    10% off Lowes coupons at Post Office

    I went by the post office today and checked the Mover's Guide and if you get the 2009 one, it does have a 10% off Lowes coupon. On the front right hand corner it says up 1/1/09 and Down 4/30/09. Happy Shopping! Amy
  2. R

    Dewalt Planer clearance at Lowes

    Hi, Here's a good deal. I was at Lowes this morning in South Asheville (Arden) They were having a clearance on the Dewalt DW734 planer. ($300) Don't know if this applies to all stores or not. I'd get one if I didn't already have a planer. RCM
  3. J

    Lowes- Get Them While They Are Hot!

    Was in Lowes at Maynard Rd and Hwy 54 today. The gas heaters are marked WAY down. A five brick, infrared, natural gas heater (30,000 BTU) , originally $299, now less than $70. Not all stores stock propane models, so check around. Other models at similar savings. Located by contractor's check out.
  4. T

    Lowes discounts on Bandsaw and DP

    Talked to my cuz in Wilmington(OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER) and He said He saw a Delta 28-276 Bandsaw marked down to $258.00 at Lowes, anyone seen that yet? He also said a 16 1/2 inch Drillpress was marked at the same price. Any verification would be helpful, Thanks, Tommyt654
  5. B

    dewalt 734 - $300 @ lowes

    I just bought a new dewalt 734 planer at lowes. 300 on clearance. 1 plus the display still in stock in Mocksville. It wasn't on clearance in Salisbury or on the website. Brad.
  6. Douglas Robinson

    Birch Plywood @ Lowes

    I have been known to complain about the plywood found at the BORG's. However, I found some baltic birch (and oak veneer) plywood at Lowe's in Wake Forest that looks good. I bought two 4' x 8' sheets. I'll let you know how it holds up as I cut it and use it. I am working on some new shop storage...
  7. woodnick

    New Lowes Store

    I just came back from a visit to the new Lowes store that opened today in Tarboro. Not the best layed out store IMHO. Plumbing on one side and hardware on the other, the only two sections that I visit. They said that it is one of only two stores that have the drive thru lumber pickup feature. It...
  8. Makinsawdust

    Freud forestner bits at Lowes

    I happened into Lowes on my way home from the shop this afternoon and found them clearing out the Austrian made Freud forestner bits. They were marked down 75-80% off. I got what would have been $193.38 of bits for just under $40 and a $10 off my next $50 purchase. (I know, no pics didn't...
  9. J

    Lowes $10 off $50 coupons

    Again this weekend, Lowes is printing these coupons on the register tape, no matter how small the purchase. Lets see, I think I need some 10 cent washers, a whole stack of them.
  10. J

    Kregg K-3 at Lowes

    Slowly working it's way across the country, but Lowes is getting rid of the K-3 for $79. You just have to keep checking daily as no one knows when they will get mark down information. Kinda like they did with the Bessies.
  11. Bryan S

    Freud router at Lowes

    I was in the Mebane Lowes just east of Burlington and they had the Freud F1702VCEK fixed/plunge base kit on clearance for $129. I don't know if all the stores are doing this or have this router but the Mebane store had 3 on the shelf
  12. FredP

    strolled through lowes today!

    I've been needing a new circular saw since I loaned my shop saw to my son. did I say loan? yeh right! this aint no makita but it will do for breaking down sheet good and for those times when a circular saw is needed. almost half price! guess that makes it a real gloat.:gar-La;
  13. J

    Lowes 10% off coupon

    Other than moving and filling out a change of address with the post office, the next easiest way to get a 10% off coupon is to go over to Sawmill Creek and look under the Deals and Discount form. Scroll down to the post Lowes 10% off coupon. Second post has a link to 10% off coupon. I'm sure...
  14. T

    Lowes 15% got me!

    So I totally forgot about the Lowes 15% off tool sale and went up there for a can of spray paint. I crusied by the tool area and saw a Delta 1 x 42 sander I have always wanted but never really needed. Well it was on close out from $129 down to $64.50 and I talked them into the 15% off too...
  15. Douglas Robinson

    Lowes will no longer carry....

    Milwalkee or Makita tools. I learned this from a tool sales associate today. :sad5: It seems Hitachi is pushing them out. No idea if there will be discounts on the remaining Milwalkee and Makita inventory. Doug
  16. TracyP

    10" drill press at Lowes

    Found a 10" drill press at Lowes on clearance for $39.60 plus if you talk to them just right you get another 15% off this week. It is made by black and decker, Firestorm, has five speeds and a 1/2 inch chuck. Is it a Cadillac, NO but is is better than what I had which was none. Just thought...
  17. J

    Lowes- Spend $50, get $10

    Lowes is doing it again, spend $50 and get a coupon for $10 off your next order of $50 or more. Today in Lowes in west Cary, the guy in front of me said for cashier to give me his coupon as he didn't want it. That's like leaving a ten dollar bill on the counter, and walking off. Yes I took it! I...
  18. S

    15 % off All Power Tools at Lowes

    15% off All power tools in Tool World at Lowes. 3/27 --4/6
  19. Travis Porter

    Lowes and HD coupons

    For any of you getting ready to make purchases at Lowes or Home Depot check these out. I haven't tried them personally, but I have a friend who has and says they are legitimate and work. I have no affiliation or relationship with it. http://www.freeroms.com/lowes_coupon.html...
  20. J

    5.2 MM "Birch" underlayment at Lowes

    Tuesday, I was in Lowes looking for birch plywood for some cabinet backs. They had 5.2 MM birch for about $20 a sheet. In the next rack was "luan" underlayment for $10.99 a sheet. It had birch veneer on both sides. Of course the back side was trash, but the front side was first class.

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