1. Sam Knight

    Rockwell Jawhorse on sale

    Great deal on this Rockwell Jawhorse at Lowes yesterday if anyone is looking for one. Normal price $120 marked down to $85 then again to $67. The Roxboro Lowe's had about 4 more in stock yesterday. I got mine! April Wilkerson swears by her Triton Superjaws which is very similar to this one...
  2. PC Saw

    PC Saw

  3. J

    Two less than $10 tool deals from Lowes

    As usual, Lowes / HD are running their gifts under $$ thing right now. Lowes has two that I took advantage of. First is 1/4" drive , 20 piece KOBALT socket set. Eighteen sockets (9 standards and 9 metric,) ratchet and extension- $9.98. Other is a 42 piece KOBALT impact screw driving set for...
  4. J

    Free Batteries at Lowes

    Lowes is again is running the deal of buy batteries for $9.97, get a $10 off $50 coupon. Remember that HD will take these coupons also.
  5. F

    General Instruments Moisture Meter - Lowes $9.98 - Pin Type

    $9.98 General Instruments Moisture Meter At least for Zipcode 22030. Never know with Lowe's regional promotions.
  6. mike_wood

    Laminate @ Lowes

    I bought two 4'X6' sheets of laminate at the Lowes in Pittsboro this AM for $5. They had 3 more sets in boxes for the same price. All I looked at were granite color. This was at the outside clearance area.
  7. J

    Lowes, Kobalt Hand Tools 50% Off

    I was in two different Lowes today, and noticed that both had marked down most of their Kobalt hand tools by 50%. In one Lowes, replacement identical items was marked as KD. Apparently Lowes is dropping the USA made Kobalt hand tools line.If you need sockets, sets or wrenches this a good time to...
  8. mshel

    Lowes sales

    Walked into Lowes today and although I didn't really need it, I walked out with this: http://www.lowes.com/pd_354187-353-HDS180-03_0__?productId=3354328&Ntt=bosch+drills&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Dbosch%2Bdrills%26page%3D2 Marked down to $99 I have been using a Panasonic 14.4 and...
  9. Jim M.

    Bosch biscuits on sale @ Lowes

    Went to Lowes today and found Bosch plate joiner biscuits on sale for $2.09 for #FF, 175 count (reg. $4.09) and $2.79 for #0, 150 count (reg. $8.37). So I grabbed all I could. Jim View image in gallery
  10. J

    Lowes $10 off $50 Coupons

    This weekend (thru April 4th) every Lowes receipt has a $10 off $50 coupon. Got one yesterday on a dollar purchase. Used it today on some locks. Bought four additional keys, one at the time. Ten bucks saved and five more coupons. Coupons don't have an expiration date.
  11. bobby g

    Another extra 10% deal at Lowes

    Here's another way to get 10% at Lowes. Buy a "tax refund" gift card for $500 or more and they'll add 10% to it. Good for a big project and since it's a gift card, you can combine with any other special deal. Look here for details. bobby g
  12. T

    Lowes selling Steel City Power tools

    Considering the 10% off coupon these could be some good deals,The Contractors Tablesaw,Mortiser and Granite topped Bandsaw, http://www.lowes.com/SearchCatalogDisplay?storeId=10151&langId=-1&catalogId=10051&N=0&newSearch=true&Ntt=steel+city
  13. J

    They are Back- 10% off Coupons at Lowes

    Our daughter moved recently, and so I picked up a "moving kit" at post office. It now (again) contains a Lowes 10% off coupon. Used it to buy a commode for her old house (which we own.)
  14. J

    Free Batteries, at Lowes

    Lowes is at it again with the $10 off $50 coupons. This time it is on packs of energizer batteries, which sell for $8.97. (Wal-Mart has same batteries, without coupon for $9.97.) This means your coupon is worth $1.03 more than you paid for batteries. But it gets better, because Lowes applies...
  15. wannabe1-2

    DeWalt 14.4v drill at Lowes $99.97

    I just bought a 14.4v compact drill/driver with case, 2 batteries & charger at Lowe's in Laurinburg. Regular price is 179.00 & it is on sale for 99.97. I have batteries going bad on my old one & you can't buy 2 batteries for that. There was one left in Laurinburg, I called Rockingham & they have...
  16. T

    Lowes gift card help please

    I received 2 Lowes gift cards for my birthday. One is for $25 and the other $35. I would like to use the money somewhere else. Now, I know this is funny sounding as we have all seen the adds on CL for this and just assume it is a scam, but I hope I have earned my keep here on the Forum and you...
  17. kooshball

    $90 shop-vac at Lowes for $39.95

    Lowes has a fathers day weekend sale going on with the 14-gal, 5.5hp shop vac for $39.95
  18. L

    GSO Lowes: Milescraft Router Base $4.98

    Couldn't pass up a deal on replacement base/accessory for routers, should fit most models: the Milescraft Offset Router Base Kit, apparently listed at Lowes.com at $39.98, shelf price originally $19.98, marked down to $4.98. NW Greensboro Lowe's had two left after I grabbed mine... Hope...
  19. Ken Massingale

    DW735 Lower Price At Lowes

    Around here at least, the price is now $549. With the 10% coupon it'll be ~$500. Not a close out price, but better than it has been...
  20. Lowes Receipt

    Lowes Receipt

    Lowes Receipt

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