1. J

    Delta 35-7657 $19.99 ar Lowes

    Was in Lowes in Apex today and they have reduced their Delta 10" blades to 50% off. 7657 is $19.99, and sixty tooth crosscut blade is $24.99. Don't go to Apex Lowes looking any of the 7657, as they are at my shop. but Cary and other stores have them. Tomorrow, Cary will have one more, when I...
  2. WoodWrangler

    $4 Magnetic Light at Lowes

    Stopped by Lowe's tonight and they had a magnetic light on clearance for $4 (normally $20). It seemed to be a corporate clearance tag and not a regular "manager's special" If you need one ... might be worth checking with your local Lowe's this weekend. The light was in the grinder section...
  3. J

    Gas heaters half off at Lowes

    Was in Cary and Garner (Hwy 70) Lowes on Friday. They are clearancing seasonal heating devices - half off. I have one of the infa-red plaque heaters in my shop and love it. They have both 18,000 BTU and 30,000 heaters. I have the 30K in my shop. Both have a thermostat built in. Smaller unit says...
  4. J

    Lowes- Spend fifty, get ten through Dec.31

    Lowes is doing it again. Spend $50 in a single purchase, and get a gift card of $10 for your next purchase. Good through 12/31. Now let's see- Delta 7657@ $33.97, and Hitachi SCM blade @ $32.97 for a total of $66.94.Then apply Home Depot 10% off card. That brings total down to $60.25, plus tax...
  5. J

    Lowes blade deals

    Earlier I was in the Walnut Street Lowes in Cary. They are clearancing the Delta 7657 for $33.97. The Delta 60 tooth crosscut blade is now $39.99. They also have Hitachi 60 tooth SCM blades for $32.97. The Hitachi blades have plenty of carbide for sharpening, and package says it was made in...
  6. J

    Some Lowes Stores still Have Bies.

    On Monday, I was in local Lowes. Had friend who works in hardware look up the Bies. fences (item #237671). Several of the out lying Lowes still have them in stock. Most have only one though. Perhaps someone could take time to go to local Lowes and have them look up item #237671 and publish which...
  7. J

    Belt Sanders at Lowes

    Lowes is clearancing their Delta belt sanders. The SM500 is marked down to $71.00 in Cary, Walnut Street store. This is a 6" disc/ 6 X 36 bench top machine. They also have Delta 31-695 for $134.00, but I got one for $125.00 This is a 9" disc/ 6 X 48 machine with stand. Both use induction motors...
  8. S

    Delta universal mobile base: $30 @ Lowes

  9. S

    6 Piece Multi Function Tool Kit: $5.98 @ Lowes

  10. J

    Lowes Stores that have $200 Bies. Fence

    Stopped by Lowes today, twice actually. Had Bill in hardware look up which stores have fences in stock. Cary- Walnut ST-1, West Cary-3, Chapel Hill-1. Sanford-3. Clinton-2, Erwin-3, Apex-1, West Raleigh-3, Knightdale-2. Inventory showed non in either N Raleigh, or Garner. Possibly the I40/ NC 42...
  11. J

    $10 off at Lowes

    Just arrived issue of Family Handyman has a Lowes Project Starter coupon in it. $10 off any purchase of $50 or more. Just a heads up, especially if you read this mag. at the library.
  12. J

    Circular saw blades 10% off at Lowes

    This morning on the first of my trips to Lowes today, saw an end cap with statement saying circular saw blades were 10% off in May. The display included both 7 1/4" blades and 10" blades. Took a 10" blade and had them check price- 10% off also. Might be a good time to jump on one of the...
  13. A

    6" PVC S&D wye for sale CHEAP at Lowes

    For those installing, getting ready to install, or adding to their DC ducting I was in Lowes tonight and saw a yellow tag on one of the PVC S&D bins- I could not believe it, they had 6" X 6" X 6" S&D wye fittings marked down from $18 and change, to $.91, yes that is 91 cents!!!!!! Not sure if...
  14. WoodWrangler

    90% Racks at Lowes

    Picked up some sturdy 3/4" steel(?) pipes typically used to drop a fan from a tall ceiling. I am going to use them with pipe clamps. Retail: $25 - $35 each ... Paid 67 cents each! :eusa_danc Also picked up a bunch of door knobs for kids (princess crowns & stuff), along with some paint...
  15. adowden

    Garage door openers on clearance at Lowes

    I just got back from the Lowes in Pittsboro, and they had their Genie garage door openers on clearance. I got a 1/2 hp belt drive for $68 regularly $167. The chain drive was $55 on clearance - regularly $138. They said that they were getting ready to get new models.
  16. Jim Murphy

    KV drawer slides $1.50 on closeout at Lowes

    At least in the Wake County area, the KV european drawer slides are on closeout. I bought 7 pair of 20" slides today, they were a buck fifty per pair. The endcaps, if you can find them, are forty three cents. They are not accuride, but these 20" slides handle 100#, and I don't like to lift...
  17. mkepke

    OT: Landscape trees at Lowes are 50% off

    It'll take a while for them to turn into usable lumber, but most trees at Lowes stores are 50% off. Japanese maples and magnolias seem to be excluded. I picked up 5 Japanese cherries for less than $10 each. There is a $10 off $50 coupon out there too. Then I went out and hugged my 32" dia...
  18. J

    Went to Lowes the other day

    A couple of weeks back, I went to Lowes and bought a couple of sheets of birch plywood that was made in Canada. This stuff was 3/4" thick (0.750). What are those Canadians thinking, everybody knows that 3/4 ply is supposed to be less than 0.750. What idiots- making something that is the size it...
  19. DavidF

    New Lowes now open

    If anybody is interested the new Lowes at the junction of 64 and 15/501 at Pittsboro opened this morning -just think, my own Lowes!! well there's not many other people around here!!!
  20. C

    Lowes Clearance Alert !!!!

    I was in the Lowes in Rocky Mount this morning and found this on clearance. Was $169 but was $85. They had two left. You might want to stop by your local Lowes and see if they have any. It was on the regular tool (not on the clearance table). Almost forgot......it has an...

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