1. B

    Dewalt DW735 Lowes Deal

    I visited Lowes in Hampstead today to buy a storm door and happened to talk to the store manager. Lowes recently lowered the price of the 735 from $649 to $549, and most of us know that. I explained that through this and other WW sites, I learned that some Lowes stores accept HF 20% coupons as...
  2. T

    Benchdog acc.clearance @ Lowes

    P/U These at a Lowes here in Cartersville, Might be regional, but 50% off is a pretty good deal, Item no 34544 4 in 1 featherboard, $12.48 and a Crown cut Item no. 133954 for $16.49, I would post a copy of my reciept but don,t know how anymore but I have them posted over at bt3central.com if...
  3. B

    DW734 at Lowes

    Lowes lowered their price on the Dewalt Planer DW734 form $419.50 to $300.30 (at least in the Surf City store). I've wanted the 735 though. Should I get this one instead? Does anyone have this one? Is it better than teh Ridgid? What the best for $500 +/-?
  4. pbaileyjr

    Lowes 10% discount to veterans

    I just found this out a couple weeks ago. Lowes will give US military veterans 10% off all purchases, even stuff that is marked down. You do have to have an ID, discharge papers or some proof of your service. I may be the last person to find this out though....
  5. S

    Hitachi CW40 16" Scroll Saw $159 Clearance at Lowes

    This Scroll Saw has mixed reviews, but is still considered one of the best 16" scroll saws available under $300.
  6. C

    delta jointer deal @ lowes

    i was in my local lowes this am, lumberton on 95 @ exit 22 they had 4 delta 6" jointers marked down to $87.50 from 219.00. of course i bagged one, dont know about other stores. cliff
  7. davejones

    Ogee Stile & Rail set at Lowes

    I went looking for a deal on a bandsaw last night, but ended up finding this instead. Regular price was $109. This was the last one in Mayodan.
  8. J

    CMT blades at Lowes

    Today while in Lowes, I saw a set of the "new" CMT dado blades. They looked exactly like the the old Freud SD208, including the packaging. They were also made in Italy, like the Freuds prior to Bosch purchase. I guess Bosch sold that line to CMT, just as they sold their Avanti line to HD.
  9. gator

    CarveRight Demos at Lowes

    Saw this on another forum. Looks like they will be doing demos in Cary and Durham. George CARVEWRIGHT TO BE STOCKED IN SELECT LOWE'S STORES CarveWright and Lowe's have been partnered for a year now selling machines through special order. The response has been great, and we will now be in...
  10. T

    Freud Dado sets on closeout at Lowes

  11. N

    Delta Table Saw at Lowes...

    I thought I found a Delta Table Saw at Lowes in Roxboro but looks like it's gone... :( If any of you guys see a Delta Table Saw at Lowes on Clearance please let me know... I really want this Saw...
  12. redhawknc1

    Lowes Hitachi Air Compressor Deal...

    Picked up this EC119SA Hitachi Air Compressor at my Morganton Lowes on clearance for 1/2 price for $138.24 tax included. Got it up an running. Looks go so far! Here it is at Amazon...
  13. buildintechie

    New Lowes

    Not sure exactly what forum this should go in... For those who live in/around Durham, NC...the Grand Opening date for the new Lowes Hardware at Fayetteville & MLK has finally been set for August 5. Evidently they're giving away free gifts to those who shop on their opening day. Finally, a...
  14. J

    Lowes does it again, $10 off $50

    Went into Lowes today to get an ice maker. Cashier said to get a "small" item, pay for it first, then use $10 off $50 coupon for ice maker. Bought a $0.93 washer, and then used coupon on ice maker.
  15. dino drosas

    Looking for Lowes coupon

    Does anyone out there know of any coupons or tool promotions available at Lowes that are current. Thanks in advance, Dino
  16. N

    Bosch Router bits at Lowes

    Was at the Concord Lowes yesterday (near the mall) and noticed that the last of the Bosch raised panel bits reg.$95.99 were marked $42.99 I picked up an Ogee Face Forming bit reg $49.99 for $24.99. Not sure, but looks like they may be closing out their larger bits.
  17. L

    PC Dovetail Jig 'clearance' GSO Lowes?

    Ok, I got a quick burst of happiness when I noticed the yellow clearance tag hanging off the PC dovetail jig at the Lowes (south GSO). Some major markdown, since they took the time to order/print/attach a new tag lowering the price from $119.00 to $118.78 (yes, half the price of a stamp)...
  18. adowden

    Delta 50-720 Dust collector $129 at Lowes - CH

    The Lowes in Chapel Hill has a Delta 50-720 1 HP 1 micron dust collector for $129 regularly $269. It is marked "as is" and "discontinued". It is in the middle of the tool section. Here is a link to a picture of it...
  19. redhawknc1

    Another Lowes gloat....

    Was in my local Lowes today and happened to find this....Regular price $119, marked down to $29.50. Thought it might make a decent shop cabinet. This is the 1st one I assembled. Will get to the others as I can...
  20. russellellis

    Delta tenoning jig at Lowes

    Lowes has the Delta tenoning jig on clearance for $60. The two stores near me have them on clearance, so maybe those near you will too.

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