1. T

    Where to buy shed/storage building for backyard

    All, I'm looking to get as much as I can out of my 2 car garage that isn't related to my hobbies. Anyone have some recommendations for where to get a shed/storage building that I can put in the back yard. I'm in Cary, so it needs to look as purdy as a little house... so basically a wood...
  2. R

    New storage building

    Hello all; My "woodworking shop" is now 12' x 25' or so, which is half of my garage that I partitioned off some 14 years ago. It works well, but I have ran out of room, and feel like I'm trying to work in a shoebox at times. I've decided I need a storage building to move some items into, and...
  3. N

    general woodworking building plans

    Is there a place to find free basic plans to build things? I'm thinking of either building a bookcase or a patio swing. Thanks.
  4. MikeH

    Where can I get Recycled Building Material?

    Does anyone know where I can find recycled building materials such as 2x4's and such? I really need to build a shed in the back yard, but I don't have the money to do it with new material plus I would love to use recycled material for the green factor. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly...
  5. Ralrick

    Anyone interested in building a Customer Bar?

    I'm looking to have someone build a custom bar in a basement of a house we have at Lake Gaston. I have a general idea of what I want but the plan is not fixed by any means and therefore I'd be looking for some input on the plan as well as you building/installing (I can assist in the install if...
  6. B

    options for building a small box lid

    I am going to be working on making a small box out of walnut this weekend and in planning it out in my head I'm not sure how I will get the lid to work like I want. I want a fitted lid, out of one solid piece of wood, no hinges, that is recessed to allow the corresponding rabbets on the bottom...
  7. Mark Stewart

    Maybe building a deck

    I have recently aquired a house and there is a room on one side where the water damage is extensive from rain damage. I was thinking maybe tear down the room and build a deck instead. My problem is trying to figure the cost I am new at this project esitimater kind of stuff and dont want to go...
  8. scsmith42

    Potential woodshop building in Raleigh

    Not mine, but could be a good deal for someone.
  9. ErnieM

    Harpsichord Project Part 14 - Building the Soundboard

    Hi all, Due to some nasty weather in Syracuse and Buffalo, our trip to the north country has been postponed for a couple of days. Not being one to waste any time, I decided to get started on the soundboard. The soundboard will be made of quarter-sawn Sitka Spruce and will be 1/8” thick (or...
  10. C

    Building a table of sorts, need a bit of advice

    This isn't exactly for the wood shop, but it may wind up in it. I'm looking to build a reloading table. It might as well be a work bench because what I envision will basically be one. I'd like to have a place to store my ammo cans (military style) so it will have to have storage for heavy stuff...
  11. ErnieM

    Part 13 - Building the Bench

    Hi all, Seeing as the shortest day of the year is approaching, I thought we’d end the year with the shortest post of the Harpsichord Project (please ..... hold your applause). Eventually this pile of sticks may actually make a sound. Whenever that day comes, the player will surely...
  12. ErnieM

    Harpsichord Project Part 9 - Building the Registers

    Hi all, What's a register? Take a look at this photo. The player presses down on the front end of the key (not shown). The rear end of the key rises. Sitting on the rear end of the key is the jack which, of course, also rises. It’s path is guided by the lower and upper registers...
  13. rcflyer23

    Books on Chair building

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any good books or DVD's on building Chairs. I bought a "Farm" chair a few months ago and I would love to duplicate it well with my own style. Here is what I would like to duplicate.
  14. Truefire

    Advice on building air dried kiln for pine

    IN the not too far future I am planning on building an air drying station to dry out some yellow pine boards that will have been freshly milled. Would an air dried kiln or solar kiln work better? If the air dried method is ok, does anyone have any suggestions in regards to the amount of...
  15. A

    Building a cyclone

    I finally uploaded my early, pre-NCWW, DC and cyclone building pics into an album (Homemade Cyclone). Actually, the pics show it can be done. If you really want to build one look at the Plans and Construction sections of Bill Pentz's website. I haven't order-sorted the pics yet.
  16. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 4: Building the drawer

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Fliptop cabinet part 2 Fliptop cabinet part 3 Making the drawer parts If this is your first drawer, you may be somewhat intimidated by the use of slides. I certainly was. Before you start making the drawer, make sure you have the slides in hand. I purchased a set from...
  17. ACobra289

    Out building

    I am in serious need of a shed or some type of out-building for my lawn and garden equipment and for storage space. I am leaning towards building it myself (when/if the money becomes available). If I do build it, is there a particular size that makes the best use of 4x8 plywood sheets? 16x16...
  18. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 3: Building the rotating platform

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Fliptop cabinet part 2 Making the platform parts Surprisingly, building the platform is the easy part in this project. Trim the platform shelves by 1/8” down to 20 7/8”. This will give you 1/16” of clearance on either side, enough for the washers that will be used as...
  19. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 2: Building the carcass

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Note: This is cabinet making 101. If you’ve ever made a bookcase, this is pretty straightforward, but I decided to err on the side of caution and add a lot of detail. Cutting the panels and joints The first step is cutting the plywood panels to size. You...
  20. Mike Davis

    Bridge building

    Robin Wood is a british woodworker and outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy reading about his work. And another bridge on youtube.

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