1. striker

    Building Code Help

    I hired what I thought to be a reputable contractor to build a deck at our beach place. Long story short, it turns out I could do better work with an axe. After realizing my mistake I gave him his walking papers today which he promptly did with my building materials. So thats a criminal matter...
  2. goodmund

    Building kitchen cabinets

    Okay, I foolishly decided to save about $5000 and build my own kitchen cabinets. So far, so good, but the level of difficulty is only going to rise as I get closer to making about 50 rail and stile doors and drawer fronts. I've made them before, just not this many that will all be in one place...
  3. Trent Mason

    building a nightstand (questions)

    Greetings to one and all, I have some leftover wood (jatoba) from building my bedframe and I would like to build a nightstand for the LOML. Right now the nightstand is on my side of the bed, as I am the one who normally has to wake up the earliest. Yet, 99.9999% of the contents that occupy...
  4. froglips

    Building Codes?

    I have given up! How/where can you look up these so called "Building Codes"? I happen to be in orange county, but this might be useful for others living out there. Thanks, Jim
  5. C

    Work shop building cost?

    I am wanting to move out of my garage and into a shop. I am thinking about either a 24' x 24' or a 24' x 30 depending on permits and cost. I have a very level lot but I will need the basic grading. It will need to have two garage doors on the front of it so it could be used as a garage if I sale...
  6. newtonc

    building DC closet

    I have had so many priorities/distractions in setting up my shop with my last relocation.And up til now I considered that a bad thing.But it has allowed me a second opinion on all my original intentions.And that has proved to be a good thing. And I am now rethinking my floor plan and have...
  7. pslamp32

    Building a fence...

    Hi all! Quick question for all of you much more wise than me. I'm in stalling a rustic split rail fence with some chicken wire attached to keep the puppy in. My question is : can I just fasten the chicken wire to the posts with normal staples or do I need to use some special galvanized ones? I...
  8. froglips

    Video Review: 8 Point Rebuild/Basic Engine Building

    Please take pity on me, I know this is a forum for wood. They do at one point, suggest using a wooden mallet if that counts? I post this only because its one of the bestest howto video's I've seen. Trust me, I've seen...
  9. S

    Q's about building an attached shed

    I need some advice from those of you with storage sheds attached to your house. I have a specific question below, but would love to hear other suggestions before I start on this project. The lawn mower and wheelbarrow are taking up too much precious space in my garage (need more room for power...
  10. G

    Questions about building a Workbench top

    Hi all, I am a teacher and traveling to my Virginia mountain vacation home this weekend to stay for the summer, and I got it in my head to build a woodworking bench. After two months of research, I think I am settling on a bench that is a combination of Christopher Schwarz's Roubo workbench...
  11. Phil in Apex

    Building a Deck in Apex

    All right, it has finally happened... the wife is ready for an extended deck. As many of you know in Apex, the town is super-anal about codes, permits, inspections, etc.. I figure I will take advantage of the fee holiday and go on and sign up for a deck extension. I went to their website...
  12. oderus1671

    building a new dogpen, need advice...

    hello all, I need to build a dogpen that is elevated, just like a normal deck on a house. My question is , what can I treat/paint the deck (pressure treated lumber) with that will hold up to dog claws and the obvious dog mess that can be hosed off daily? I was thinking of that epoxy-based paints...
  13. Z

    Cradle building

    I've got learn to use a computer. I've also got to build a cradle for granddaughter. I have some cypress. Would this be a good wood to use and what would be a safe finish to use? I hope I am posting right.
  14. J

    Boat building

    What the best wood for building a wood plank boat, white oak?
  15. Dusty Sawyer

    HELP - Need a Workshop Building

    My shop has outgrown my garage and I am talking the other half into letting me put in a small barn as a woodshop. I have been thinking about something in the size I find at HDepot with two stories, but I know it can be built or contracted for less. Does anyone happen to have plans for one or...
  16. L

    Thinking of building

    a workshop next to my house. There's an interesting thread over on woodnet talking about the different types of construction, the building costs in different areas of the country, and the work that can be sub-contracted out and the work that can be done by the home owner. I'm considering a...
  17. W

    Building Your own T-Square Fence

    I found an article about building the T-square table saw fence. It gives detail drawing and steps needed for building one. The total material cost is only $76.00. Please free to download the file. Enjoy reading. If anyone builds one, please share it with us. Have a nice weekend. Qui
  18. J

    Need help building a Cash Wrap-Pic Attached

    I have built a few simple items for a gentleman and he has asked me to build a cash wrap for him. It could me made out of birch plywood and hardwood for the trim, drawers,etc. I am a little concerned this may be out of my league (particularly the drawers and overall layout) so I am wondering if...
  19. rherrell

    Building a shop

    Hey everybody This is my first post but I have been reading your comments for some time. My name is Rick and I'm a sheet metal fabricator by trade (30 years) and a weekend woodworker for enjoyment. Basically I've just been making frames for my stained glass projects and a few small tables and...
  20. JimThomasson

    Yahoo SiteBuilder software for building websites: free download.

    I've seen several members asking about software to publish websites. The SiteBuilder application from Yahoo Small Business is free and very nice as a basic web tool. I'm the webmaster for my church and have built the site using this software...

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