1. new storage building

    new storage building

    power panel that we wired
  2. new storage building

    new storage building

  3. new storage building

    new storage building

    materials delivered and future site
  4. new storage building

    new storage building

  5. new storage building

    new storage building

    poles in the ground
  6. MarkE

    Mounting tankless water heater to a vinyl sided building

    As discussed in this thread, we are going to put in a propane tankless hot water heater. Our house has vinyl siding and the heater we are getting is an outdoor unit. What is the best way to attach this tankless hot water heater to the outside wall of our vinyl sided house? Do I need to cut...
  7. allisnut

    Building a router table....

    My goodies from Rockler finally arrived a few days ago, and I had time to get into the project some tonight. I got the recess routed for the plate, and was pleased with how snug I got it to fit. I have to cut out the hole for the router and install the anchor and leveling screws. Now for the...
  8. eyekode

    Large Outdoor building set for kids

    My daughter has taken to raiding my scraps and "building" things in the yard. I would like to encourage this :). I remember seeing a project to make plywood boards with notches to link the pieces together. Sorta like large flat lincoln logs. But My searches are coming up empty. Does this ring a...
  9. R

    planning on building soon

    I have the rare and awesome chance to build my own shop. I own a little less than an acre and my wife don't want it to be a huge obnoxious thing behind the house. I am thinking about the size of a 3 car garage should be big enough to put out some great woodwork and still not be overwhelming and...
  10. Bryan S

    Building Drawers?

    One of the next steps in my current project is to build 7 drawers. I know that I said 8 in my last thread but another member pointed out there were only 7 holes, and that is when I realized I could not count.:dontknow: It is funny how each project we tackle gets more complex. In the past I have...
  11. rcflyer23

    Building Guitar Effects Pedal Board

    So I've been playing more electric guitar lately and have decided that I want a little more than just my clean and distorted channels on my amp. So in order to have somewhere to put my effects pedals I decided I wanted to build my own pedal board after seeing how expensive just a board is. The...
  12. J

    Need Help - Building a Sign

    Hey all, I'd like to build a sign to help a friend with his busines and I need some help. The sign will be 4 ft. wide by 3 ft. tall and attached to 4x4's that will be set into the ground. The construction isn't where I need help as much as what type of materials to use. 1) What tpye...
  13. V

    #2 common cherry and/or walnut useful for furniture building

    Hi, I am a newbie and need some suggestions on wood. the simple question is: is 4/4 #2/#3 common cherry and/or walnut any good for building furniture? more specifically, 1) do cherry/walnut in that grade have too much character, making it too hard to work with, especially for a newbie? 2)...
  14. KEstes

    Building a Bed

    I am in the process of planning out a queen size bed, and I have a few questions. First, we just purchased a new mattress and it includes a box spring. My preference would be to build a bed that does not require a box spring. Thoughts on this? Second, I have been trying to figure out which...
  15. Asheville Hardware

    Free Boat Building Demo @ Asheville Hardware 4/16

    Join us Saturday April 16th from 11am - 3pm for a free presentation and discussion about the Stitch and Glue method of boat construction at Asheville Hardware's Woodworking School. Bill Thomas, an experienced instructor at Maine's WoodenBoat School, will be leading the presentation with a...
  16. K

    List of handtools for building furniture?

    Went to the Woodwright's School for Roy's class on dovetails and M&T. And since I'm moving to Amsterdam for about 18 months and I want to do some sort of wood working, handtools may be my only option. So my question, For building something like a chest or stool, what is a minimal set of hand...
  17. drw

    Building Oak Tool Cabinet: Have a Another Question

    As some of you may recall from an earlier post, I am in the process of building a tool cabinet from red oak. Based on my question in that post, several of you offered very helpful suggestions for dealing with the doors, since the cabinet was fractional out of square. I managed to work thorough...
  18. drw

    Building Oak Tool Cabinet: Have a Question

    I am in the process of building an oak tool cabinet. For me, this is a big project and is presenting plenty of challenges, but it is a lot of fun! That said, I have been taking it slow, opting for quality rather than speed. Today was the project's first major glue-up, which I rehearsed with a...
  19. W

    Building a Poppy Table - Part 1.

    I decided to try a skill building project and ordered a set of project plans from this site: The finished table should look like this: As you can see the table does not have any apron. The top is connected to...
  20. CrealBilly

    SYP Plywood suitable for building cabinets

    The wife is looking forward to some new southern yellow pine kitchen cabinets. I've glued up a bunch of 2 1/2" strips to make a bunch panels for the faces and a few of the sides that will show. I'm having a heck of a time finding decent 3/4" SYP plywood. I wouldn't touch the potato chip AC and...

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