1. C

    Epoxy Green or Make'em Wait

    Hey Everyone, I recently joined NCWW and here goes my first post. Actually it's my first on here or on any forum. Haha hope I did it right! I have a friend who had a local sawmill cut him a live edge handrail out of sweet gum. It is 3" thick and 20' +/- long and roughly 10" wide. We plan...
  2. rob.nester

    Source for 5/4 or 8/4 Bloodwood?

    Anyone know where I might be able to find about 10-12bd ft of bloodwood 5/4 or thicker?
  3. CDPeters

    Door question

    So I have a door question for you GC types out there - but you have to suffer through some backstory first :gar-Bi. First I realize that code in NC and VA may be different, and may be different from locality to locality, but this is more of a feasibility question... LOML wants to remodel the...
  4. Bill Clemmons

    Greensboro lunch QUESTION ?

    As many members in the Piedmont Triad area know, a group of us meet once a month for lunch in Greensboro. It's the third Thursday of each month. But we realize many members have to work, and can't make a weekday lunch. So here's the QUESTION? If we occasionally (say once a quarter, or...
  5. U

    Fein Multimaster question

    Could someone share feedback on the Fein MM 6-38-06-183-01-3 profile sanding kit? I am removing stains to my home doors with raised panel (N=10:BangHead:) and I am considering alternative to my current tool, a Skill octo sander. It is quite effective but the main problem I am experiencing is...
  6. R

    Donation question

    I have some old VHS turning tapes that I no longer watch. I was thinking to put them on the Classified with a notation that the cost would be a donation that would go to NCWoodworker. On your Donation to NCWW, you say all donations have to be anonymous. Is there any way I can get these tapes...
  7. Bugle

    Humidor question

    I'm planning on making a humidor. I have some old growth pine that I got from Anchor Hardwoods (recovered from the Cape Fear river) that has some really interesting it would be cool to make something from ~100 yr old wood. Would this work for the case if I line the interior with...
  8. M

    Grain filler question

    Does this stuff have an expiration date, or does it ever 'go bad'. I have a can that has been sitting around for about 15 years and wondering if it is OK to use. Or just get off my cheap rear end and buy another can. Thanks.
  9. H

    Question about recalls

    Simply put. How long are tool recalls eligible for repair or replacement? My porter cable 890 router lost performance (doesn't attain full speed and torque) so I replaced the brushes because they were chipped and the commuters looked good. Needless to say that didn't fix the problem...
  10. T

    Water heater leak question

    My water heater likes to start dripping out of the relief valve at the top side of the unit. If I put a bowl under it and pull the lever a bit and re-close it it stops dripping (the water is hot). So what is broke and what do I need to do to fix it. The old heater had a pipe attached to that...
  11. B

    Question on Stair Nosing...

    I am looking for some ideas. I am finishing my attic and getting ready to put down the oak stair treads. I am trying to match what I currently have in the house. In the picture below, you can see where the tread nosing is attached to the tread. You can see that the nosing and tread have like...
  12. W

    Semi gloss finish question

    I am putting the finishing touches on a dining table for a friend. She wants a semi gloss finish. I have used a 3-2-1 mixture of mineral spirits, semi gloss polyeurathane and boiled linseed oil. I am not getting the gloss I was expecting. I have applied 3 coats so far. Is there something that...
  13. W

    Newbe question.. red oak finish

    I'm rebuilding an outdoor chair and table for a friend. They are metal sides with slats for the chair seat / back and table top. The original wood is just worn out. So... I have some red oak from the L store that I am going to use for the slats. Slats measure 2.75 x 21.5". They normaly keep it...
  14. gfernandez

    Have a finishing question

    I am in the long and slow process of finishing my "man cave". I have been working on the trim and molding, and it is, for the most part, stained. I have been spraying Target Coatings Emtech EM6000 Water Based Lacquer with good results. My question is, on the door threshold, I don't think the...
  15. D

    To spray, or not to spray...that is the question. (one of many!)

    Again...we delve into finishing. I hate to beat several dead horses about this...but the choices of finish and the application methods available, provide roughly 128,000 (through repeatable permutations) options for finishing...and I am very confused, especially when it comes to spraying. I...
  16. rcflyer23

    Question on protecting Aluminum

    I am in the middle of a saw restoration and and was looking at the aluminum badge on the front that has the bevel angle screen printed on it and realized that the original owner never removed the thin protective layer however it's yellowed over the years and I started removing it but I would...
  17. froglips

    Question about Profile....

    I got a report from mshel asking if this is a permissible signature. It was interpreted as an advertisement for Incra. If I'm not mistaken, this might be a jig that Alan might have designed? North Carolina Woodworker - View Profile: Alan in Little Washington...
  18. Glennbear

    Plumbing Question

    Due to some poor planning on my part I have to redo the air piping in my shop which includes an auxiliary air tank. The easiest way to do things would be to include a ground seat union in the 1/2" steel pipe line. I have used these unions before with natural gas and water but never with the...
  19. gator

    Edit question???

    How does one edit the title of a post? I wanted to add the word "Update" to my Prayer Request thread so I could let everyone know whats happening but cannot find a way to add "Update" to the title. George
  20. ebarr

    Kitchen Countertop Question

    OK, LOML wouldlike to redo the Kitchen countertops, the house was built in 84 and has custom cabinetry. I was looking at the countertops and don't see any visible screws that hold it in place. How hard is this going to be to get off????? without tearing up the cabinetry???

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