1. S

    FREE Pen Making DVD (PSI)

  2. G

    making walnut stain

    Hello I have not posted for a while but had a question. I have access to some black walnut trees I have been gathering to crack this winter. I was wondering if anyone had any use for the hulls to make stain. Any thoughts or inquiries are welcome.
  3. Mike Davis

    Making headway

    Our newer home is shaping up. We may be ready to move in a few weeks.
  4. Joe Scharle

    Treasurer making progress

    Doug & I met with BB&T today and got the ball rolling on sig card and credit card. Now that I can write checks, I reaaaalllllly need those budget forecast!
  5. CatButler

    Box making and stock size

    I want to start making storage boxes to practice making dovetails. I'm taking about smallish boxes with no side being longer than say 10". 3/4" looks to thick, 1/2 I think would be about right. Is there any good rule of thumb on the right thickness of stock to use for the size of the box?
  6. kooshball

    When did Jet stop making jointers that were blue?

    I am trying to establish approximate age of a machine; does anyone know when Jet stopped making jointers that were blue in favor of the white ones? Thanks
  7. gcgarner

    Cool clip about making plywood in Old Fort

    Thought some of you might find this Discovery Channel clip interesting ...
  8. RickC

    Pattern making software

    Just curious - in Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts, I saw an add for Coyote Stencil Shop software from Carving Technologies, that purported to be able to make scroll saw patterns from photos. Cost $79. Has anyone used this or know anything about it?
  9. erasmussen

    making a special vacuum chuck

    I needed a way to turn flat thin pieces 5 or 6" in diameter Thought a new vacuum chuck was in order. I'll try to show how I did it as best as I can:icon_scra first the parts a nut with a washer welded to it 2 pieces of mdf one with a 1 1/4 hole the second one has a pocked turned to just fit...
  10. froglips

    Finish Video on making and fitting an axe handle

    Our friend is back! We've seen some of these videos from a Finish archive. This one is quite interesting, to me at least :-) Found this on the Village Carpenter Blog 10:30-12:13: using a bow saw...
  11. navy1990

    Making Buttons

    My wife is one of the really crafty types. Not the sneaky "crafty" ones, but one who likes to do arts and crafts. She knits, spins her own yarn, weaves, and sews (and I thought I was crafty). So she came to me with a project she wants to work on for our church for Mother's Day. She is making...
  12. Flute Maker

    Making Extended Tool Rest

    I want to make an extra long tool rest for my old Craftsman lathe for doing spindle type work. If anyone has any ideas let me know . I have some in mind but am always open to any help . Thanks !
  13. steviegwood

    Making Wooden Fishing Lures

    Hi Y'all, I got the book Making Wooden Fishing Lures by Rich Rousseau and was wondering if anyone has ever made any wooden fishing lures? I am still unable to use my hand so no cutting for me yet. It sure does look like it will be a lot of fun. If anyone has made any, please share some pics and...
  14. b4man

    Making your own sanding belts

    In the thread previously started I realized I need a question answered. A couple of years ago I was the lucky winner of a box of various grit sand paper from Klingspor. As Rob "McRabbett" mentioned in that thread it's all he uses and there's a good reason I've realized. What I've never...
  15. CarvedTones

    Hand screw clamp making social? What happened to that plan?

    I am referring to this: Last I remember, we were nailing down an Feb date. But I have not heard anything lately.
  16. 02blues

    help making a wood stamp makers mark...

    Does anyone know where I can have a makers mark stamp made? I want to stamp an impression into the wood (like the plane makers did...the wood will be the only one impressed I'm sure...). Found one called infinity stamps Inc I think that will make one starting at $140. others? and NO I have...
  17. PChristy

    Fox Chapel Super Bowl Making

    Are You Ready for Some Super Bowl Making? You can create your own Super Wooden Bowl with help from these great Fox Chapel Publishing books: Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw vs. Learn to Turn Order one of these books now (thru Feb. 11) and help us determine which one wins Fox Chapel's...
  18. S

    Making My Mark (in Wood) ! -Gloat, wee

    Little brown truck left me a package! Thanks Amazon! $10 for this Crown RH Marking Knife! I love not overpaying for stuff! Anybody order ? (posted in Hot Deals) Thanks Matt
  19. steviegwood

    making a dust collection system

    hi y'all, is it possible to make a dust/chip collection system using a squirrel cage blower out of a furnace? if so;where can i find some how to plans and suggestions for separator and storage bin for the sawdust/chips?. i would like to build a bin of sorts outside that i could back under with...
  20. CrealBilly

    Making ww'ing power tools out of wood

    Are there any good books out there with plans to make ww'ing tools from wood - googling around I found a number of machines that look worthy of building, all kinds of sanders and even a monster bandsaw. I kind of like the idea of building my own instead of buying. Thanks

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