1. Mike Davis

    Are you making plans for Spring?

    I was planning to take a class, my first ever. But work is going to keep me tied up for several months. So, I will probably try to reorganize my shop, thin out some never used tools (not used by me), finish some long lingering projects and try to visit more of my friends. Will try to make...
  2. Shamrock

    Jigfest-Take a guess at what I'm making

    Hey folks- haven't posted in awhile cause I've been busy building something........... Here's the jigs-take a guess (no cheating from those who already know) View image in gallery View image in gallery Whatever it is I'm making it's outta Brazilian Cherry (jatoba) and boy is it hard...
  3. ehpoole

    Ethan's Workshop - A Disaster in the Making

    Some of you asked for photos, so here you go. (Please remember, if you feel tortured by the following, the fault is entirely yours :eusa_naug) This is the current state of my workshop in progress. It's enough of a mess at the moment that, frankly, I debated whether to actually post them! I'm...
  4. H

    Great online video: FWW - cabinet making

    I have seen most of the Fine Woodworking online video series found at this link. I like his style and inclusion of lots of detail. It include frame and panel sides, a flat panel door, and piston fitting a drawer. His bandsaw methods...
  5. NCTurner

    Great PDF on Vacuum Chuck making

    This is a great link with a great parts list and sources. I am in the process of my build and doing the research I came up with this. Knowing that there are others on this forum on the same track, I thought I would share:gar-Bi LINK
  6. P

    Making a mold for sanding purposes

    I am working on a project to repaint all my kitchen cabinets. So far, I got my hands on a Fuji HVLP and have firgured out how to apply oil base primer and paint by practicing on cabinets in my garage/shop. I'm ready to start on my kitchen and am trying to take care of details in that task...
  7. Phil S

    Steam-bending and bow making demo delayed

    Folks, Andy (carved tunes) and I earlier announced a joint steam-bending and bow making demo/workshop at my shop on Oct 3 - It must be postponed until further notice. My wife is still recuperating from a very painful shattered vertebra and I am her nurse-that may explain her long recovery...
  8. JOAT

    An Idiot's Guide To Cane Making

    Or, in other words, almost anyone can make a wooden cane, it ain't rocket science. Decided to make another spare cane. First one was of oak flooring, planed to 1/2"X1" and glued so I've got a cane 1"X1", nicely sturdy, not really heavy, well balanced. This one will be like my present cane...
  9. making small bowls

    making small bowls

  10. nelsone

    Making boards!

    I am starting a new project and thought I'd share what I've done so far. Dennis (Gotcha6) was kind enough to let me gain some red oak from his mis-fortune. (Thanks Dennis!!! I started splitting the log. Riven boards. I really need a froe and I think I have a line on one at a great price...
  11. jrs

    A few boxes, and what I learned making them

    OK, so these aren’t necessarily the fanciest things in the world, but I did accomplish the few things that I had hoped to in making them. I am basically trying to answer one basic question: “Can I do this”? This time I decided to try my hand (or, more precisely, my table saw) at a making a...
  12. Bas

    Images - making 'em bigger

    One of the most frequent comments on this site is "This thread is worthless without pics!". We love pictures. Pictures of your projects, tools, workshop, family, pets, lumber, NCWWer get-togethers etc. And preferably extra large in high resolution and full color. The new software has some...
  13. J

    Making a forum private

    Is there anyway that we can make the "Found for Sale/ Hot Deals" forum private to just the people logged in. This way only members would be able to see it. At this monment we have had 1697 viewers in the last 24 hrs. and only 287 have been members the rest (1410) have been visitors. I truly...
  14. S

    Kids Making It

    Saw this article in today's Wilm. Star News. Thought you may be interested in reading the history of this deserving organization. Jimmy Pierce is one of our members. Craftsmen program helps at-risk youths in Wilmington Staff Photo BY KEN BLEVINS Paul Bress (left) looks on as he...
  15. J

    Making a Through Mortise

    I'd like some suggestions on how to make a through mortise using a plunge router without "blowing out" the back side. I have a homemade mortising jig that is pretty accurate, but I've only used it to make 3/8" blind mortises. :dontknow: I'll probably not attempt to square up the mortise...
  16. steviegwood

    Making & Installing Hardwood Flooring

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever made and installed their own hardwood flooring. As most of you know I have a lot of cabinet grade 5/8" wood but the longest pieces being about 32". These panels are made up of several 2" strips that have been butt joined together without any...
  17. Ralrick

    Watching, learning - only making a little dust

    I've been part of the website for almost two years and have really appreciated the help and guidance offered by so many on this site. The offyer of both time and expertise has been nothing short of amazingly gracious. As for me, I started woodworking about two years ago when I decided to give...
  18. D

    Turning projects in the making

    Okay, for all you turners out there, I've got a serious problem. I've got loads of Ambrosia Maple on the ground that I'm sure some of you could use. There is a catch gotta come get it.:help: I need to get it off the ground before it starts to rot and clear my path into and out of my...
  19. decibel

    Another newbie making sawdust

    Hi, My name is Patrick Smith and I'm a new "wood worker" in Charlotte. Probably more of a tool collector and dreamer than woodworker at this point but hey we all start somewhere right? Started building basic loudspeaker cabinets about 15 years ago out of particle board (shudder)...
  20. ccccarving

    Santa is making his list...

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