1. F

    My first year making Christmas gifts

    I finally had the confidence/skill/shop space/time to build gifts for my family this year, so i stuck with the classics (sorry for the crappy cell phone pics): This was my first attempt at a cutting board and a small box, and i must say i was quite happy with the results.
  2. buildintechie

    Finished Coffee Table...5 years in the making.

    I finally finished my coffee table today. I started building it over 5 years ago...and stole the concept from an Ikea coffee table. It took me so long, because once I built the panels and the tops I didn't want to continue because I was afraid I would mess it up. Well, the past 6 months I've...
  3. rcflyer23

    Pipe Making??

    Has anyone here made their own tobacco pipe. My brother enjoys pipes and I would like to start looking into making them and hopefully by next Christmas have a nice one to give him. Just curious if any of the fine folks here have any experience with it. I've found a few websites and am...
  4. G

    Any gotchas in making a closet system

    I am replacing the old wire based closet organization system in my master walk-in closet with a nice (I hope) wood one like you would see from California Closets. Just wondering if anyone has done one before and ran into any unforeseen issues I should be away of? Thanks.
  5. M

    Got any tips for making a simple vase?

    Hi Folks, Looks like the wife needs some prezzies to hand out as a "thank you" gift for folks that helped out at a conference she recently attended. Fortunately, the emphasis is on hand made gifts. Since I have some small dogwood pieces I thought I'd try and make some vases. Then the wife...
  6. JCraig

    Free Furniture Making Stuff

    I had an opportunity to visit an old former cabinet making shop yesterday. There is veneer, raised panels, cabinet material, MDF, Hardboard, Chair Frames, Rolled Veneer and a number of other related items. Below is the link telling about it from yesterday. I talked with the folks that own...
  7. Flute Maker

    Making a Bushing

    I make flutes and I bore mine. Sometimes I have wood that is a little smaller than I normally use. In my set up on the tailstock (all home made) I have a box that holds a 1 1/2" ID bearing...I usually use 1 1/2 stock turned round to fit the bearing....I hand feed a gundrill in through the...
  8. T

    Making the Spring pole lathe

    I'm well on my way to making a apring pole lathe. I am using the dimensions and such from Roy Underhill's "The woodwrights guid" there are a few dimensions missing though. The three that I have not figured out are these. on the "right hand puppet" (or left depending on your dominant hand) the...
  9. CatButler

    Treadle lathe update: Making wood dizzy (now with pics)

    Where I last left off,, I had made a treadle and attached it to the crank wheel I was using to drive the shaft. Now, I have mounted the spindle and turned a wooden pulley, rounding it out in place on the spindle. I also knocked out a...
  10. B

    need help in making tenons for a chair

    I need to find someone in the Raleigh area that has a tenon tool to turn some cedar limbs that I have to repair some adirondeck chairs. Anyone have a suggestion where i could rent, borrow, or buy cheaply a tenon tool? thanks Bob:gar-La;
  11. Joe Scharle

    Making a CUBE segment

    Today I proved to be an invaluable help to Charlie in making one of these. It usually takes him 20 minutes to build one, but with my help we had this one completed in just over 2 hours! There are 9 separate pieces in this 2X3 blank. From this, one ring segment can be cut out. I think he does...
  12. Mike Davis

    Spoon making or Shaving horse workshop?

    I'm open to doing some small workshops at my shop in Walnut Cove, NC. Spoon carving - $75 one day class, I supply everything, limited to three students. Will do more classes if wanted. Will discuss three types of spoons, show some examples and you will make at least one spoon. Shaving...
  13. erasmussen

    How to on making cubes for segmented turning

    Some folks asked for a how to on making the cubes. I made one and put it in the download library under turning. Its in PDF fromat. Now if someone will be kind enough to check it out and see if it understandable. Thanks
  14. CarvedTones

    precision boring jig and some flute/whistle making info

    Make sure and read this post as it calls into question the whole idea of using the bushing. The bushing did and will work, but I am liking the other way... EDIT - barring an unforeseen problem with the jig, I think I completed it. I added a couple of posts for fixes for the compressed air and...
  15. JackLeg

    Deal on Sign Making Kit at Rockler

    Just ordered the Sign Making Kit from Rockler! $100 off! Includes the PC Router, 5 bits, and the letter kit. I've wanted one for some time. AND, it's in my favorite font!! :wsmile:
  16. merrill77

    Burl in the making?

    One of the kids noticed this today, asking "Dad, what are all those bumps on the tree?". I had no answer.
  17. dlrion

    Making an Elder Wand

    My little sister wanted an Elder Wand for Christmas, and I have been so busy I have not posted it quite yet! I begged Mark (Gofor) for some of that beautiful spalted sweet gum that he brought to the last Goldsboro Lunch. He gave me a big old chunk perfect for turning a wand. View...
  18. mgoins

    Making Colonial Shutters

    Or, stated another way, “What to do with the molding, scraps, and 3 1x8 old growth pine boards left over from paneling our Reading Room? We’ve wanted Colonial type shutters for our home for several years, but, their considerable expense was prohibitive. But, we have a shop now! And, the will to...
  19. PeteM

    Axe Making Kit . .. .. and an awesome holster to tote it around p
  20. ScottM

    Making saw dust again - KINDA

    Well, I am making some saw dust in the new shop. The bulk of my tools are in there. Well somewhere. I have even fired up the TS a few times. I am no where near done. Building wise I need to trim out the windows, doors and seams. Shop wise I have tables, cabinets, and rack for all kinds to...

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