1. peteb301

    Freud 97-106 Door making set

    Purchased this set and am having difficulty using the raised panel with backcutter. This set is in the original wooden box and the illustrations in the box show the profiles for use with 3/4 in. lumber. I have attempted to use the backcutter with 3/4 lumber and can not get the profile as...
  2. F

    Kids Making It contest

    Hi, Some of you may have heard of the Kids Making (KMI) program in Wilmington. Sapwood, Stevecoles have written about KMI ( on this site. Well, KMI's Program Director (Jimmy Pierce) and some of our volunters will be at the picnic and thought it would be fun to hold a...
  3. W

    Cabinet Making Router Bits?

    :eusa_doh: I have been looking to buy a matched set of rail and stile bits and a raised panel bit. :help: I have seen sets for $50 to $150. Grizzly has a three piece set with undercut for $70+. :oops: Does Grizzly have quality bits? I have also looked at Bosch, but they are about $108 for a...
  4. jtdums

    Source for HSS for making turning tools

    Does anyone have a good source for M2 HSS for making their own turning tools? I remember reading some posts about this earlier, but I can't find them now. Any help would be appreciated. :-D
  5. J

    Tendon making

    Could you please share your method of making tendons? I've seen tendon making jigs in some woodworking catalogs and I'm wondering if I'm missing something or should invest in one of these jigs? I was taught to just use the table saw with a zero clearance throat plate, by using the side of the...
  6. woodguy1975

    Cabinet Making Class (April 29th and 30th)

    This is straight from my website, but I wanted to drop it on here before it totally books. I'm getting a lot of response on this one from the Observer Article. During this 2 day weekend course we will go over all you need to know to build you own cabinets. We’ll cover sizing, design...
  7. J

    Cabinet Making

    I am looking to make some new shop cabinets. I know i can make cabinets, but not totally sure the best way to go about it. Any suggestions as far as the jointery goes. They are shop cabinets, but woudl like to do them right to learn the right techniques.
  8. DaveO

    Jointer making wedges?????

    Probably the idiot behind the machine, but my Ridgid jointer is making wedges. I face jointed some cherry stock this weekend and it came out thinner on the front than on the back. I apply pressure to the infeed table until halfway through the cut and then shift the pressure to the outfeed table...
  9. H

    Sawdust Making projects

    Hello to all, Hopefully everyone has had a great Thanksgiving. I just posted some pics of some of my sawdust making projects in my photo album . Look for one under my handle hilbillee. Most are gonna be Christmas presents this I would have come out cheaper by buying them if I had...
  10. chris99z71

    Making a run from RTP to the HW store of NC

    I just called to confirm and the HW store of NC is open on the day after thanksgiving. This works out wonderfully for me since my inlaws live in Burlington, about 10 min from there. I'll be going to the HW store at some point on Friday and I'm offering to pick up anything that anybody needs...
  11. SteveColes

    Kids making it

    Would all of our members who are also associated with Kid Making it. either reply tomthis read or send me a PM. I would like to find out if there are any special services that we can provide. For instance Photo Albums can be created groups in addition to you personel Album. Special forums and...
  12. DaveO

    How would ya'll go about making this??

    My sister asked if I could make this for my niece, Amelia. It's a simple project, painted again:roll: , but the compound angles and jointery are eluding me. It's 15" wide x 14.5" deep x 10.5" tall. I'll probably make it out of pine and have the LOML paint it, and stencil her name. What ya'll...
  13. mshel

    Making use of seemingly wasted space

    I recently added a new drill press to my shop and after some thougth, I decided to capture the normally wasted space below the dp table. I pulled together some scrap from around the shop and built a small cabinet which straddles the dp base. This gave me a drawer for storing bits, acessories...

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