1. WoodWrangler

    CL: Lots of WWing Tools in Fort Mill

    http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/1393604907.html Home Wood Shop Tools (Fort Mill) Date: 2009-09-26, 1:38PM EDT Reply to: sale-g2qfh-1393604907@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] I am selling most of my home wood shop tools due to lack of use and need for space. All tools...
  2. Rob

    Lots of wood

    Had a blast at the lumber run today. Having never done one, very little experience with rough lumber, Jeff was great, and patient, Scott as always is an awesome host. And the say no pictures, it didn't happen, here you go. 150+ BF. Middle of the rack is all the oak. Plus 4 or 5 boards...
  3. M

    Working with Walnut - LOTS of questions

    I have a good supply of walnut that I'm going to be making several things from. While I'm not a complete idiot, I'm not a master craftsman, by any stretch of the imagination, either. Here's the schedule of things I'm planning on making.... Basic 1x3 and 1x6 trim A custom "desk" that is...
  4. Will Goodwin

    Lots to announce

    Well since I logged in last, I'm sure lots has happened with you all and the site. I am no exception. I accepted a full time position in Hillsborough. (Nice town all you guys and gals in Orange county!) I now commute there everyday. And on Wednesday, we got a call about an adoption...
  5. SteveColes

    Lots of changes today

    As of today, the bylaws of been changed and now there are many Corporate members who have voting rights. You can tell if you just became a Corporate Member by looking at your Profile. Our new Bylaws and a "promotions Policy" documents are in the download library and you should be able to...
  6. Mark Gottesman

    Stanley Bailey Clamps at Big Lots: Bessey K Clone

    Got these (24" and 60") at Clemmon's Big Lots today for $15.00 apiece. They also have a variety of other Stanley/Bailey clamps and a neat little multiangle vise ($15.00). The Bar clamps were in 18", 24" and 60" sizes. You can read about them over at Amazon
  7. The WoodButcher

    Lots of nice pine much lumber

    :D Hi all, Just started a job fetching some pine logs. We took the forklift to this job. Makes for very ez loading, but the unloading is kinda tough. We are backing up to different trees down the driveway, hook a few, drag'em off, pull up hook to another tree, drag a few off and so on. Once I...
  8. James Davis

    Clamps at Big Lots

    I just left the Big Lots at the intersection of 55 and 54 on the south side of Durham with six of the clamps pictured below. I bought some when Lowes was clearancing them out a few years ago for $13.00 and some change and have enjoyed them a lot and at $8.00 each I had to grab more. When I left...
  9. T

    LOTS of boxes!

    With out many details, I have recurring commision to build MANY different size boxes. These are as basic as can be. Butt joints on the corners glued and brad nailed. The 1/4" ply bottom is glued and air stapled on. The sides are 1/2" ply. The pics below show 60 boxes of 3 different sizes. The...
  10. AlexL

    Lots of new pens

    I was busy this week turning a lot of new pens. I went back to Indiana on vacation last week and we went to a wedding where I sold some pens and took orders for a few others. This first one was ordered by my uncle. It is a flat top American in platinum the wood is cross grain bloodwood I...
  11. Tarhead

    Big Clamps, Big Surprize, Big Deal, Big Lots!

    These are a big surprize! Regular price is $10 for any of the 5in jaw clamps. They had 12, 18, 24 and 30 inchers w/5" jaws in the Concord store. (hint:I put a few 30"ers on the top shelf above) Much nicer than the Irwin deal of a few years ago. These are not what you would expect from...
  12. M

    Need 2x10 finish grade... LOTS of em'!

    If I'm posting in the wrong spot... please let me know. I'm in a bit of a panic looking for finish grade 2x10's. (NOT framing lumber.) These are for the door jambs in the recording studio... The doors are extremely heavy; Solid core door, 3-4 layers of 1/32" sheet lead, 3/4" MDF, two layers of...
  13. ACobra289

    Lots of WWing tools on WS CL (Lexington)

    http://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/tls/ They are listed separately. Not mine. Maybe somebody from here?
  14. T

    Craig's lst list lots of tools

    My boss came into a lot of tools he is trying to sell. He is posting them on Craigs List today. He has pictures on CL. These tools are used and most have some light surface rust from being in storge for several months. This is where I bought my 2 new tools from. The 1st price is list price...
  15. A

    Autogate update (lots of pics)

    It has been awhile since I gave an update on this evolution. As shown in my previous post and the first pic below, I modified one of my manual gates with the addition of a pneumatic actuating cylinder. The design worked fine so I modified the remaining gates. Since that time I changed my...
  16. C

    I did lots of new things today!

    Well today I did a few things I have never done before. I finished my first real project, a cutting board made from purple heart and hard maple. I also bought my first lathe today, a 10" Jet VS. With my new toy I made my first pen with scraps from the cutting board. Last but not least, I made a...
  17. novice99

    Late Christmas (Kinda) gloat with lots of ?s

    Picked this PM66 up off CL back in November after a cabinet maker closed down his shop, but haven't had time to clean or tune it up until my days off after Christmas. As you can see it is mounted on my 'universal base' and is a much bigger/better machine than what it is replacing. As I am...
  18. adowden

    Slab Dining Room Table Questions (lots)

    I met with someone today that wants me to make a George Nakashima inspired dining room table. She has two beautiful walnut slabs that are 2" thick, 18" wide and 8 1/2' long (MC 8-9%). Unfortunately they are not sequential, so it won't be bookmatched. I have never done a project like this, so I...
  19. froglips

    Auction: Looks like new-old Craftsman lots...

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say, someone is unloading old inventory. Could it be, maybe, oh I don't know, a Sears? Why do Need and Want have to have such high $$$? Jim http://www.villagesquareauctions.com/ VILLAGE SQUARE AUCTIONS 3401B FORREST AVE. EFLAND, NC 27243 TOOLS...
  20. woodguy1975

    Finally - My Latest Maloof Style Rocker Photo Shoot Complete (Lots of Pics)

    Many of you know the trials and tribulations associated with this rocker. I had a contaminate in the lacquer I first used to finish this rocker that caused it to crack. I completely stripped the rocker down to the bare wood, resanded it to 320 grit and started over again from the oil. The final...

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