1. In Progress #3

    In Progress #3

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    In Progress #2

  3. In Progress #1

    In Progress #1

  4. zapdafish

    attempt at a square bowl

    This is the bowl that soaked up alot of Danish oil. Im posting it now since it's gonna take forever for it to dry out before I can complete the finish. I dont have a bandsaw and didn't feel like turning off the corners to get the blank round before turning a bowl so Googled on how to turn a...
  5. Leviblue

    Recent Pens - New Attempt

    The vortex has taken hold. I've started trying different styles and materials. I even put TLOML initials on the acrylic for her. The wood pens, cocobola and purple heart, have the CA finish on them. That stuff stinks even with the garage door open. But having fun making shavings. Oh if...
  6. Flute Maker

    Wood For a First Attempt at a Bowl

    I have never turned a bowl or anything on a faceplate. For a first one what kind of wood , glue some pine together maybe ???? Any directions or help will be appreciated...Thanks in advance
  7. J

    Acryic pen attempt

    View image in gallery Most use this site to display their successful accomplishments. Until I become successful, I will share some of my learning curves. This is why I prefer wood to acrylic for making pens. James
  8. danmart77

    Post with a photo attempt

    View image in gallery View image in gallery I am trying to figure out the process of posting a photo or 2 in a message. On this attempt I will try to post some windsor turnings. Here goes. I think I have it. I am editing to mention the combback with the cherry crest. dan
  9. Kyle

    My first Bowl Attempt.. I'm bitten

    I found some nice Dogwood burl recently and decided to try and turn a burl cap into a bowl. I took my time and Chris gave me some pointers but here it is... I love the embedded eyes in this wood.. I sealed with a butcher block oil and will do a final sealing with a Ward finish. I am now...
  10. J

    First attempt at a Rocking Chair

    After a very long time, I completed my first attempt at a Rocking Chair. A couple of years ago WoodWrangler mentioned this guy in one of his posts. He emailed my a Word document with some general directions and I proceeded. Many lessons were learned; the biggest one...
  11. mbeach

    First Attempt - CA Finish on Pen - Help

    Ok..... so i tried the CA glue finish on the pen. I followed these instructions: -1800 RPM- Sand with 240, 320, 400 Grit papers. Wipe down with denatured alcohol (DNA) -Slow lathe to 500 Rpm. ( or Slowest setting).- Apply two coats medium CA with Costco Paper Shop towel. Air dry...
  12. Trent Mason

    Turned box, first attempt

    I turned a box tonight for the first time. It's walnut and and it actually makes the "pop" sound when you open it. :eusa_danc The photo quality isn't that good. I know about the screw holes too. Probably could've used a smaller face plate for this one. Thanks for looking, :wink_smil...
  13. gesiak

    First Attempt at a bowl and I need some advice.....

    I have been playing with turning a bowl. This is the first one that did not blow up... I believe this is maple and has some nice figuring but the end grain is killing me:BangHead::BangHead::BangHead: Also I cant explaining why there is some cracks. Most work is being done with a skew. Still...
  14. F

    First attempt with bandsaw box and questions

    Hi all, Just had my first bandsaw box attempt, using glued up 2 pieces of 2x4s, with a Delta 28-243 (1/3 hp motor), and and old 1/4" 6~7 tpi saw blade. The result is not good, and the sawing was hard, when sawing curve, I even staled the saw. I have a bandsaw box book, in which the...
  15. B

    Accent table-first attempt at mortise and tenon joints

    This table was made as a pine prototype I made before I make two more, one out of black walnut and one out of cedar (outdoor use as a plant stand), in order to try out my ability at mortise and tenon joinery. I cut them all on my router table and they turned out pretty clean I thought. The only...
  16. C

    Cane Attempt #2

    I've been spending much time in the shop lately (bundled up, as it's been a little chilly :no:) and here is the result of my labors. A new cane, walnut and maple, with a hand rubbed oil finish! I had it done in time for Christmas, but didn't have anyone I thought I should give it too, so I...
  17. rcflyer23

    1st Attempt and a Thank you

    Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Cathy(Cskipper) my wife and I now have a great scroll saw. Cathy we can't thank you enough. We stopped by Woodcraft on the way back and I was able to get a stand for it. My wife has to work in the morning and didn't get a chance to play and the saw was...
  18. rcflyer23

    1st Chip Carving Attempt

    Well I couldn't stand it having missed the last two carving sessions so I just broke down and bought a couple of flexcut knifes and gave it a whirl tonight. I bought a book on it but figured I would give it a shot before reading anything so I could do everything wrong and then read how to do it...
  19. S

    Splint's First Jewelry Box (or attempt at one)

    As a relatively new woodworker, here is my first attempt at making a Jewelry box. Featuring: Golden Oak stained Oak case Zebrawood drawer fronts and dovetail joints Walnut turned knobs, case back and drawer dividers Tan velour lined drawers All finished with 3 coats of tongue oil. Very...
  20. nelsone

    Tried another attempt at carving

    I sketched out this Iris and carved it in basswood. I still have a looooong way to go with carving, but it is pretty fun!

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