1. TracyP

    Second Attempt

    After the disaster of my first cedar box try I did away with the box joints and used simple joinery:widea:. I think this one came out lookin' much better. No tails to break off! No expensive router jig that I probably wasted my...
  2. ptt49er

    First Attempt at Turning...

    ...other than a pen or two. Spalted maple from the tree that fell down the road. I know it's still green so I'll see how well it dries :dontknow::eusa_pray The base needs to be a little thinner, both in diameter and base ring height. But it's funny how things look different horizontal as...
  3. Ncdawgs1882

    First Attempt At Intarsia!

    So I know I promised Pirate ships But I had to put that project aside due to frustration! :BangHead: But I figured this was a good time to try something new!!! So here is my First attempt at Intarsia its not quite finished need to add a few more details with the wood burner & put some Danish oil...
  4. Canuck

    Cope & Stick - 1ST Attempt

    LOML asked me if I could replace some '70's cabinet doors in the bathroom's with some raised panel doors. Never attempted it so all I need is a couple of new tools.............:lol::lol: Ordered the Cabinet set from MLCS and a coping sled from our friends at Rockler.Com...
  5. TBone

    Latest Attempt

    Certainly not up to the normal standards viewed on this forum, but I'm learning. Hopefully as I learn, my skills will improve. However, either way, it's fun. Thanks for looking, comments welcome...good or bad
  6. MikeH

    ACU pencil....first attempt

    Here is the first attempt at what started out as a pen and turned into a pencil....The top half is the piece with the corian and the bottom is wrapped straight on the barrel. It's not perfect, but I'm sure it will get beat up in Iraq. Let me know what you think.
  7. D

    Box attempt

    I saw this plan in WOOD magazine, and had to try it. So I finally got some shop time and made it for my dad for Christmas. Thanks for looking
  8. cskipper

    OOPS! or a shameless attempt....

    I was busily working away at my scroll saw a little bit ago and had just released the blade moved it and was pressing the tensioning knob back into place and poof - it broke off. I, of course, thought that it was a sign that I need a new saw. LOML thought it meant that he had to go to Lowes to...
  9. Canuck

    1st Real Attempt to Scroll!

    Well here goes!!! I decided to pull out the Tradesman scroll saw (:lol: :lol: ) and give scroll work a shot. I saw a plan for a plant stand that was supported with six angel figure's. Looked simple enough for my first shot at the art. (Thanks Cathy, for both your inspiration as well as sharing...
  10. ChrisMathes

    Pen Cornucopia/My first attempt at commerce :-)

    Well, I finally compiled a number of pens that I feel confident to offer to the outside world :-) After all, my wife likes them, so they've passed a stringent test of quality :-) I have some friends who have taken upon a dream and created their own vineyard. The grapes have been planted for...
  11. ChrisMathes

    Noggin' Knocker - My attempt

    :-D In my eternal attempt to be more like DaveO, Clay, Monty and Woodguy (John), I made the following from the plans in a back issue of Wood Mag... Now, I hope to leverage what John taught me in the handcut dovetails class with this mallet to make a humidor....if I'm successful, I'll post pix...
  12. SteveColes

    Another attempt at to get the this idea across

    Let me repeat what first brought this whole thing up. FYI, I tried to re-phrase a few things to lessen misunderstandings The Phrase "Active Member" seems to be the cause of some of the misconception and "panic". Perhaps, some of you might have a suggestions for a name or phrase. Remember...
  13. JRD

    First Attempt

    Ok, Yes, after a lot of bowls and vases, I had thought about trying a pen or pencil set. I admit to that. After seeing some of Cathy's work at the get together out at the lake, I knew I had to get off the fence and try it. Here's a post of that first effort, Walnut with Satin Gold...
  14. Jay

    First scrollsaw attempt

    This is my first attempt with my first scrollsaw. The saw is wonderful the project not too bad considering it was my first attempt. Thanks for looking.
  15. Arcrist

    First attempt at carving

    So I tried to cut out a design on the end of a poplar board. Lets just say, it hurts to have 2 horsepower break a board on your hand. Im using a straight bit 1/4" on a board thats about 3/4" thick. The bit is raised slightly over the boards height. Its just very resistant to any kind of turn or...
  16. SteveColes

    Another attempt at yahoo groups

    Actually, the first attempt didn't go as bad as I first thought. We did learn a few things. 1. Messages posts via email are not reliable from the sense of time. 2. To post on the Web site, you must have a Yahoo ID. 3. Your email that you use for posting purposes must one that is in your Yahoo...
  17. brenthenze

    first attempt at carving

    In case I can help anyone to feel MUCH better about their own carving skills, I've posted some pics of a picture frame that I just made--my first attempt at carving. Apologies for the (mercifully) poor picture quality. Here's a link to the gallery...

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