1. Mike Davis

    I'll be demonstrating old time wood work

    Colfax Persimmon Festival Saturday Nov 5 / 10 to 4 At the Historic Stafford Farm 558 N. Bunker Hill Rd Featuring: Persimmon products/lots of food Music/ apple cider/ Stonegate wine Car, tractor show/ Arts, crafts tents Levering Orchard Apples Nature walk to the Big TREE, Maybe biggest...
  2. S

    work in progress update 2

    I forgot to post the updates for this Raven carving so I decided to show the current status. I still have work to do but have been letting it percolate to figure out just how far to carry the details on the wing etc. I like the look of it now and just may leave it that way. What do you folks...
  3. MarkE

    Another flip top work table

    Just finished my version of the flip top work table featured in Wood magazine. The top has several coats of Formbys high gloss that I had on hand. Don't know why I had it on hand since I never use high gloss. The Formby's was applied over a coat of de-waxed shellac. I added a coat of paste wax...
  4. drw

    Flip Work Table: Project Completed

    I have been wanting to build a solid worktable for my shop, but couldn't find a plan that was suitable for my small work area. The recent issue of Wood magazine has a plan for a work table that actually flips down so you and push it aside, if needed. The table is extremely sturdy, in fact the...
  5. peteb301

    Work Sharp 3000 and Demo 9/17/11

    At The Klingspor 2011 North Carolina Woodworking Showcase Sept 17th There will be a raffle for a new Work Sharp 3000 with the knife sharpening attacment and extra sanding disks. The proceeds will benefit the TWA (Triangle Woodworkers Association) annual Toys for Tots program. Toys for Tots is...
  6. MrAudio815

    Wood Earrings & Other Flat Work

    Hello Fellow Woodworkers, I have been selling at the local Gardener's Market here in Logan, Utah. And started making Domestic and Exotic Wood Earrings. The locals love them and they sold very well the first few weeks. I also made the display stand from dumpster already finished Walnut...
  7. nelsone

    Duplicator work needed

    Does any have a duplicator that some extra cash? The lady who makes these dog beds needs someone to make the feet. If you are interested PM me and I'll put you in touch with her. Don't know the volume.
  8. S

    work in progress update

    I finally got the neck feathers done. Just a ton of skew chisel work followed by even more work to get clean cuts. I then went over all the neck feathers with a small #11 gouge or "U" shaped tool followed by a white stone in the foredom to carry the cuts to the end of the feathers. Will...
  9. merrill77

    How much work to change cutterhead in planer?

    I've got a Woodtek 15" planer: which looks like a DC-380 clone, but I'm not sure how close they are. How long do you think it would take a novice to take it out and put it back in? By novice I mean I've never...
  10. S

    work in progress

    Just started this panel. Shooting for a graphics art look and trying to make a three dimensional painting basically. The one photo is the initial design phase with the design and research material. The second photo is after about 12 hours of work laying out the basic contours and feather...
  11. cskipper

    Anybody work with wood dyes

    Does anybody have any experience working with wood dyes? Recommendation re: brands (assuming there are more than one)? Suggestions about how to use - what not to do? For clarification - I want to color pieces of a puzzle in primary colors. I still want to see the grain, just want the color.
  12. Tarhead

    Need arts and craft people to work on site (Belmont, N.C.)

    This is not my ad. It may be a good opportunity to display and make a few dollars. Dowtown Belmont is a happening place these days. charlotte craigslist > for sale / wanted > arts & crafts Need arts and craft people to work on site...
  13. Flute Maker

    Signing Your Work Or a Brand?

    I make flutes as a hobby and want to put a signature touch on them. I am no good at woodburning or havent developed it much at all....I thought about getting one of the flame heated brands from these guys ... It would be the BF-FL-1 I'm sure but need to come up...
  14. Makinsawdust

    I Need CNC/CR work done

    Does anyone in the Charlotte area have a small CNC or Carvewright machine. I need to hire someone to do some relief carved 2" numbers in western red cedar. I'm still in the process of getting all the details of the job but with what I know at the moment it would be (6) boards with 3-5 numbers...
  15. AmishWarlord

    Trim work

    Trim work is nice so why limit it to the edge molding? I say Trim everything! LOL, just kidding.
  16. AmishWarlord

    Work Shop update

    Hey guys. I haven't posted in a long time. We moved from our apartment in Charlotte and got a house in Indian Trail. I upgraded from a 200 sqf workshop to a 700 sqf one. Just built a 4'x8' torsion box work bench to build my RC planes on. Going to top it with a 4'x8' 1/16" steel plate. I'm also...
  17. Cherry platform bed 2

    Cherry platform bed 2

    LOW to the floor Cherry platform bed with a then new technologiy, rope lights.
  18. Cherry platform bed 1

    Cherry platform bed 1

    LOW to the floor Cherry platform bed with a then new technologiy, rope lights.
  19. Chambers kitchen3

    Chambers kitchen3

    The range wall
  20. Chambers kitchen 2

    Chambers kitchen 2

    The follow on corner.

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