1. Chambers kitchen 1

    Chambers kitchen 1

    One of the first framelss kitchens that I done. Maple with Minwax English Chestnut stain.
  2. Williamson kitchen

    Williamson kitchen

    Small U shaped kitchen in Cary that was a complete gut. Soft maple shaker doors, double lazy Susan to the left of the sink.
  3. Sechler Kitchen

    Sechler Kitchen

    A gardina/cream white kitchen that my home owner was kind enough to pose in.
  4. Liles Kitchen

    Liles Kitchen

    Cherry kitchen with minwax Red Oak stain.
  5. Warner Kitchen

    Warner Kitchen

    There was a wall aout where the sink and the gas cook top are. The entire project was soft maple with a clear coat laquer finish. Full extension side mount slides and 3/4 inch overlay hinges for the functional hardware.
  6. cyclopentadiene

    Sometimes infomercial gizmo's work

    I purchased one of the Rockwell Sonic crafters at Tyler tools on clearance as it was only $50. Amazing, it actually works well. I used the detail sander attachment and it is much improved over my old Craftsman detail sander. The craftsman detail sander worked about the same whether turned on...
  7. KenOfCary

    Roubo Workbench - Work in progress

    Some have asked to see pictures of the Roubo workbench that I've been working on for a few months. It is based on a 5"x18" Maple Slab for the top. The Slab was obtained locally from saw4you here on the web site. Jack has a lot of really nice Maple if you're in need of some. Here is what it...
  8. Martin Roper

    Garage work space - $125 (Cary)

    These look like they'd be useful in someone's shop: Garage work space - $125 (Cary) Date: 2011-03-13, 6:30AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 12 feet of oak cabinets and counter top. To break it down for you there are 5 base cabinets 3ea @...
  9. D

    Work Bench Tops

    I'm building a new shop; I plan on using reclaimed cabinets both upper and lower for storage. However I'm thinking about using a 3/4" MDF with a 3/4" X 2 1/4 " reclaimed hardwood floor material as the work top. I'm open for your opinions.
  10. Work Sharp

    Work Sharp

    Work Sharp 3000
  11. Joe Scharle

    Selling your work?

    Stumbled upon this site: One of the items for sale at $38,000 Anyone have any comments on this site?
  12. dlrion

    Big Sign for work

    My boss told me that I can have a day off if I can make a gigantic sign for our workcenter. The sign will have to say "CANN DOCK" it needs to be about 6 feet long. I was thinking about using MDF to route the letters, and then painting everything black with white border and white letters...
  13. Ken Massingale

    Henley Work Shirts $10 At Northern

    Marked down from $70 to $10, great work shirts.
  14. In For A Landing

    In For A Landing

    Pattern by Mike Williams, 11x14 oak plywood, Danish oil finish
  15. R

    Mill Work

    My father-in-law, 86 yo Iowa farmer, gave me some walnut planks off the family farm. My son had asked so he could have something from his granddad in his house. Well, the planks will end up supplying the shelves in a project for his home, but I have to get some mill work done first. The planks...
  16. Rock work

    Rock work

    Fire place stone work
  17. cskipper

    How to price work - again

    Now that I have started scrolling baskets and puzzles, and actually selling some pieces, I need to decide on a method for pricing them. As we've said before, the pricing problem with scroll work is the labor. I take too many hours sanding (pre-finish and during the finishing process) because...
  18. Ken Massingale

    Work Sharp 3000 $62.25 at Home Depot Again

    I thought a new thread would help. HD is now accepting Backorders on the Work Sharp units.
  19. jimsto2

    Work Sharp 3000 @ $77.19 Total

    12/23/2010 8pm $62.25 + tax & shipping = $77.19 :wsmile: Work Sharp 3000 Model WS3000 Store SKU 619149 Internet/Catalog SKU 100592902
  20. Ken Massingale

    Work Sharp 3000 $135 Sears

    You must add the item to see the price of $149. They will deduct 5% from that. Enter SANTA in the Coupon Code box for free shipping. Then, for some reason, they deducted $7.49 as 'member savings', bringing the pretax price to $135.

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