1. Trog777

    Sortable Member List

    Is there a member list sortable by location? I'd be interested to see what members are near me.
  2. jtdums

    Wood Lathes on Craig's list

    On Charlotte Craig's list. Not mine, but people seem to always be looking for lathes.
  3. Gregory Paolini

    Woodworking Mailing List

    I just wanted to share with everyone, the web address for my woodworking mailing list I send it out once a month, usually in the first week - And I just like to share any new things that are going on - Like new furniture...
  4. M

    Christmas Wish List

    I know I'm gonna get hit with it from everyone in the fambly... "Whatchu want for Christmas gran'pa'?" Well... this year, gramp's, (grumps, as my grand-daughter used to say) has a potential single request for the first time... I'm hoping someone can enlighten me about a Biesemeyer (or suggest...
  5. scsmith42

    Should we clean up the members list?

    After reading Jim's thread about the "county search" feature, I took some time to review the members that are from my home county (Chatham). To my surprise, there are a significant number of members that have not signed on since the day that they signed up for NCWoodworker. I'm wondering what...
  6. BKind2Anmls

    Member List Suggestion

    It's nice to be able to click the Community> Member List Section. I was wondering if the location field could be added so that we could find members in our immediate area. Also, is there a way to turn off viewing some of the columns? If I could turn off the avatar column I would see more...
  7. TracyP

    DISCUSSION: Restore County Search Function in Members List

    Several members have asked that the function that we used to have where you could search members by county reinstated. I found this feature very helpful. It would be a good feature to add back in and do a write up. Any Takers:dontknow::dontknow:
  8. Glennbear

    Member list

    Yesterday I was poking around on the site and I found the list of members categorized by type of membership (who's who). Today I cannot find it :dontknow: If anyone could give me directions I would appreciate it. :wsmile:
  9. DaveO

    Working on the Honey-do list

    After I made a small three shelf unit for our bathroom my wife mentioned that it would be nice to have a shelf where the towel bar is over the throne, but with a towel bar too. Sure no problem put it on the list. Here is what I came up with. I was hesitant in posting it because it's such a...
  10. BKind2Anmls

    NCWW Tools List

    Couldn't sleep last night and had a thought (I know, I know...a dangerous thing to have happen). There are times when I am considering buying a tool, or having trouble with a tool I own, and wonder who else might have the same tool so I can ask advice. I also wouldn't mind helping others with...
  11. dancam

    Major "Gloat" via Craigs List

    Last weekend I spotted a sale on Craigslist over in Highlands, NC. I called and went over with a neighbor and was overwhelmed with the shop that was for sale. Seems the owner set up shop back in 03, built a few things and then shut the door of the shop and pursued other interests. His loss our...
  12. Bas

    Craig's List: JDS Air Tech 2000 air cleaner - $100 (Franklinton)
  13. zapdafish

    possibly a sawyer or wood supplier to add to our list?

    havent used this place myself, just saw it while browsing
  14. lottathought

    Lumberjacks considered worst job on list

    Thought you would want to see this.
  15. PChristy

    Delta Scroll Saw (Cl. Craig's list)

    Same story - not mine yada yada
  16. ccccarving

    Santa is making his list...

  17. Douglas Robinson

    December IRS Auction Newnan GA Bidder list

    As I mentioned in Tarhead's thread: We should coordinate what we are considering bidding on so that we do not run up the prices on each other. So if you are seriously considering bidding respond to...
  18. SteveColes

    Staff to do list & Help Desk

    Both of these have been redone using a new piece of software. What do people think. Not so much as a detailed critique, but rather is it better that the ways we were doing them before. This will tell us if we still have to keep looking for something else or just write our own. Though, to be...
  19. SteveColes

    I've just restarted the Staff To Do list

    This will not only be my way of getting things started and tracked, but should be a major tool for all of us who see something that's to be done. I will be starting to fill up this list, with everything I can think of, including the one or two things I intend to deal with myself. If this...
  20. SteveColes

    Staff to do list

    Is there anyone who doesn't see the "Staff To Do List" , The reason I ask that there are items there that could be taken by anyone. please remember that items the a rework of our flier are sometimes more important than some of the technical stuff. It is also where the not so techncial people...

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