1. Douglas Robinson

    Southside Crawl Attendee list

    In order to clear up confusion below is a list I have compiled of people who have indicated that they want to attend to Crawl on Saturday 9/27. I MUST have your email address for this!!! Just because I emailed you a package for either the Raleigh crawl or the Charlotte crawl, DO NOT assume I...
  2. TracyP

    FAS Wood on Craigs List many spicies

    May be worth looking at. I called on some prices and they seemed good.
  3. James Davis

    Hand Planes on Craigs List

    I just saw these and thought there might be someone on here that would like to see this. James Davis :tool:
  4. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 1: Measurements & Material list

    Pictures of the completed stand Preamble to this WW class The measurements for this project are more of a guideline, since you will have to tailor it to your tools and preferences. See diagram 1 below. Diagram 1 I measured the width of my miter saw, added ½”, and determined the...
  5. Douglas Robinson

    Where does Amazon get its list price from?

    Amazon has a Delta 28-348G 14-Inch Metal and Wood Cutting Band Saw with LVC Controls, 230/260-Volt 3 Phase on sale for $1,163.14. They list the regular list price as:.....$3,435.74!!! You Save:$2,272.60 (66%) Where was the last place you saw (no pun intended) a band saw for $3,435...
  6. TracyP

    Oak On Asheville Craigs List

    Looks like a good deal to me for a member in the mountains I would almost be willing to travel up there and buy it myself.
  7. Tarhead

    Red Scrollsaw $60 on CLT Craig's List

    Not mine: Is this a Hegner? If so it's the deal of all deals.
  8. Bas

    Raleigh Craig's List: Router bit sets

    Not mine, don't know the seller. But I hear Whiteside is a good brand. Up for sale are two Whiteside Machine 1/2 Shank Router Bit sets. Each set is $50 or you can purchase both for $90. They are Set #401, Basic Router Bit Set (7 Pc. Set) and Set #501 Roundover & Beading Router Bit Set (4 Pc...
  9. J

    Hegner Scroll Saw Raleigh Craigs list $1200
  10. M

    [Problem-Other] Problem adding sawyer to list

    Followed the directions provided by the administrator attempting to add a sawyer to the list in Eastern NC. Clicked on the "Edit this page" and it just takes me back to the original screen. Is it a problem w/my system or is there another way to add another source?? Thanks in advance. Mike.
  11. T

    Craig's lst list lots of tools

    My boss came into a lot of tools he is trying to sell. He is posting them on Craigs List today. He has pictures on CL. These tools are used and most have some light surface rust from being in storge for several months. This is where I bought my 2 new tools from. The 1st price is list price...
  12. T

    Help with tool shopping list

    I am considering a few more tools and wanted to get the thoughts of those here as I will more than likely sell them here as part of my "equip the world" program. (no caps to show humility) I wanted to get the thoughts of the folks here on how smart thses purchases would be for me. First is the...
  13. Tarhead

    PM64 on CLT Craig's List $500 (Not mine)
  14. Bas

    Free dust collector fittings on Craig's List

    Not mine (you're not getting mine! :-), no-one I know:
  15. Tarhead

    Fein Turbo II $150 on Charlotte Craigs List

    NOT MINE!!!
  16. ashley_phil

    CLT Craig's List Travel Trailer

    for $ 1,000 there's gotta be something wrong with it: None the less if you need one this could be a good buy.
  17. ashley_phil

    4 Wood Planes on CLT Craigs list

    Somebody buy these before I talk myself in to it! Sparse information but they gotta be worth $ 10 bucks each ya know?
  18. michaelgarner

    Selling Shop ((Updated List of Equipment))

    Hello friends, I just wanted to give you all the heads up that I will be selling pretty much all of my shop equipment. It wont be until after the new year, I just wanted to let those people that have some saved shop money know early. I have a lot of nice machinery. I will make a list later on of...
  19. WoodWrangler

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Not sure if this has already been done or not, but I thought it would be interesting to see what's on everyone's "want list" for Christmas when it comes to woodworking stuff ... Maybe we can each name the top few on our list .... I'll start. 1. Good Lathe Chisels Set 2. A Quality Bowl Gouge...
  20. Bill Mason

    From the Greensboro Craig's List

    Sounds like a pretty good deal. This is the second good deal to come along when I'm not in a position to take advantage! :crybaby2: Bill Saw has been sold

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