1. mburke911

    on Craigs List: Dewalt 746 w/ Mobile - $600

    Saw this tonight on Craigs List in Raleigh: Mark Dewalt 746 w/ 30" Fence. Comes w/ Mobile Wired for 220 Can be wired for 110 as well Maybe 50 cuts on the machine...
  2. JackLeg

    [Other-Main Site] Buddy List

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: Unassigned ===================================== So do the people on your Buddy List have to be online before you can use it to send them a message? Just looking for shortcuts.
  3. JackLeg

    [Problem-Help Desk] Buddy List Access

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: Unassigned ===================================== So when I "check" someone and hit PM users, nothing happens. ???? Or am I dense. (er)
  4. JackLeg

    [How Do I-Main Site] Access Buddy List

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: Unassigned ===================================== Where do I access my buddy list? If I want to send someone on the list a PM, what's the quickest way to access it? Thanx.
  5. Toddler

    Ryobi BTS3000 on craigs list $155. Seems like a reasonable deal for someone looking for a starter saw (if this is the same as the BT 3000). I like mine. Todd
  6. newtonc

    lumber on craig's list

    on today's Raleigh/Durham list
  7. rick7938

    Wood Supplier List?

    Didn't there use to be a list of wood suppliers by region of the state on the website? Either it's gone or I can't find it. I am looking for some 4/4 and 8/4 poplar for some paint grade projects. Any suggestions in the Fayetteville area? If not, I am willing to drive to get the 8/4 stock...
  8. Tarhead

    Tormek on CLT Craig's List

    Looks like a deal!
  9. SteveColes

    Last Chance to get on Klingspor's discount list for June

    The way the Klingspor discount will work is that I will be sending them DQ list every month. If you are not on the list, you will have to wait at least a month to get on. The list for June will be sent out on Sunday the 27th or Monday the 28th, depending on my schedule. There are a lot more of...
  10. Tarhead

    Delta TS $100 CLT Craig's List (not mine) Not sure what this is but interesting for $100. It's set up like my old King Seely with the tilt wheel on the right.
  11. M

    Hawk scrollsaw on Craig's list

    Found a Hawk here RBI Hawk Scroll Saw > I seem to remember someone wanting one of these. Forgot to add the price of 400.00.
  12. Toddler

    DeWalt 735 planer for $425 on craigs list

    This one started at $500. Todd Reduced - Dewalt #735 Surface Planer
  13. H

    Not Mine - 6" Delta jointer Craig's list $325

    Not miine - but it might be interesting For sale is a lightly used Delta 6" jointer. This is the X5 series model 37-866X and is about 5 years old. Jointer works great--I am only selling because I am moving to an 8" jointer. Machine comes with original owner's manual, original dust collection...
  14. M

    Craigs list Wormy Chestnut

    Was wandering in an unusual place on craigs list (for me anyway) and saw this: Completely finished and sanded 3/4" x 8" x 10' beautiful wormy chestnut boards. 32 Total planks - barn-stored and protected for many years. $1,500 ($8.00/per board foot). Pick-up only (Concord, NC). Please respond via...
  15. Toddler

    Laguna LT16 on Craig's list

    Laguna Band Saw 16" Looks like an older model, but if it doesn't go fast someone could offer 7 or 8?
  16. Toddler

    On Craigs list: AMT bandsaw.

    Saw this on Craig's list. I've never heard of AMT. Any good? AMT 14" band saw Anyway, I've pretty much decided on something else so if it's a steal, go for it. Todd
  17. jtdums

    Entire Shop on CLT Craigs list

    Great starter shop up for sale. Check this one out. Woodworking shop Not mine just passing it along.
  18. Monty

    NC Woodworking Retailers list

    Some people may have missed the original thread, so I'll post it here: gene041365 came up with a good idea - creating a list of woodworking retailers sorted by region just like the wood suppliers list and the sawyers list. I think it sounds like a great idea! Well, here is the list! I've...
  19. R

    Sawyer's List

    I just saw another note from one of our members that mentions another sawyer. A number of our members are sawyers and many members have frends or acquaintances who are sawyers. Many of the members have gotten some great deals in dealing with these folks. I'd like to suggest that we add a...
  20. Tarhead

    CLT Craig's List Powermatic 45 Lathe

    Saw this when I picked up the Oneida cyclone he had for sale. This lathe must weigh 1000lbs!

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