1. SteveColes

    My to do list

    Fix or give up on Postbit Type Switching New floating menu in Monty's style. Help Desk System Visit counting and display system Re-enable vbSEO Buy D L a Beer or three New Moderation System
  2. SteveColes

    Custom smilie list

    You may now customize the list of smiles that show up in the smilie box of the ediotr box. The one's you don't choose are still available by hitting [More]. Go to User Settings ->Control Panel->Edit Favorite Smilies and have a ball
  3. M

    DeWalt Planer on Craig's List

    Found this DeWalt Planer on the Columbia SC Craig's list. At 150.00 asking it seemed in good shape and a very good deal. This is not mine. I just saw it there.
  4. C

    More Pens. The list goes on

    More pens. . Individual Pics are in my gallery, here is a picture of 4 together.
  5. SteveColes

    New item added to NC Wood Suppliers List

    Thanks to Eric, thrytis, a new member as of today, for providing an additional NC Wood Supplier to our list.:eusa_danc Thanks Eric:icon_thum
  6. cskipper

    Wood List

    Under the forum "What's Going On" then "Where Can I Buy or Sell" there is a discussion about "Wood List". Can this be a sticky or at least be easier to find? It's a good reference discussion, but I really had to dig :BangHead: to find it. Thanks.
  7. J

    wood sales list

    I wanted to post this so everyone can look it over. Right now it's just NC only, but as we go we can maybe add others, as well as ones that are mainly online retailers. Please let me know of glaring errors, ommisions or changes needed... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Catawba Hardwoods And Dry Kilns...
  8. P

    New to the list-- Uilleann pipes maker

    Hello all, I have been turning Irish Uilleann pipes ( a type of Bagpipe) for over 30 years. After all of this time I am still lacking in many aspects of turning. I have two lathes: A beautiful old Atlas 36" metal lathe and a Delta wood lathe. Mostly I use the metal lathe for...
  9. D L Ames

    Can we make a local/Internet resource list?

    Howdy all, As I was reading through a number of the posts in the "Where can I find" forum I was thinking that it would be nice if we could create a page that captures some of these local resources and internet links that have been mentioned for things like hardware, lumber, fasteners, etc...
  10. D

    local suppiers list

    Hi I am new to this area. From Texas originally. I have started a small company doing various wood related projects with goal of having a cabinet shop some day. I am looking for wood, hardware, ect.suppliers. I have found Charlotte Hardwood which has some stuff. Does any one have a general list...

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