1. My first woodworking bench with peg board storage.

    My first woodworking bench with peg board storage.

    Added this pegboard to the side of my work bench and love it. Sits in a little so I don't worry about getting snagged.
  2. Ozzie-x

    Inlay and Stringing Work

    As I mentioned earlier, here's a new thread on stringing and inlays. The topic of inlays and stringing came up multiple times yesterday with the NCWW folks, so it's probably worthy of some discussion. I happened to find a book at the MWTCA meeting "Charleston Furniture" by E. Milby Burton that...
  3. B

    New Workshop (and house) - Work in Progress

    My new home is almost finished (planning to move next weekend), so here's a few pictures of where I'll be setting up shop. Back of the new house. Bottom Left is a single garage where I'll get set up. I'll have about a 14x20 of permanent usable space, and another 10 or so feet available if I...
  4. wdkits1

    Some pics of my work

    Commissioned hall table antique mahogany ,holly and ebony accents with marble top Custom poker chip case Peruvian walnut with holly, ebony and bloodwood Commissioned kitchen bookshelf Brazilian cherry Commissioned display pedestal 20x20 x30tall Brazilian cherry
  5. My First work bench

    My First work bench

    To use as storage and an outfeed table. Here is the support for the bottom shelf (1 5/16 MDF) top is the same size.
  6. My First work bench

    My First work bench

    To use as storage and an outfeed table. Here is the support for the bottom shelf (1 5/16 MDF) top is the same size.
  7. Phil S

    Work bench top design question

    I am hoping to build a new work bench and I have some recovered maple locker room benches that I think could be laminated into a nice top. The benches are 9" wide by 1 1/4" thick. I was thinking of using three wide by two or three thick (resulting in a 27" by 72" top that is 2 1/2" or 3 3/4"...
  8. DavidF

    Thoughts on this sander for lathe work?

    Anybody have this sander from HF? any thoughts on using this for sanding bowls on the lathe etc? TIA
  9. WoodWrangler

    Tonight's Work: Bowl Blank Prep w/ Ci1 & Ci2

    Almost 2 years ago I chopped down two bradford pear trees in our front yard. I kept the main base section of one of them (the other is at PeteM's house, I think). Anyway, tonight I finally decided to cut them down a bit and actually turn them rough-way to bowls. All of this was done from...
  10. J

    Work Sharp ws3000 @ Hartville tool

    I just bought a Work Sharp ws3000 w/ free leather honing kit and free extra glass wheel for $170 delivered. Worksharp ws3000 $199.99 Leather honing kit + extra Glass wheel ($49.98 value) free shipping free Woodnet discount 15% -$30.00 (Woodnet15 in comment window) Total $169.99 This...
  11. Elmojo

    3-jaw chuck marring work

    Hi all, Until I can afford a decent 4-jaw chuck for my bowl turning, I'm stuck with a 3-jaw. This one to be exact: Does anyone know any tricks to using this chuck in such a way as to not put jaw marks on the foot of my finished bowls...
  12. W

    Work Sharp-MS cashback offer

    This is a little late but I purchased a Work Sharp through Ebay from and used the Microsoft Cashback.The unit was $199 and using a 10% off coupon that I got in a e-mail =$179.99.In addition to that I received a verification that I got $59.99 (30%) sent to my Paypal Account for a...
  13. Matt Schnurbusch

    Torsion box work bench

    I need to build myself a work bench. As I have ponderd the idea of a bench, the thought occured to me. Why not just build a torsion box and use that. If I added material to the areas where vises would be attached, and filled the cavities with some sand to add weight wouldn't that make a...
  14. Mark Stewart

    united way craft sale at work.

    Justm a note to share we had a craft sale at work for united way last week. I took a few cuttings and some turning I did. I didnt expect to sell anything, but I did quite well. I finally sold 2 of the 150 christmas orniments I made. what a relief I thought I was going to have to give away...
  15. gordonmt

    community work sharp for the charlotte area

    I was at the Klingspor show this last weekend and saw a great presentation by one of our own on the use of the work sharp tool sharpening system. It seemed quick, easy and a very good system. Then I got to looking into the purchase of the work sharp and the 3000 goes for about $300. That...
  16. P

    Outdoor work lights

    Now that it's starting to get dark earlier, I am missing working outside. I especially like to sand outside. I was wondering if anyone ever used those outdoor worklights. Northern Tool has some for pretty cheap. Are they any good, or too many shadows and not worth the trouble?
  17. S

    work bench with integrated storage

  18. Work Sharp Wide Blade

    Work Sharp Wide Blade

  19. Work Sharp

    Work Sharp

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