1. flyrod444

    High School Students Work

    Here are a few bowls my high school students just finished. The first one is a locust burl 9" Dia. by 6" high that my best students did. The next is a maple burl bowl. Jack
  2. Trent Mason

    went down to work in the shop today and....

    WATER! :kamahlitu I think it was wind driven rain that came in through a vent in the East-facing wall. It has a small piece of plywood over it on the inside, but I guess that didn't hold up. So in an attempt to remedy the situation, I took a scrap piece of plywood and screwed it to...
  3. Sailing Away

    Sailing Away

    Sailing Away, pattern by Jacob Fowler, Walnut
  4. Sailing Away

    Sailing Away

    Sailing Away, pattern by Jacob Fowler, Baltic Birch
  5. Hummingbird Melodies

    Hummingbird Melodies

    Hummingbird Melodies, unsure of designer, QS Sycamore
  6. TKKids

    Best Way to Design Work?

    I know there are various free programs out there, but what do some of you guys use? I have looked at SketchUp and I guess I am too simple minded to get it to work right. I really want something that is simple and I can enter in dimensions. Thanks Tim
  7. Glennbear

    small work

    A couple days ago I made the journey across VA, over the Allegheny mountains to visit with Steviegwood in WV and while I was there admiring his beautiful work he pulled out a puzzle that a friend had sent him. For someone like me who has a hard time following a curved line in 3/4 stock with a...
  8. PeteM

    Selling your work???

    I'm looking a retiring fairly soon and will want to try and market some of my woodworking. I know some have sold their work through Wood and Stone Gallery in Davidson. Are there some other outlets around? Also, any input on generating some extra income working wood would be appreciated. pete
  9. erasmussen

    Work in progress

    Before everyone went to the hospital, I had run into a force greater then the darkside force, she told me all darkside work will stop until her tv stand/cabinet is finished:no: I have the easy part done, the box, its all walnut the joints are all loose tenons (domino, well poor mans domino...
  10. sapwood

    Work Sharp Eccentricities

    After the MWTCA meet, I picked up a Work Sharp at Woodcraft. When I fired it I heard a click, click and noticed horizontal movement. Removed the glass plate and ran it with the same results. I know it's not supposed to be as quiet as a Thorens turntable, but I'm thinking it's a bit noisey and...
  11. J

    anyone with a pro shop need work?

    about 6 weeks ago I had stroke I am doing OK.I have at my house in Apex but my woodworing days are over due to the stroke.until I sell my home and shop.I am looking fo a pro. woodworker in the area that I could pass incoming work to please e mail your contact infor. thanks Dwight...
  12. dino drosas

    weekend doings -a good day's work

    I got busy this weekend and built a liquor storage/display backbar rack for one of my restauants. Birch plywood finished w/ pre-cat laquer and waxed. I like doing this type project - instant gratification. I will post an additional photo when it is installed and stocked with all the goodies.

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