1. erasmussen

    My new tool updated cutting pins

    Here it is my ver. of the pantorouter. Still a few little things I want to change, and add a better router, but it does work. with a dove tail pattern guide mounted
  2. gator

    She's Home (Updated with Additional Post)

    Kristen came home yesterday afternoon. Four weeks after going in for tests, three weeks after going on the Heart transplant list, and two weeks after the transplant. She is doing awesomely (new word?) well. She is truly our largest Christmas present ever. She is cheery, bright, chipper and...
  3. ScottM

    Last show for my season ** UPDATED **

    Since I was retired earlier this year I signed up to do more craft shows then I have ever attempted. This Saturday makes my 5th since mid August. Sure keeping me busy and I LOVE IT. Anyway setting up at the Riverside Mill in Weldon. Show open 10:00 to 4:00. Stop in if you are in the area...
  4. C

    Cutting Board Finish - Updated with Pictures

    I am working on my first cutting boards for Christmas presents. I have completed three. I put about 4 - 5 coats of mineral oil on each side, about 2 coats per day. Then I put on two coats of 1:6 beeswax/mineral oil. I hand rubbed them in for about 3 - 4 minutes per board per coat. I allowed...
  5. blazeman45

    New Router Table Fence (Updated Pics)

    Started the fence for my new router table I recently built. It has a sliding fence that will have replaceable inserts. I took photos as I progressed.... Would have finished but I ran out of glue for the laminate!!:BangHead: View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in...
  6. sawduster

    Propane Club thread moved ..updated update

    Anyone here a member of this co-op or know someone who is ? Pros ? Cons ? Any input at all appreciated. :icon_thum I just stumbled on it accidentally and did some research but I want some real info if it is available TIA *update* Ferrel switched my tank today. I pre-paid for this first...
  7. blazeman45

    Mitre Saw Station Build (Updated Pics - 11/18)

    After much thought, I went to the shop this morning and got started building my new mitre saw station... I purchased a new Dewalt 12" SCMS a couple of months ago to replace my old 12" Dewalt. I got the carcasses and tops built today and got the table for the saw installed. - The saw table is...
  8. MarkE

    The G0514X2B is here. (1/16)

    Went and picked up the new bandsaw from UPS freight this morning. Going out to un-crate and move it into the shop in just a couple of minutes. :eusa_danc :banana: View image in gallery View image in gallery
  9. blazeman45

    New Router Table Started (Updated PICS)

    My old router table served me well for the last 10-12 years but I wanted a new one that allowed mobility. I decided this week to get it started... I built it from Birch plywood and Poplar (I'm frugal... Wife says cheap:gar-La;) View image in gallery I wanted bit trays I could take out...
  10. Phil S

    September 24 shop build *UPDATED WITH PICTURES*

    Just wondering if any of you fine folks would like to come over and help with the shop build. By then I should have it dried in and be ready for siding and trim. If that does not sound fun enough, there will always be inside electrical and dust collection to install. I will provide a great...
  11. mshel

    Updated shop photos and gloat

    I am finally getting in the short rows of getting my home shop back in order. I basically started with a blank slate and did the following: moved some wiring and added a couple new outlets insulated all the walls and used a foam board with silver covering on the roof rafters put slat wall...
  12. bobby g

    Updated - 1/2 Price Popular Woodworking Magazine

    Ran across this a while ago, tried it and it worked. (I called Popular Woodworking to confirm that I was subscribed for 2 years). 2 years for $19.96! I don't recall if it has automatic renewal tied to it. https://secure.palmcoastd.com/pcd/document?ikey=0768niw02 bobby g Sorry.. I forgot to...
  13. M

    Spring Raffle Decisions - Updated 4/8

    In the next few weeks, I will be posting items for the forthcoming spring raffle. The first prize decision will probably come in a very few days as Jet/Powermatic is having a 15% off "St. Patrick's Day" sale that runs until March 21st. I have asked Coleman Fourshee for quotations on four models...
  14. SteveColes

    All done. Large sata disk drives for FREE

    I've upgraded a few of my disk drives on my home computer and NAS. I have some older ones to give away. There is: WD WDE6400 640GB. SATA 3.0 Gb/sec 7200 RPM -------Ben325e WD WD7500AACS 750GB SATA 3.0 Gb/sec 7200 RPM-----RayH Hitachi hde721010sla330 SATA 3.0Gb/sec 1TB 7200 RPM...
  15. bobby g

    Dubby tapering jig - UPDATED with review

    Got my $ale priced Dubby Tapering jig yesterday, put it together and checked it out. Thanks for the heads up, Matt, aka splint eastwood!! Review to follow soon with pictures (of course). bobby g Well, here goes. My first impression upon opening the box was that the workmanship looked good...
  16. bobby g

    PE available - Updated

    PE available. We're going to do a Pittsboro to Myrtle Beach, SC to Pittsboro trip soon. We'll be taking 15-501. PM if we can help. bobby g
  17. Canuck

    Not Such a Christmas Hit! - Updated

    Back in late October I was feverishly trying to complete a small pony rocker horse for our grand daughter in time for Christmas. .... http://ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?t=34845 Well........... It would appear from this snapshot that Gracie isn't quite ready for the rodeo...
  18. Glennbear

    DW 735 Planer Puzzlement (Updated)

    A while back after much research and waiting for the right price I bought a Dewalt DW 735 planer. I have been very pleased with it's design and performance and have recommended it to others.:icon_thum A majority of my projects so far have utilized recycled heart pine which after decades of...
  19. timf67

    Paolini's Limbert Style Coffee Table Build - Updated

    I had the pleasure of attending Gregory Paolini's class on how to build his Limbert style coffee table featured on the cover of FWW in December. After picking up some lumber at Rick's Woodworking Source on Saturday, I was able to start in on my attempt at the table last night. Here is my first...
  20. PeteM

    The easy part is done ! - UPDATED

    Here it is all loaded up: The hard part will be getting it from the shop to the dining room :help: Here's the Base Unit: . . . and the top section: There are some WIP Pix here: http://www.ncwoodworker.net/pp/showgallery.php?cat=1980 pete

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