1. J

    Recommendations for Milling near RTP/Durham

    Hello, My neighbor and I have 3 great looking urban red maple logs between 13" and 25" in diameter. They have some spalting so we would like to have them milled and kiln dried. Can anyone recommend or offer services for milling these logs and kiln drying them near the Research Triangle...
  2. KenOfCary

    Looking for Sassafras near RTP area

    Anyone seen any for sale around here? Looking for turning or carving blanks. - Ken.
  3. KenOfCary

    Another Beginner Carving Class in RTP area?

    The folks that took the recent beginning carving class that Stave taught seemed very pleased with the experience. I'm sorry that I missed out. I've been conversing with Stave in PM about holding another beginning carving class in the RTP area. Is anyone else, besides myself interested. We'd...
  4. HMH

    PE Request: RTP area to Va. Beach, (or close)

    Tim Pierce (dupont6480) recently bought a Jet AFS1000b air filter I advertised for sale. I live in Sanford/ RTP, and he in Va. Beach, so we agreed that I would ship it to him.....I boxed it up and ran by Fed-Ex today, and found out that that option was a little cost prohibitive.....($175!) If...
  5. S

    Delta AP100 Dust Collector/ Filter - $125 (Sanford/ RTP)

    Not Mine http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2197314979.html Delta AP100 Dust Collector/ Filter - $125 (Sanford/ RTP) Date: 2011-02-04, 3:14PM EST Reply to: sale-zamgk-2197314979@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Delta AP100 Ambient Air Filter w/ worklight. 450CFM, 110V...
  6. ebarr

    anyone know of an acrylic supplier in RTP area

    i am specifically looking for 1 1/2 acrylic rod. would love to find a local place to purchase.
  7. B

    Hello from RTP / Raleigh

    Hey all, Wanted to say hello. I have been working wood for about 15 years. I also enjoy metal work as well. Like to mix the mediums a lot. I am a tool junkie, and have been adding to my hand tool collection as of late. Recently gained appreciation of good hand planes, it is a disease...
  8. froglips

    RTP Lunch promotion

    Request to add this event to the Upcoming Events box and Site Calender. http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/f23/durham-rtp-luch-bunch-friday-6-4-updated-32303/ Thanks, Jim
  9. HMH

    Save me a trip? Need 8/4 Cherry in/around Sanford/ RTP

    Hey Folks, I am in need of about 8bf of 8/4 Cherry, (roughly a 6"W x8'L board), to use for legs. I have plenty of 4/4, (already surfaced to 3/4"), and thought hard about laminating 3 of them to get a 1.3/4" leg, but I'm not sure I'd be happy with the resulting seams. I've called the local...
  10. froglips

    RTP Lunch Bunch & Habitat Re-Store Run

    Based on the overwhelming desire of many to both eat and try to score TNBTG (The Next Big Tool Gloat)..... Announcing, the one, the only, fresh from the mighty Eno River, its the RTP Lunch Bunch! Date: Thursday, August 20th 2009 Time: 11:30 to 12:30 Lunch 12:30 to 1:30 Re-Store...
  11. froglips

    RTP Lunch Bunch - Wed May 27

    Thought I'd start a little something, for a change :-) Place: Mr. Wok 4831 Nc Highway 55 Durham, NC 27713 (919) 544-8385 Time: 11:45 Its a buffet, so bring your loose fitting pants. I put up a poll for the best date. Thinking the 27th or 28th of May. Not that I'm trying to...
  12. froglips

    RTP Lunch....

    I'm stepping up, stepping out and stepping in..... The first annual, quarterly, one time only, super special deal, yes, its....... an RTP Lunch Get Together! Papa Mojos (Cajun) http://papamojosroadhouse.com I am offering up the following 3 dates for voting: Tues 28 Wed 29 Thur 30...
  13. Douglas Robinson

    Wanted: Metal bed frame (RTP area)

    Anyone have a metal bed frame they are looking to get rid of? I want to use it to build an additional lumber rack with 2x4's. Thanks
  14. froglips

    CL RTP: Another $40 tilt top craftsman tablesaw...

    Oh the humanity...... http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/419020983.html $40 What is the limit for the number of table saws one person dare own???? Jim
  15. sapwood

    RTP Lunch Bunch and Wood Chat

    Okay boys and girls, it's time for another one. :eusa_danc I'll start off by suggesting Wednesday around noon at Ted's Montana Grill. Yep, this is the third time I've nominated Ted's and we always end up someplace else 8-O But that's OK! I'm open to alternative suggestions. Remember, this...
  16. sapwood

    RTP Red Hot 'n Blue Lunch

    Well the Power Lunch Bunch had another successful summit 8-) Met at Red Hot n Blue and actually talked about woodworking and tools this time. The food and camraderie were great, but finding it was a little problematic for some of us. 8-O So here's the obligatory pixs with apologizes for...
  17. sapwood

    Another RTP lunch!

    OK RTPers, it's been suggested it's time to launch another weekday lunch. :mrgreen: I'm suggesting this Wednesday at noon, but always remain flexible. Location to be determined, but focusing on south Durham, southwest Cary, or Apex. My suggestion is Ted's Montana Grill at Renaissance across...
  18. chris99z71

    Making a run from RTP to the HW store of NC

    I just called to confirm and the HW store of NC is open on the day after thanksgiving. This works out wonderfully for me since my inlaws live in Burlington, about 10 min from there. I'll be going to the HW store at some point on Friday and I'm offering to pick up anything that anybody needs...

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