1. ScottM

    SAD NEWS Barbara Forman's Dad passed away

    I just learned from Barbara's FB page that her dad, Charles, passed away last night. He had been ill for some time. Please keep Barbara and her family in your hearts and prayers. Losing a family member is tough any time but it is worse around the holidays. Barbara we are here for you.
  2. b4man

    Sad news

    This evening my Dad passed away. I know I've been letting many things slide here and I'm sorry. This has been weighing on me since just before Thanksgiving. I will not be in touch too much for the next couple of days but I'll try and get what needs to be done as soon as I can.
  3. ScottM

    I made the news

    Well I got my name in print any way. Not what you call "fine woodworking" but the work is being done for the right reasons. Two Monday's a month we gather (12 to 17 of us) and assemble blue bird houses. Since the parts are all pre-cut we can make roughly a 1,000 in a single 3.5 hour session...
  4. Douglas Robinson

    NC Furniture Industry Good news

    Phil AShley found this article. Very cool!
  5. bobby g

    Bessey clamp deal - Breaking news

    The order has been placed. When I placed it, I found out that they had 2 more of the 24" so I bought them. So these are available. Also, I was able to get another $1 off on each clamp. Contact me by PM only for additional quantities or new requests. So, I have 2 - 24" available at $32 each. and...
  6. Tarhead

    Sad News From Memphis

    Joan Kelly died last week. She was a very talented, experienced Turner but was struck in the face and forehead by pieces of a large bowl blank she was turning. Be careful and wear a good faceshield. BTW... good does not equal a $5 HF special! I wouldn't want to loose any friends prematurely...
  7. Douglas Robinson

    Big news!!!!!

    Yesterday our lawyers received a letterfrom the IRS stating that our request for 501(c)(3) status has been granted!!!!! We are non-profit!!!!:icon_cheers:eusa_danc:new_blowi I will make an announcement to the membership ASAP!
  8. Mike Davis

    NCWWer in the news
  9. Martin Roper

    Sad News

    Apparently, Craigslist has issued some kind of Cease & Desist order and one can no longer search multiple Craiglists with the Craiglook search engine. That's a shame because Craigslist does not offer the service themselves. I wish there was a legitimate contender to Craigslist...
  10. MrAudio815

    More Bad News Sprinkled W/ Really Good News

    Hey Everyone, Bad News: Tuesday My truck got rear ended in a parking lot. I was in class :BangHead: Good News: The kid left a note on my Truck~! :icon_thum :eusa_clap Bad News: Damage is 2,200+ dollars :swoon: Better News: Truck will be fixed, new tailgate, fender fixed and light...
  11. MrAudio815

    Bad News - May Have to Move

    Hey Everyone, Got home from school today and the LOML told me our Realtor called and said the owner of the Townhome we are renting wants to Sell. :BangHead: Our lease runs up in April 2011, but from the sounds of it, The owner is putting a forsale sign on the garage door and wants to sell...
  12. ScottM

    Sorry and Great News

    First I want to say how sorry I am for not being around much the past month. I have some situations at work, yes more then one, that is consuming all my time almost 24x7. With luck that will all end next week. Now for the great news Greg Paolini has agreed to work at and do demo as the NCWW...
  13. ScottM

    Gee....I made the news
  14. Gregory Paolini

    August news from Gregory Paolini

    Our August newletter just went out, and there's a lot of great info in it! Be sure to check it out! If you didn't get yours, be sure to sign our guest book to receive a link via email! You can access our August Newsletter here: Best, Gregory
  15. dancam

    Very Sad News

    Folks, This is a very hard notice to post. This morning before our monthly meeting of WNCWA, Rob Payne (McRabitt) gave us the news that his wife Nancy had a nasty fall on Friday and hit her head. She was taken to the hospital where she lapsed into a coma. The head injury caused internal...
  16. bluthart

    Incredible news!

    SO, my wife and I have been trying to conceive our 2nd child for two years, but unfortunately we have lost 3 pregnancies. However, we have been blessed enough to be 20 weeks pregnant right now - due in mid-October. My wife's doctor did an ultrasound two weeks ago and told us he was 90% sure we...
  17. ScottM

    Picnic Site news

    Without going into a lot of details the picnic site will be Chapel Hill. Peteb301 has stepped down as co-chair. Sorry but I do not have time to to go into more details right now.
  18. NZAPP1

    Good news and a big surprise from the LOML

    Went to the DR Friday and now I am able to start bending my knee. I am doing PT to regain the range of motion. I am surprised how much I can NOT move it. On Saturday my wife took me outside in the wheel chair for some sun and air and surprise she cleaned and rearranged the shop so it was wheel...
  19. M

    Very Positive News from One of Our Own

    I received an email late this afternoon from one of our nicest members (and the vice-president of the Western NC Woodworkers Association) that read (in part) as follows: Greetings From Baptist Hospital, I'm doing great and I'm coming home tomorrow. The surgery went well and they got all of the...
  20. DaveO

    Very sad news....

    We received this contact early this morning: I was trying to let everyone know that Chuck Seehuetter who was a member that he found out in May he had cancer and by August 25th he died. I know how much he love talking on line with all the members this is his girl friend Char who I met a bunch of...

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