1. TV

    Brush-On Lacquer

    Does anyone have any experience with brush-on lacquer? I can't seem to keep bubbles from appearing. The lacquer is being applied over some walnut with a bristle brush. Thanks for any suggestions. tv
  2. D

    shellac over lacquer

    Hey guys I have a problem! i usually use shellac when I finish my cedar boxes, but this time I came up with the bright idea of useing laquer and don't like the finish. SO the question is can I spray shellac over the laquer or do I need to sand it all off before I spray. Thanks Donald
  3. M

    Lacquer over Oil/Poly mix?

    Is it OK to spray Lacquer (from a can) over an oil/poly mix first coat? I have very little experience with Lacquer and when it is appropriate to use. Thanks in advance, Mitch
  4. C

    Sprayed some Lacquer

    Finally broke the seal and opened the Porter Cable PSH1 box today. Did a little clean up with some thinner. Went to Lowes and got a 1/4 fitting that ALMOST worked (I really hate the way comp air fittings are all just enough different to not work with each other). Ended up stringing together...
  5. T

    White latex paint or water based pigmented lacquer

    After spending 7 hours spraying a large project with one coat of primer and 3 coats of latex I can not help but wonder if I could do it with less coats and get better results using a white pigmented water base lacquer. I recall John talking about it in his finshing class and was wondering if...
  6. DaveO

    Lacquer on a pig :) + prototype

    Well, I took some advice and ignored others and decided to finish up my ill-designed box. I did attach the feet, despite being a little thick 'cause they took a long time to make and I didn't know how I would otherwise utilize them. I lowered the handle, and unless you look close you can't even...
  7. DaveO

    Wax over lacquer???

    I am finishing up those 4 heart boxes that I made last weekend. I have applied many coats of satin spray lacquer, rubbing out between every 2 with 800 grit paper. I have always enjoyed the feel of a wax finish, and am considering it for the final step. But I am worried that the wax with affect...

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