1. F

    Gloss white finish: lacquer or paint?

    I've got a piece I'm working on that the client wants in gloss white when finished. I'm building it frame and panel style out of birch and poplar. I'll be spraying the finish. Should I go with a white pre-cat lacquer, or oil-base paint? And does any sort of sanding sealer help in this...
  2. CrealBilly

    New Lacquer to try

    Just thought I would pass along a good product. I just got done spraying Dupli-Color Acrylic Lacquer (Premium Automotive Formulation) on some wood. This is some of the more better rattle can lacquer out there that's easy to come by at most any atuo parts store. I don't know what's in it but it...
  3. T

    Lacquer finish Help!

    I am nearing completion of a small project that is finished with gloss lacquer. While rubbing out the small flat top I got a little too aggressive with my flattening and cut through the finish at a couple of edges. I know it can be fixed, but my question is do I need to sand back to bare wood...
  4. llucas

    another finishing question ? lacquer over WOP?

    So, as a novice finisher, I am 'sperimenting with finishes...went through a few turning finished with Watco, then tried lacquer (rattle can Deft) and then wipe on Minwax poly. Each technique has it positives, but not surprisingly varies from wood to wood. I recently finished a hollowform river...
  5. Joe Lyddon

    Shellac ... then Lacquer...

    I know that shellac will overlay a shellac coat & blend into the previous coat... How about lacquer (spray Deft clear)? Will lacquer blend into previous coats the same way that shellac does... or does one have to lightly sand between coats? Will lacquer go directly over shellac (the 1st...
  6. S

    grain filling, vinyl sealer (Mohawk) and pre-cat lacquer

    Hi. First time poster here... I am trying unsuccessfully to start finishing some cabinet doors for a bathroom vanity that I am building. This project has many firsts to it for me and I haven't done anything more than a simple coat of poly on previous projects. I am using Mohawk vinyl sealer...
  7. pslamp32

    Waterbourne 'Lacquer'....

    So I've been using the same basic finishing schedule for awhile now and have been very happy. I start with a dilute shellac spray to seal, followed by several more spray coats of 2# shellac. After this I spray several coats of waterbourne lacquer by Target. (USL previously, now emtech I...
  8. sawduster

    water born lacquer ?

    Whilst making my weekly purchase of Deft i noticed they also have a "water borne lacquer" i would welcome any discussion, pros and cons on this product Yeah, I could look it up but as I have said before...... Slingblade voice on : " I like the way y'all talk " :gar-Bi TIA :icon_thum
  9. mdelgiorno

    Darkening an existing lacquer finish

    I have some wall paneling that I'm looking to darken. It has 2-3 coats of lacquer on it and I really don't want to strip it. Oh, and I also don't have spray equipment to tone it. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what might be compatible? I was thinking some kind of gel stain, but...
  10. N

    Repairing fingerprint in lacquer

    Two questions actually: 1) I have a red oak circular hourglass base about 8" in diameter that I've tried Deft's brushing lacquer on. I'm pleased with the overall finish but I can see a fingerprint and a couple of small runs. Is there a way I can repair just those spots? This is the first...
  11. Bathroom Vanity

    Bathroom Vanity

  12. Mike Davis

    lacquer repair?

    I have a friend at work whose daughter set a bottle of fingernail polish remover (Acetone free?) on her dining table. It left a ring of dissolved finish. Is there a way to repair this without refinishing the whole table top? It is a factory finish on dark stained pine - solid wood, so...
  13. S

    Lacquer a safe finish to eat off of?

    Quick question. I am planning to finish some bowls with lacquer for aesthetic reasons and am wondering if that is safe to eat or drink off of or is there anything to do to make it safe? Thanks very much, Jim Lee
  14. S

    Spray lacquer - Where did it go?

    I know this is primarily a 'finishing' question but I thought it was more about acquiring material (spraying lacquer) which would fit into a more general forum. I have just set up a spray booth and want to spray lacquer and all the lacquers I find at the usual big box suspect stores are...
  15. F

    pre-cat lacquer over General Finishes Armour Seal?

    For the life of me, I hate GF Armour Seal. It looks great when it's first applied and wet, and then it sucks every bit of floating dust out of the air for miles around. And I still can't figure out how to apply it properly. Is is a "wipe on and leave" or is it a "wipe on and wipe off"? The...
  16. roweathers

    Can you spray polyurethane on a pre-cat lacquer?

    Just curious about this? Secondly, can you spray a waterbourne lacquer on top of a pre-cat lacquer?
  17. roweathers

    Looking for place to spray lacquer

    Yep, that's correct. I am looking for a location where I can spray some furniture pieces I made with lacquer paint. I learned the hardway that spraying this stuff in your basement workshop is a bad idea. Stunk up the house in a big way. I am either going to find a suitable place to spray the...
  18. ScottM

    Pen finishing Lacquer over CA?

    I read the previous posts on how to apply CA finish on pens and the like. At the end it talks about applying a coat or two of lacquer. So I guess I have a couple questions. :icon_scra - does any one use lacquer over CA? - do you use brush on or spray lacquer? - if brush on. do you apply...
  19. TV

    Shellac under Lacquer

    I am using shellac on a walnut piece and then I will come back and lay lacquer over it (wife wants the lacquer). How long do I need to wait after sealing the walnut with shellac before I can put a 1st coat of lacquer? I was using a 2 lb cut of shellac. Thanks for any help. tv
  20. TV

    Lacquer & Fisheye

    I am utilizing lacquer (spraying) as the finish on a chest. One of the panels has these small sunken areas ranging from 1/32 to 1/8 in diameter. I was told this is what is called fisheye. I don't have a pic and am not sure I could get one to come out. I have really no idea what to do with...

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