1. T

    Jessum Mortise zip $56 + free shippin with code

    Use the code from the other post about Woodcraft and get this cheap, plus other closeouts,
  2. cpw

    UPDATE: Woodcraft Facebook Special - Free Shipping

    The facebook special has been extended: "Spend $25 and Use Coupon Code 10118 during checkout to get Free Shipping! This offer will end October 18."
  3. NCTurner

    Turners Delight Free Downed Maple Cary/Apex

    Free Maple Firewood (Cary / Apex) Date: 2010-10-03, 10:13AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Large Maple tree uprooted by saturated ground/rain last week. Easy Access, Curbside. Bring your chainsaw. 611 Abbey Hall Way Location: Cary /...
  4. A

    Free Select Cherry Lumber (you pay $100 donation)

    For NCWWs: All rough finish. 9" to 10" W x 10' L (I can saw it to half length for transportation); 14 boards of 4/4 and 4 boards of 5/4 also: Poplar 5/4 x 6" to 11" W x 6' L; 20 boards You'll need to carry the stuff from the half basement at the back of my house to the street (about...
  5. FredP

    free drywall

    20 sheets 4x8x5/8" fire code. must be gone tomorrow. contact PhilS by e-mail. He has asked me to post this as he is on the road and can't post it himself.
  6. Tarhead

    Free Shipping at Lee Valley and Corneal Excision Tweezers Return

    Like it says, Free shipping until 9/27 and these tweezers are back after being gone for a while:,43456,43464 They're great for excising splinters and pieces of metal below the skin surface. Much better than anything else I've ever used.
  7. T

    175 Woodworking books for free

    Got this from routerforums,credit goes to Canuckgal there, Some good vintage material,somewhat dated but hey its free,
  8. NCTurner

    Free Dust Barrels RDU CL Date: 2010-09-17, 11:21AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have seven white and one blue plastic barrels with 2 bungs (holes on top) to give away. Just pick them up. call 919 302-0641...
  9. B

    Woodworking Magazines Free Giveaway

    About a year ago, my dad gave me 4 boxes of old woodworking magazines. You can see the titles from the pic. They are mostly from the early to late 1990's. They are all in great shape (with an occassional pattern or article cut from them) and clean. I think I was at least the fourth recipient of...
  10. NCTurner

    Fixed Vid Sharpening Jig setup tool FREE

    Super idea and great price. I have uploaded the file here:
  11. Tarhead

    Free Plans for a Greene and Greene Inspired Desk

    May not last long. Grab it quick.
  12. farmerbw

    Free Wood

    Any turners or non-spinny folks interested in any of this? I spotted this when coming home the other day and stopped to take a few pics of the wood beside the road when I noticed the Oak tree on top of the house next door. I talked briefly to the gentleman who lives in the house where the...
  13. Bas

    Do you have "free" unlimited long distance?

    Even though cell phone plans and home phone bundles advertise with "free" long distance, there's no such thing as free. You just don't pay by the minute. But since that's too wordy to type, I'll use the term "free" as well. I've been looking at teleconference providers. There's two options: You...
  14. D

    Free wood in N Durham (trees)

    On my way home today I noticed that there are several large oak trees that are being removed in north Durham. They are on Hillandale Rd just north of I-85. You can't miss `em. It looks like they may be getting ready to widen the road. I hate to see these big, beautitful trees get cut down, but...
  15. free wood

    free wood

    tree being cut down
  16. R

    "Old Growth" 22 Poplar Tree Logs, Free, (not mine)

    Rockville, MD but great haul of wood! 22 Poplar tree logs, ranging from 12 - 21 inches in diameter, 5 - 10.5 feet in length. Most are 8 feet+. Very nice wood, cut from three large trees. Trying to keep them out of the landfill. The...
  17. Mt. Gomer

    Free Shipping @ ToolKing on orders over $99

    Coupon code "shark" good through 8/10.
  18. J

    HF 20% off / free flashlight coupon

    Today's (Aug 1st) News and Observer has two coupons in it. One is in the Parade Magazine section, and another in the "loose coupons." This way you don't have to trash a magazine to get the coupon. Bruce
  19. reprosser

    Win a Free SawStop

    Woodcraft is having a SawStop drawing. Here is the link to sign up.
  20. M

    Win a FREE Micro Fence System!

    Hi folks, Thank you all for your support and for participating in this FREE DRAWING. If you haven't entered yet, you may do so at Good Luck! If you have any questions about our product, let us know. Rich

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