1. DWSmith

    FREE Offer for Turners

    I have 4 - 2 5/8" square x 36" long hard maple pieces that were going to be used for table legs that I no longer have any use for. I don't want to throw them away so if anyone here wants them, let me know and we can make arrangements to have them picked up. Call me at the shop 336 431-0436 or...
  2. Leviblue

    Free HP all in one - pay it forward

    I have a working all in one HP printer, scanner, copier for anyone here needing a color machine. The only catch, need it in its new home by Monday 1/2/12. The power cord is included and I may have a printer cable for the PC. Thanks
  3. T

    Free Download

    Wasn't sure about where to post this so I'll post it here and the mods can move if necessary. Its a free download of Lonnie Birds Router book, here's the link, just need to give a name and e-mail address. You can prolly try a bogus address if you want to avoid spam ...
  4. scsmith42

    Free IBM Shop clock - Pay it forward

    A year or so ago Joe Scharle was cleaning out his garage and he gave me an old IBM computer room / school clock. These were used back in the 50's and 60's in campus environments. All of the clocks were slaved to a master so that they all had the same time. I brought it back to the farm...
  5. Phil S

    Free or almost electrical parts

    I have been saving surplus electrical supplies to use in my new shop. As I move closer to completion of my new shop, I need to get rid of some of the stuff I will not need. For those looking to add a panel in your shop I might have what you need I have: 2 Square D 100 amp main lug sub...
  6. Nelson

    Cedar Log free to a good home

    Cut today. 16" to 18" in diameter at base. 56" circumference. 40' in length to where the top was lost in an ice storm. It is still probably 6 to 8" in diameter at the top. Nice & straight. There is some rot in the center at the base (see picture), but I haven't cut on up to see where...
  7. W

    Free granite

    An fyi that a place in Concord NC has free granite scraps, 1" thick, up to a sq ft in area, on an ongoing basis. Really beautiful pieces left from counter installs. Seems like some creative mixed media could brew here. See for directions if it sets a spark.
  8. J

    Free Batteries at Lowes

    Lowes is again is running the deal of buy batteries for $9.97, get a $10 off $50 coupon. Remember that HD will take these coupons also.
  9. M

    Free shipping from Enco (machine tools and such) Save up to 56% with new Enco Web Deals! Plus enjoy Free UPS Ground Shipping* through Friday, 11/11/11 on orders of $25 or more with Promo Code WDPNV. *Minimum order of $25 prior to tax and shipping is required. Free Shipping applies to standard ground shipments to locations...
  10. J

    Rockler Free Shipping Code

    For free shipping thru 12-31, use code V9117. Yes, I know I'm an enabler:gar-La;.
  11. C

    Free "I'd Rather Be Woodworking" Sticker You have to give them name/address info and you can pick a bumper sticker. Woodworking is under the "In the Garage" category Thought someone might be interested.
  12. C

    Lee Valley - Free Shipping

    Lee Valley is offering Free Shipping thru September 26
  13. manfre

    Free sweetgum

    Power company rolled down my street today and took out a clump of my neighbor's sweetgum trees. He wanted them gone, so at least he didn't get the same shock as many of the other neighbors. There are a few short trunk sections about 8-10" diameter. Send me a PM and I'll respond with my address...
  14. Fish Form Bowl

    Fish Form Bowl

    This bowl was made using a scroll saw to cut segments, glue, sand and finish them. The design is my own free-hand drawing on a piece of poplar. After cutting a segment, I used that to get the outline of the next segment. Sanding on this bowl was tricky and took a lot of time.
  15. ebarr

    Free to good caring home.. Paying it forward

    I have Harbor Freight air compressor that I would like to donate to a good home on this board. 2 hp 8 gallon. Ran the last time I used it. Email me and you. Can come get it. Just tired of seeing it sit here
  16. JCraig

    Free Furniture Making Stuff

    I had an opportunity to visit an old former cabinet making shop yesterday. There is veneer, raised panels, cabinet material, MDF, Hardboard, Chair Frames, Rolled Veneer and a number of other related items. Below is the link telling about it from yesterday. I talked with the folks that own...
  17. F

    Free Persimmon and Maples

    Okay, so I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth and I finally have something woodworking related to post. Hubby and I will be cutting down one very dead, mature Persimmon tree and some live Yellow Maples. If anyone is interested in us cutting it into anything other than firewood sized...
  18. manfre

    Free wood

    A friend in Cary happened upon a decent sized pile of wood (mostly maple, hickory and cedar) that his HOA says must go. Some of it is already split (still usable for turning), but there are still a few logs. If you're interested, send an email to Dan (superstickmandan ___at___
  19. DanR

    Free Walnut Trees free mature walnut trees about 14" diameter. You cut and haul away . Serious inquiry only. Bring your tools and truck when you are coming. If interested, please include your name, contact number and available schedule.
  20. Mike Davis

    Ashboro Habitat moving-Everything left is free

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