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    Free Doors
  2. Free Doors

    Free Doors

    Free Doors
  3. Mt. Gomer

    Free Crosscut Sled Plan

    This month's Woodworker's Journal ezine had a free plan for a nice crosscut sled. It's simple and easy to modify if you want to. It also has some good tips for squaring it up. It's a nice alternative to the "supersled" versions if you don't need all the features.... Anyway, since it was free...
  4. Ralrick

    Makita Sliding Miter Saw - reconditioned $300 with free ship and no tax

    I thought this was a good deal and would pass it on in case anyone needs a nice sliding miter saw. Tyler tools has the Makita 10" sliding compound miter saw (LS-1013L) including the laser for $300 no tax and free shipping. The website indicates the...
  5. T

    Home Depot sale now online + free shipping
  6. SubGuy

    Tool Gloat! Free

    Got this from work. The guy from one of the companies out there was going to throw this away. It has never been used at all, I cut the manufactures tape off the box. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery I think worth around $180. I LOVE FREE!:icon_cheers
  7. AngusMac

    Free RAS

    Free on Asheville CL. Not mine, but if anyone wants a free radial arm saw, have at it. "Free Craftsman Radial Arm Saw. Works great but moving and can't take it with. It's about 30 years old."
  8. CarvedTones

    More free shipping and a big clearance at WoodCraft

    If you go to the site, they will have a banner for free shipping if you spend $75 or more, but if you use code 11525 instead, there is no lower limit. Plus there are a lot of clearance items. I just ordered a Phiel carving knife and a slipstone on clearance (stealth gloat) that would normally...
  9. Mt. Gomer

    Free Plans and Tips

    The Woodsmith Shop TV shows site has a bunch of great plans and video tips that are free to download and view. This may have been posted before but it was new to me so I figured I'd pass it along. The only caveat is that you have to register for their weekly email tip (only needs email...
  10. Ken Massingale

    'Free' Carvewright Raleigh Area! :eusa_danc
  11. curley

    free to wood turners

    I have a very large knot or burl they call it I guess that is free to turners.Im not sue what kind of wood it is but I poured minerial spirit on it and looks great. Its about 22" by 14" on the one slab I cut off,this thing is about 18" thick,very big. I will be glad to cut this up and give...
  12. J

    ENCO Free shipping on orders over $25

    Enco ( is offering free ground UPS shipping on orders over $25 through Feb.25th. Use promo code PFSJAN.
  13. NCTurner

    Free WW plans Website
  14. Jim M.

    Feel free....

    Feel free to give me some belated Christmas gifts if you want. Jim :eek:
  15. B

    $10 off $20 AND FREE shipping at

    Woodcraft currently has a FREE shipping promotion - and you can combine it with a $10 off $20 coupon! Just type 12249 in the coupon box! I personally got a Bessey clamp set for $13 (includes two 3/4" pipe clamps worth $30 and several other clamps), and two water stones for ~$12 each. Great deals!
  16. D

    Jet Jointer Free play on infeed table wheel

    I have used this jointer for about 10 years and flattened thousands of board feet, but now there is a gradual freeplay in the infeed handle.. I have to turn the handle almost a full 360 degrees to make any change in the infeed table height.. Does anyone know how I tighten up this freeplay...
  17. adowden

    Free blade lock at Paynes in Durham

    I was at Paynes in Durham on Hwy 55 today and they have a CMT blade locking tool for free (plastic thing to stop blade from moving while tightening and loosening. It is stacked right between the registers in front of the glass case. They have a sign in front of them that says "Free". It also...
  18. T

    Milwaulkee Router $99 + free shipping
  19. T

    Target Coatings 30% off plus some items free shipping

    Target Coatings has a code DEC1809 for 30% off. In addition, some items have free shipping, such as gallon sizes of their EmTech 6000 lacquer. A gallon shipped is only $30.80. There is free shipping on some other items too - just look for the red oval saying "Limited Time Only Free Shipping".
  20. Tarhead

    Free Download Greene and Greene Wall Lamp Plan

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