1. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse - Christmas Morning

    A picture says a thousand words.... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  2. froglips

    Morning posting hiccup fixed.....

    Just letting folks know things are fixed. Enjoy posting again! Jim
  3. R

    Good morning!

    I was recently reminded about this site when buying some QS oak for a Roycroft piece. I like the nature of the site and exchanges among members that I've seen. As my basic profile says, I recently completed a small shop - added on to an existing garage (after satisfying the historic district...
  4. T

    Saturday Morning cabinet build help. Please

    Hi folks, I am knee deep in a cabinet project for work I have to get done soon and I don't think I will make it on my own. Is there anyone out there who is willing to give up there Saturday morning and come give me a hand. The shop will be a bit cold at first but should get to about 50, so...
  5. S

    Good Morning

    I guess I should introduce myself. I've been lurking for a while. I'm about 35 miles south of Charlotte in the town of Catawba, SC. Been in the area since 2007 with a job transfer and have been dabbling in making sawdust for a long time. I've finally been able to get a "real" workshop here or as...
  6. N

    Borrow tools for Saturday morning?

    Hi all, My name is Jeff (Northernjeff), and I have volunteered to work a demo or two on turning tea lights and bottle stoppers. I find that I am missing a few tools and was wondering if I could borrow these turning tools just for the demonstration, or if someone coming to the event would...
  7. b4man

    No updates this morning

    When I logged on this morning I had no updates from NCWW'r. Not threads I've posted in or my Mod update. Is this a part of the Fix that Jim has been working on due to the virus situation? Or is this a new issue? Just letting you know. Thanks, me
  8. Jack

    Good Morning from Goose Creek, SC

    Good Morning!! My name is Jack and I stumbled across this site while searching for some plywood. Took a look, decided to stay. Most of my woodworking time is spent turning pens, making shop and outdoor furniture, and toys for my grandchildren. My long term goal is to 'cabinetize' my garage...
  9. G

    Morning efforts

    A lidded box out of mahoghany. comments welcome
  10. Shamrock

    Ah-The smell of burning clutch in the morning

    The following is a good way to cook your CORDED-that's right-corded drill. Chuck up an appropriate size bit (this is 3/4" x 6") Then set up the following jig to drill 3 7/8" holes through southern yellow pine: Repeat for 18 or so holes ahhhhh..... there it is can you smell it? This is my...
  11. TN Woodie

    A visitor this morning

    Luckily, she is dead.
  12. FredP

    good morning DaveO!

    Now that you have awakened to find the the new saw was just a dream......................................:rotflm:
  13. FredP

    sunday morning in the shop

    this is a nic nac shelf and key rack. sapele with deft spray finish.
  14. nelsone

    Who else is going to Waxhw tomorrow morning?

    Just wondering who else was planning to go to the MWTCA meeting tomorrow in Waxhaw.
  15. H

    Good Morning from the coast

    Good morning; This is my first post here at NC woodworking. I'll tell you a bit about who I am My name is Howard Orr, I am 61 years old, and have been enjoying retirement for 13 years. I spent 4 years in the USMC back in the mid 60s, and shortly after getting my discharge I entered the Pa. State...
  16. cskipper

    We met Kyle this morning!

    We went wandering this morning and went to see Kyle's shop and some of the wood that he has posted pictures. The pictures do not do the wood justice! We were in awe - so many pieces were huge and completely gorgeous. Lots of other wood that were more "normal" in size- also beautiful. And, of...
  17. SteveColes

    Good Morning, Good Evening, Welcome aboard and Happy Birthday

    It has been my practice to try to wish everyone go has provided a birthday, a public Happy birthday wish. Also, when members introduce themselves in the Who we are forum to also post a welcome message. As some of you may have realized, I have had very limited internet time this last week or...
  18. Woody

    Good Morning

    I'm a hobby woodworker in my old age. Just completed my workshop this past fall. Never had my own shop til now. Would like to meet other woodworkers in the Monroe area. Also looking for local source to buy project quanity wood. Look forward to hearing from ya'll. George Crook:eusa_danc

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