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Hi I am new to this area. From Texas originally. I have started a small company doing various wood related projects with goal of having a cabinet shop some day. I am looking for wood, hardware, ect.suppliers. I have found Charlotte Hardwood which has some stuff. Does any one have a general list of places to buy materials. Or send me your tidbits and I will compile them into a list and share them back with all that participate.

Thanks for the help!:)

PS I live in the charlotte metro area. I would enjoy meeting other wood workers in the area as well, Maybe breakfast some Saturday.
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Greg Dake
I'm not from the area, but thought I would give you a bump to see if anyone has input. I do know most of the active people on here are closer to the Triangle, but who knows...


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Kyle Edwards
Re: local suppliers list

I always have something..juust depends upon what you are looking for. My website is http://www.sawmillnc.com and I can also be reached at 704-258-8985. I am usually at the mill on Saturdays but call first if you want to come out and browse. thanks



Clay Lowman
The hardwoodstore of NC is about the best priced place I have found.


In Gibsonville, near Greensboro, about an hour from Raleigh.

I saw a thread in another forum that has loads of praise of this store.

- clay


Here is what I have so far, Thanks for the help I hope this will help others as well, lets keep it going!


Materials= Ply, Solid Planks Supplies = Glue, slides, hinges, consumables
Equipment = Tools of the trade

Online Resources

http://www.harborfreight.com/ Import Equipment
http://www.rockler.com/ Equipment , Supplies &Materials
http://woodworker.com/cgi-bin/home.exe Equipment , Supplies &Materials
http://www.toolking.com Equipment


Charlotte Hardwood Center 704-394-9479 Supplies & Materials mostly

A&M supply 704-598-7272 Supplies &Materials mostly

Woodcraft (704) 847-8300 Equipment , Supplies &Materials mostly

www.diamondhillplywood.com 704-392-0305 Supplies & Materials mostly

McGee Lumber Company 704-332-2107 Materials

www.blackhawkhardware.com 704-525-2682 Supplies


http://www.sawmillnc.com Kyle (Member) 704-258-8985 Materials

Gibbonville Greensboro Raleigh

http://www.hardwoodstore.com 336-449-9627 Supplies &Materials mostly

www.diamondhillplywood.com 3101 Parkside Dr. 704-392-0305 Supplies & Materials mostly

A-Ventures, Inc. 4021 Sentry Post Rd. 1-800-798-2291 Supplies



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SawmillNC is in Iron Station (near Lincolnton)

If you're trying to compile a list here, don't forget Wall Lumber (Mayodan, NC). I haven't been there, but I know people who are happy with them. Also Catawba Hardwoods in Marion, NC. I don't think they have a web site, but here is some contact info I found (not even sure if this is accurate):

Catawba Hardwoods & Dry Kiln

Mike Marsh

PO Box 1122
Marion, NC




They have a warehouse here in Hickory also - I use them for some hardwoods and mostly for sheet goods.

There is also a Woodworkers Supply in Graham, NC

1125 Jay Lane
Graham, North Carolina
Phone: (336) 578-0500
Fax: (336) 578-1401

And don't forget the Klingspor's Woodworking Shops. They have shops here in Hickory, and also in Charlotte and Raleigh, IIRC.

That's all I can think of right now.


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Jim Stevens
Has anyone done any business with Wall Lumber in Mayodan? Have been told they have a good inventory and pricing.


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I pesonally have not, but I have heard very good things about them. Member Vanguard recommends them highly. Dave:)


Clay Lowman
I've bought from them before. Nice enough guys, huge selection. Great prices. The only thing is to be sure you call adhead before you travel up there, they got a little miffed at me for just showing up and wanting to pick through their stock. I think they let me do it only because I travelled from Raleigh. I can understand that though, and don't blame them. But, I'll have to say, with today's gas prices, I can't justify going the extra distance beyond going to The hardwood store of NC to get to Mayoden. But if you're close to them, I'd give them a shot.

- clay

Steve D

Steve DeWeese
I bought 400 bd ft of Walnut from them for the cabinets I'm currently making. The prices were very good and I had the material shipped to a local freight terminal. I couldn't have driven there and back with my trailer for what shipping cost. Very quick turnaround on the order and their grading seems to be accurate.

Steve D


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Gary Davis
Hi Folks,

The boss suggested that maybe I post. Thanks for the link Cathy! I truly haven't had much time to post here in the last few weeks, since I joined. We are in the process of getting our new 4,000 shop and 'store' up and running. For those of you who have never heard of us, I guess that is probably most of you. :) We sell turning stock mostly. We handle about 25 varieties of domestic woods, and for the last 6 months or so have branched out to include Exotics.

As part of our move we just took delivery of about 20,000 pounds of exotics. We will have them sorted out and on the shelf, if anyone wants to come and browse, give us about 2 weeks.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.



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Cathy, I couldn't find much info on what they carry or do on the website, but I just noticed that NCWood has just become a member so hopefully he will enlighten us in the BUY and Sell area as to what he can offer, we need some good wood sources here in the Raleigh area. Thanks for the tip. Dave:)
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