1. farmerbw

    Couple of Christmas Ornaments

    LOML and I did a couple more Christmas ornaments for some folks at work for their new kid and grand kid. They're both on Maple from my parents farm. Back of both has the year. Thanks for looking. Brian.
  2. T

    Couple of warm bodies needed this Sunday in Apex

    Hi all, I have scored a large I beam in Apex and need a couple of people to help move it. Really Scott will have his skid steer there for all the heavy work, but a couple of people on ropes to help guide it would be great. Scott thinks about 2 hours should cover it. maybe a bit less for you...
  3. MikeH

    Finished a couple bottle stoppers...

    I just finished a couple wine bottle stoppers. Let me know what you think.
  4. mark2

    A couple new places to sit in the yard

    Had to do something with the remains of the oak and cherry tree that fell in the spring storms. The rustic oak bench was built using mortise and tenon with wedged dowels - no glue (except a bit to hold the bowtie where my tenon was a bit tight and split the wood) or hardware and is...
  5. ScottM

    A couple nativty sets

    Here are better views of a couple nativity I made. Design by Steve Good. View image in gallery View image in gallery
  6. Crrunion

    Couple Of "Where To Find" Questions

    This is my second post on the forum. My first was in the "Get Acquainted" forum so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I have a couple of questions about shopping for tools. The FIRST question is about a place that I went to a time or two in Mount Holly, NC. The name of the place was...
  7. rcflyer23

    A couple of pens

    I've had a chance to turn a couple of pens the past week one for me and one for a customer. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  8. Asheville Hardware

    We just got a couple amazing slabs!

    First off is this monster Old Growth California Redwood. It is 9' long, 57" at it's widest, 22" at the least wide point. The tree apparently went through a forest fire, as the edges are charred. Price is still TBD. There is also this stunning slab of Spalted Maple. It is 103" long and...
  9. erasmussen

    A couple of small turnings

    Not much going on right now but I did get a couple of SMALL turnings out. The first one Paduk, African Blackwood, and mystery wood diamonds. 10" tall 289 pieces the second one 5" tall Cherry Paduk and Bacote 113 pieces and the last one 5" tall Cherry, YH and RH 113 pieces
  10. navy1990

    Been a busy couple of months

    Well, it's been crazy around here since SWMBO "let me" get a lathe. I volunteered to make pens for all of the fathers in our church for Father's Day. I ended up making almost 40 Slimline pens (just because they are the easiest to make, for me). I made about half a dozen shawl pins. LOML knits...
  11. mshel

    A couple of new saws for the till

    I contracted a new upstart saw builder to make me a couple of new saws since I wasn't in love with my current dovetail saw. I figured I would get in on the ground floor before his success starts to demand more money. First is a dovetail saw which sports a cocobolo handle, solid brass slotted...
  12. Trent Mason

    Couple of questions about voting

    Greetings Gents, I had a few questions about when to end the voting for the election. Mainly, how has it been done in the past? In my original post, I stated that " Voting will run until the NCWWer Spring Picnic, on May 14'th." I know that last year, Scott Smith accepted votes at the picnic...
  13. ScottM

    off line a couple days

    I will be off line from Thurs evening through Sunday evening. I will be working on the Cary house which has no internet access. Watch the fort. Anyone on the new member chat tonight please talk up the picnic and remind folks to sign up so we get a good count.
  14. K

    A couple new bottle toppers

    So I haven't really turned since passing on the goodwill lathe but I went over to ahleyphil's yesterday and turned these. I am really happy with the way they turned out, plus Phil was a big help and gave me some pointers. The darker wood is a rosewood of some sort I believe and the lighter...
  15. N

    Couple New Upgrades...

    Recently I was on a mission to upgrade my table saw... After doing a bunch of looking and researching as well as getting a bunch of advise from you guys I found this saw.... View image in gallery 3 HP Steel City... It's about 4 years old and still has a year warranty left on it... I'm...
  16. MarkE

    A couple of CL deals on cherry and oak

    Found these 2 this morning. Not mine. red oak lumber - $200 (willow springs) Date: 2011-04-20, 6:05PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have 150 bf of red oak lumber it is kiln dry...
  17. rick7938

    Renovating Workshop - Couple of Qustions

    Just finished insulating and installing window AC in workshop. Getting ready to build new cabinets on each end of workshop. Question: Should I build the shelves 12" deep or 16" deep? With 16" shelves, I am afraid that stuff will get lost behind other stuff. Question: What is a good,small...
  18. 2

    couple ? for Charlotte area folks

    Where do you have your sharpening done, e.g., saw blades, router bits. I’ve used Charlotte Saw & Knife years ago with mixed results. Where do you buy sheet goods, e.g. MDF, cabinet grade Plywood? Chris
  19. S

    a couple of cedar bowls

  20. S

    A Couple of Projects

    Here a couple of projects I'm working on for ShedZilla. Router Table from ShopNotes: View image in gallery View image in gallery Still need a smooth surface for the top and a router plate but it's getting there :eusa_danc Workbench / work table, also from ShopNotes: View image in...

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