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  4. sightandsounds

    antique hand planes - $25

    Found these on the Lynchburg, VA craigslist. Antique molding and other hand planes - from 1700's - 1800's Most are wooden Most have owner's stamps Many are excellent condition Large quantity Aquired over lifetime, mostly in New England...
  5. J

    Minwax Antique Oil Finish

    Hi Guys, Do any of you know where I can find this in the Charlotte area? Both HD and Lowes carry Minwax products, but this doesn't seem to be part of their standard floor stock. Woodcraft doesn't carry Minwax at all, and I don't really want to order it online if I don't have to. Thanks...
  6. Tarhead

    Antique Tool Collectors Meeting Jan 16, Hillsborough

    Disappointed that Pappa Noel didn't bring you that mint Stanley #4 Sweetheart plane? Well here's here's a chance for you to find 3 or 4 and actually get to hold them and check them out before you buy! Have absolutely no idea what to look for in a #4? We have experts (fellow North Carolina...
  7. Ken Massingale

    Antique Tool Collection, Anderson SC

    Not mine.. antique tool collection for sell - $1 (anderson and upstate) Date: 2009-12-19, 7:52AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] would like to sell entire collection 600 to 600 peices...
  8. L

    Old Tools/bits (NOT antique?) Asheboro CL

    Not mine; someone with some clean-looking old tools (3 listings posted last night) including a drill bit-and-brace with 39 bits, beater toolbox, for $30... Dunno if someone here would need, or if it's worth anything?:dontknow:
  9. U

    need estimate to repair or replace antique frame

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can give me an estimate to repair or replace an antique decorative stained glass window frame. Please let me know if you are interested, I have photos and measurements I can email. Thanks! Christine
  10. PChristy

    Antique Tools - (Charlotte/University Area)

    not mine 1. Rubber-head hammer - $15.00 2. Planers (2) - $20.00 3. Ice pick - $5.00 If interested, call 704-597-7538 Location: Charlotte/University Area it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial...
  11. D

    Antique Back Saw Restoration... Disston Content

    I picked this old Disston (1871-1876) back saw on that internet auction site for less then a set of card scrapers and thought I would see if I could bring it back to life. It's no collecters item, that's for sure. I'll post some pics of the progress. Last night I removed the saw nuts, tote...
  12. Tarhead

    Antique Tool Collector's Meet at Bethania November 7

    The November meeting of the M-WTCA will be held in Bethania, NC at Bethania Moravian Church (Fellowship Hall in rear of church)...
  13. froglips

    English Antique Tool Dealers....

    I'm on the hunt (obsession, quest, etc) for a few 18th century English hand saws. Rumors are, the time frame I want, the saws had 3 small crowns stamped on the sawplate. Denoted something about the steel I think. Anyhoo, I heard that those saws were not as common in this country, and it...
  14. Tarhead

    MWTCA Antique Tool Collectors Meeting in Waxhaw, NC

    Saturday, April 11 8:00-12:00 Bonds Grove United Methodist Church 8215 Bonds Grove Church Rd. Waxhaw 8-10 Shop and Swap 10-11 NCWW member Stan Suther will be doing a presentation on Sharpening Hand Saws 11-12 Auction! $10 admission includes Coffee and Krispie Cremes PM me or Hobbsed if...
  15. Rob

    preserving an antique

    My in-laws gave us a plow, it was used by her grandfather, pulled by a mule. (she has pictures somewhere). Anyway I had expressed an interest in it years ago when I saw it in their old barn, for a garden decoration. They brought it to us this weekend. The wood handles are faded and rough, the...
  16. WoodWrangler

    CL: 1830's Antique J. Kellogg All Boxwood Plow Plane

    This is a rare thing to find on Craigslist ... expensive, but rare. 1830's Antique J. Kellogg All Boxwood Plow Plane - $450 (Shelby, NC) Reply to: [?] Date: 2008-12-28, 10:36AM EST For sale is a J. Kellogg...
  17. B

    Antique tool bargain?

    Looks like a bargain here for the old tool collectors? (not mine)
  18. Hook

    Antique Chevy 1 ton Pickup

    I think the Pattern said it was a 1923. This one came from the Berry Basket CD great American scrollsaw patterns. After cutting most of the pieces out back in August, I let the project sit and stare at me until today. 90% of the cutting was done on the scroll saw. A little bit on the band...
  19. 5Etek-mike

    Antique cedar wardrobe finally refinished

    Thank you all for allowing me to share this recent project with you. This wouldn't have been possible without the great help of Mac (Skysharks)!! :occasion1:icon_thum:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Mac invited my wife and I over to his tremendous shop last weekend to assist us with repairing one of...
  20. Gotcha6

    CL in Waxhaw - antique tools

    Not mine - I just saw it....

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