1. Dresser (Before)

    Dresser (Before)

    This old dresser was used for shop storage, for 3 years; It took that long to figure out how to repair the broken leg!
  2. Small Drawer

    Small Drawer

    Note the dove tail joinery.
  3. Broken Leg Replaced

    Broken Leg Replaced

  4. adowden

    Antique Bench with pictures

    A customer brought me two antique benches in poor condition. The joinery on them is amazing. I think they were built without glue so they could be disassembled if necessary. The bench is attached to the legs with mortise and tenon and the leg is attached to the base with mortise and tenon and...
  5. R

    Restore Antique Tools

    I have a book that is free for the asking. "Restoring Antique Tools". Might be of interest to someone. Welcome to it. Either come by and pick it up (Send PM for directions) or I can mail it to you. First to contact me via this forum (based upon time stamp) will get it. If you want it...
  6. Splinter

    Antique Tool Sale

    Ad in my local newpaper for antique tool auction in Elizabethtown. See link for more info.
  7. H

    Antique Tool Lover

    Hi all, I just got a referral to the site from the Triangle Woodworkers. Looks like a very well planned site and very easy to get around in. My main interest is in antique tool collecting. I do have a fairly good power tool shop where I will admit I do most of my woodworking. Foot powered...
  8. M

    Antique Christmas Tree Fence Restored

    A friend of ours had a small Christmas Tree fence made back in the 1930's that he wanted restored for his wife and he asked me to do it for him. I've just posted a few pictures in the Projects sub category of my Gallery, but will give you a little info here on the fence. Here's the restored...

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