1. Timmy

    Shave Horse is done

    Made a shave horse today. I bought a draw knife, so I figured I had to have it. Can't wait to put it to work.
  2. H

    Band saw working again

    Just got my old band saw put back together and wanted to thank everyone for their input a while back . I was in such a good mood I turned out a piece of Persimmon that I had been wanting to get on . Thanks guys . Hawk
  3. J

    Working on (Finally) organizing my tools and getting the shop clean

    I've finally started working on getting my shop cleaned up and my tools organized. I've still more tools to get put up (chisels, etc.). But, it's coming along.
  4. Carl Fisher

    Gloat from the Charlotte Wood Working show

    We went to the show both Saturday and Sunday. Came home with a Sommerfeld angle bit set, a set of Shaker Raised panel bits, band saw blades, tires, cool blocks, micro splitters, link belts and just sooo much more. What's better is that the wife was with me the whole time and actually approved...
  5. Rob

    Wood working journal

    I decided to start keeping a journal of projects, what I got accomplished, how I did it, and mistakes I made. Especially mistakes I made. Just something I can read over before the next project so I don't repeat mistakes. Nothing fancy, just a word document. I keep mine on Sky Drive with...
  6. A

    New to wood working

    Hello, So I am very new to woodworker and I am trying to get a good knowledge base. I live in eastern NC and have noticed the vendors link at the top of this website. However, nobody around me sells hardwood plywood aside from the Big Box stores, and I want something unique. Eastern NC...
  7. ScottM

    NCWW at the Charlotte Wood Working Show

    In keeping with our growing recogntion, NCWW has been offered and accepted space at the up coming Charlotte Wood Working Show. This is a great opportunity to expand and continue our mission. To do this we need members to bring in items for display, work our booth and put on short demos. We...
  8. FredP

    upload pics not working

    are there site updates going on? I get server error when trying to upload pics to my gallery.:gar-Cr thee error says " server [IO] error mike davis posted the pics in a thread but I cant get them to upload to my gallery. I have not had any problems with this in recent memory. HELP!!!!!
  9. farmerbw

    Photo uploads not working?

    Anyone else not able to upload photos? I've been trying for a while and first thought it just wouldn't work from my Evo/droid but after trying from a PC it's still no go. When selecting/clicking the "Select Files for Upload" button nothing happens. Here's the debug log if it helps...
  10. M

    New member, new to wood working, Fayetteville, NC

    Greetings, one and all. The way I found this site is kind of round-about. You see, I'm not a wood worker, at least, not yet. We'll see if I ever turn into one. Here's the story. I am in the Army and currently deployed to Afghanistan. A short while ago I was home in Fayetteville on R&R...
  11. christopheralan

    What I have been working on...

    Hey Guys! Haven't posted projects in a while, but rest assured, I have been up to my ears in commissions. Here are a few of the latest... Thanks for looking!
  12. CatButler

    What I have been working on

    These are some projects I have been working on. Finally got batteries and flash card in the camera at the same time. First is the Chris Schwartz tradition saw bench. Not electrons were murdered making this project. View image in gallery This is the first time draw boring and using wedged...
  13. richlife

    Working with a Large Slab

    Well, hi all. I thought I'd exercise a little more of NCWW, get some help and generate some discussion. (Here's another place I could use some help: .) As already has been said several times :eusa_danc, yesterday's Picnic was great and...
  14. S

    working with cedar.

    This is a first for me. As I posted while I was looking for cedar, my wife asked me to make a table for the kids to play. An outdoors play table. So first step was to get cedar, and now that's done (thanks again Rick). Now a question comes to mind. I want to start building my table top...
  15. SteveColes

    Working with menus

    I will be working with menus again today Wed. 5/12/10
  16. Gotcha6

    NCWW Mobile not working on my 'berry

    NCWW now gets me a 'file too large error' with my current 'berry browser (Alltel). I can access NCWW Mobile through Yahoo (works great!) but have to do a search & login each time to access. Then, my active browser doesn't recognize the page address to save to file.
  17. L

    Working with mahagony

    I am making two mahagony nightstands and running into chipping with the wood. Tablesaw cuts are ok, new blade, but planning has resulted in chip out on some of the ends and chipping across the cut of many pieces. Can anyone give my any suggestions as to what the reason maybe? I read on the...
  18. J

    Wood Working Tools (Woodleaf, NC

    Not Mine WOOD WORKING TOOLS FOR SALE: Kaff WL-5 Wood Lath Bench Model (Unmounted) $75.00 LIKE NEW Delta 6 inch Variable Speed Bench Jointer $75.00 LIKE NEW Delta 14 inch Band Saw with extra blades $225.00 LIKE NEW Delta...
  19. D

    Working Project

    In keeping with Trent's idea of posting about a project I thought this might be a start. As you all know, I primarily work with large, heavy, logs and stumps. Well, I initially cut this "stump" a little over a year ago and it sat outside through all kinds of weather until a couple weeks ago. I...
  20. BrianGeib

    Wood Working Shop for sale - CL

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