1. charlessenf

    Waxing My Sled with ???

    I watched a couple of videos on building cross cut sleds for a TS. One (possibly more than one) of them mentioned waxing (the RUNNER at*) bottom of the Sled. I went to Lowes and found a can of MixWax - $9.95 Seems a bit high to me, Looked to be a pint can. Thought to ask if there was a less...
  2. Bugle

    Wax and Mineral oil finish

    I was watching a woodturning video on youtube and the guy was using a mixture of paste wax and mineral oil as a finish. Anyone every use this method? How well does it work? Never heard of it before. Thanks.
  3. kooshball

    Rust-free table saw - Boeshield t-9 and wax testament

    I don't usually rave about great stuff for no reason but in this case I figured that I would post this here for the benefit of those looking for rust prevention solutions... Over a year ago I was recommended by folks on this site to apply boeshield t-9 and paste wax to my table saw top to...
  4. sawduster

    Renaissance Wax

    I would welcome any practical discussion on Ren wax . I am familiar with it's make up, uses etc but would like to hear from anyone who uses it. Is it worth it ? What are the procedures for applying it buffing it etc and any other tips and/or tricks you may want to share TIA for any and all...
  5. Y

    Johnsons Paste wax

    I was using Johnson's Paste Wax to lube my drawer slide on my new shop cabinets. I was just going to paint them, but I got some on the face. Well it looked pretty good so I done the entire cabinet. I hope I haven't messed up. I usually only use that on my table saw. Any advice. Thanks
  6. G

    What wax for hand planes?

    I'm not talking about the "prevent rust" wax job, I'm talking about the "it's getting harder to push so it needs some wax on the sole" wax.:icon_thum I've seen paraffin mentioned and also seen some kind of sticky paste wax used. What do all you hand tool aficionados use?:dontknow:
  7. striker

    best wax to use

    A workmate of mine tinkers with old tube radios. Yesterday he asked what the best wax to use on the cabinets. At that point, I realized I don't know jack about waxes. I have several brands on the shelf I bought mostly because the can looked cool or it said it was the best but other than using...
  8. Ken Massingale

    What Wax After Danish Oil?

    I like the finish left by Danish Oil but on some pieces I'd like to add just a tad of 'bling'. What wax is good? The current project is Ambrosia Maple so I fear a wax that may get trapped in the grain. Thanks.
  9. Mark Stewart

    paste wax question

    I often here you guys talk about paste wax for finishing. My question is what kinds are you using ? And is any one making their own? Well I guess thats 2 questions. Thanks Mark
  10. ptt49er

    Paraffin Wax & Mineral Spirits

    I remember reading about Bruce's (junquecol) paraffin wax and mineral spirits to protect shop equipment. Could you mix it a little thicker and use it as a wood sealer? Wouldn't that be about the same idea as anchorseal? Ok, so I have a problem. I've come to the woodworkers anonymous on NC. He's...
  11. mkepke

    Stripping paste wax from furniture

    I am repairing a piece of furniture that is paste wax over tung oil (I know because I built it originally). What can I use to strip off the paste wax ? I've tried common chemicals on hand like lacquer thinner, but still get massive gumming of the sandpaper. Do I need to resort to say MEK or...
  12. PeteM

    Streaky wax finish ?!?!

    :-( First try for a wax finish and I must be doing something wrong. I first tried some Briwax, cleaned that off and tried some Myland's. Applied with 0000 steel wool. Tried buffing by hand and then with a pad chucked in a drill. Everything I've tried has come out streaky-blotchy-generally ugly...
  13. J

    Using Shoe Wax

    Has anyone tried using shoe wax instead of wood paste? I have been told is works just as good and costs a lot less.
  14. Toddler

    turtle wax polishing compound

    I've sprayed the final coat of clear satin lacquer on the box DaveO built with my interfere . . . uh . . help . I've rubbed it down with 0000 steel wool between coats, but don't want to use that after the final coat and was wondering about the turtle wax polishing compound??? Will it work...
  15. DaveO

    Wax over lacquer???

    I am finishing up those 4 heart boxes that I made last weekend. I have applied many coats of satin spray lacquer, rubbing out between every 2 with 800 grit paper. I have always enjoyed the feel of a wax finish, and am considering it for the final step. But I am worried that the wax with affect...
  16. J

    Fence Wax

    Does anyone have any suggestions on wax to use for the fence on my new table saw? Also do you guys apply wax to the actual table of the saw? I have heard of a few people doing this?

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