1. b4man

    No update emails

    I apologize for not being present for the past 2 days but I have not received any NCWW'r email updating my threads. My habit is to check them first thing in the morning after reading my email. I've looked at my email account status and it's alright. Any other reasons they're MIA? me
  2. johnpipe108

    How do I update user location info?

    When I post, my city, county and state show up with my avatar, which is the way I want it, but I can't find out where to update my location! I would have thought that would be in the user control panel, but there are not boxes that I can find to make those changes! We moved recently, and I'm...
  3. PChristy

    One tough bird ( update)

    Got this turkey to do for commission and after looking at it I thought that it would be a fairly easy cut boy was I wrong:swoon: I started in the middle and was working my way out View image in gallery Got this far with cutting the veins - found out quick that veins are not easy - came...
  4. 02blues

    mahogany bed update

    Working on mahogany 4 post bed. All work by hand. Will have 4 - 7ft barley twist posts. Built a larger spring pole lathe to work the posts. Moving into the fun part. Will post a few as it comes together. Mr obvious discoveries Scrub plane hand router reading grain story boards toothing bevel up...
  5. CrealBilly

    Black Finish (white vinegar & steel wool) Update...

    It's been many years since I've messed with black any suggestions on black dyes for RO? Thanks
  6. S

    Table saw accident - Hand update

    I have always taken pride in being overly cautious when using tools, but . . . . Yesterday I was ripping some pieces to make drawers for an entertainment center I am building. While cutting the last board (always seems to happen on the last board), a bug or something landed on my neck. Reflex...
  7. scsmith42

    UPDATE on 1st POST RE: Getting together to make some handscrew clamps?

    As part of the outfitting of my new shop, I’m going to need a good quantity of handscrew clamps. Commercial prices vary, from top of the line Dubuque / Jorgensen’s for over twenty bucks each to the inexpensive imports for 4 - 8 bucks each. In researching the clamp options, I discovered that...
  8. Douglas Robinson

    Thinking of posting a member update

    I am thinking of posting a general state-of-the-organization post. I will post a draft in this BoD forum for all your comments. I am thinking of mentioning: 1. The Klingspor event 2. The raffle 3. The crawls 4. Non-profit status 5. Scotts idea about a group production line get-together 6. The...
  9. froglips

    [UPDATE] New Feature: geographic member searching...

    So, for those who remember this, its back. For those who never knew it was gone, its back! You can now do a search for Members by City, State and/or County. From the Red Menu Bar at the top of the page, Click on "Community" -> Member Lists -> Search -> Advanced Search. The new search...
  10. JohnW

    Special Forces Pen Project Update

    View image in gallery Back in Feb I started a project to get 12 pens & 12 boxes to a group of Special Forces Green Berets. Most are from other states but all trained at Bragg and were to be deployed to Afganistan. David, my nephew, is the Medical officer in the unit and the gifts were a...
  11. sawduster

    Quick update

    Still hangin' round , been reading but not posting much . As a few of you know , The Shoppe Widow has had a pretty rough go of it the last couple weeks . She somehow contracted a fairly wicked case of MRSA on her left side. Not knowing initially what it was, her medical treatment was a little...
  12. erasmussen

    new update Power is on

  13. A

    Bench Update #3- It's done! many pics

    In my previous update I had completed most of the structure. All that remained were a few details and finishing. One detail I didn't show was how I attached the cross-grain aprons to the bench. Since they are cross grain you can't use glue without the danger of seasonal movement causing...
  14. A

    Bench Update #2

    Well, my new woodworking bench is not completely done, but close enough to post another batch of pics. First some stats- Design: A mix of elements from Lon Schleining's "The Best of Old and New" bench from his book and Fine Woodworking article. Elements include his thumbnail profiles...

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