1. gator

    It Went National - Update on My Granddaughter and Her Heart Transplant

    Shea Crisson of Channel 11 News just finished interviewing Kristen and one of her friends for tonight's news (probably the 4:00PM segment). Her friend is having a fundraiser in lieu of her birthday with all proceeds going to COTA in Kristen's name. If you are near a TV at 4PM please watch...
  2. A

    Time for an update

    Time for some new pics of the beast bandsaw from Sully and Ernie's new harpsichord and music box projects
  3. CDPeters

    GWL Update - Week 1 and 2 (Pic heavy!)

    Well, I told Scott I intended to try to post weekly updates with what I was doing and how I was coming along with the GWL and what with the holidays and what-not, I've already missed the first one :cool:. So here ya go - an update. As you may recall, the transfer was made on Dec 15th at...
  4. GWL week 1_2

    GWL week 1_2

  5. GWL week 1_2

    GWL week 1_2

  6. GWL week 1_2

    GWL week 1_2

  7. GWL week 1_2

    GWL week 1_2

  8. GWL week 1_2

    GWL week 1_2

  9. GWL week 1_2

    GWL week 1_2

  10. GWL week 1_2

    GWL week 1_2

  11. gator

    Our Miracle Continues (UPDATE 12/15/11)

    Three days after the Heart transplant, she is up and walking. One lap around the ICU and then she headed for the door to go to the car (LOL). The nurses stopped her before she could escape. Word is that she may go to "Step-Down" tomorrow. I may be biased but I have never seen such bravery...
  12. b4man

    PayPal Account update

    It is with pleasure I announce that the account has been reset. Now, Tracy and I both have privileges and in the future there should be 2 members of the board w/ permissions so we don't run into the problems from the Travis Porter days.
  13. gator

    Update on Prayer Request

    A short while ago I posted for prayer request for my granddaughter. A quick synopsis of events: On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving she went to Duke for and Electo Cardio Gram. The appointment was at 1:30, by 4:00 they had her in Pediatric Cardiac ICU. It was suspected that she needed a new...
  14. erasmussen

    WIP update open segment

    I was sick for a few days and didnt get to the shop. I finally got back, got all the knobs knocked off, sanded, and started putting finish on it. After I get some finish on it then I will still have to turn and finish both ends.
  15. rcflyer23

    Pie Safe WIP - Small Update 5/6/12

    I came into some oak last month and have begun the process of turning it into a Pie Safe for the wife. I also had some Spalted maple that was give to my dad and I by PChristy that I finally got around to milling up and using. I'm using it for the panels in the pie safe and I'm also using it...
  16. Gotcha6

    Good WIll Lathe UPDATE

    Okay, folks. Heath has had the Good Will lathe long enough. It's time to nominate the next 'owner'. Submit your nominees to this Thread & we'll decide who to forward it to. The winner is responsible for picking it up by whatever means available including Pony Express. It will be theirs...
  17. sawduster

    Propane Club thread moved ..updated update

    Anyone here a member of this co-op or know someone who is ? Pros ? Cons ? Any input at all appreciated. :icon_thum I just stumbled on it accidentally and did some research but I want some real info if it is available TIA *update* Ferrel switched my tank today. I pre-paid for this first...
  18. S

    ram carving update

    I have started carving the hair and roughing out the horns. At this point I just want to get a feel for the horns so that I can begin to "see" the rest of the ram. The hair is carved in a rough manner with the humps and dips placed and then everything is worked and reworked until it looks...
  19. A

    Woodworking in America 2012 site selection UPDATE

    I got this email from PWW today: "Help us break a four-way tie! It's been a month since the Woodworking in America 2011 conference was held in Greater Cincinnati, and we've already begun to plan for WIA 2012. Two weeks ago, we asked for your input on where to hold the next Woodworking in...
  20. PeteM

    Grotesque carving WIP - Done 11-26

    I had my camera out so I thought I'd post a WIP pic. This is my first attempt at carving "in the round". So far I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along but I have plenty of time left to mess it up! pete

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