1. M

    Saw milling

    I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some advice . I own a small sawmill in Apex and I'm trying to get started sawing some lumber in hopes of selling some of it at some point . This is not my source of income so please don't mistake this for an advertisement. My assumption is that those...
  2. steviegwood

    Plans for widebelt thickness sander

    Hi Folks, does anyone have any plans for making you own wide belt sander. I am in need of a thickness sander and I have a supply of 3' & 4' belts from a local cabinet company. The belts are used but I get then and wash them up and most are like new. I would like to be able to use these belts and...
  3. Mike Camp

    Dewalt Thickness Planer (Mebane) RDU CL - $150

    Not mine... Dewalt Thickness Planer - $150 (MEBANE) Date: 2011-09-11, 5:08PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This is a like new Dewalt Thickness Planer. Has been used very little and works...
  4. K

    starter thickness planer

    I am looking at getting my first thickness planer. I was looking at the dewalt 735 at lowes and also the steel city 40300H with the helical cutters. I have tried finding a stationary machine on CL but havent found anything yet. Any recommendations.
  5. Tom Dunn

    Wood thickness for loom

    I need to build a triangle loom for a friend. I want something pretty nice, so I'm thinking ash, cherry, or whatever hardwood I can get easily, locally. 8' on the hypotenuse, half-lap joints on the corners, two different colored nails alternating. If I'm looking for stock about 3 inches...
  6. merrill77

    holdfast - minimum bench thickness?

    I picked up Shwartz's workbench design book yesterday and got through the first few chapters. I was surprised to read that holdfasts don't work as well with a really thick top - as I had assumed the thicker the better. I was pleasantly surprised that he also said they are good down to about a...
  7. M

    Got thickness planer - now what?

    Look at this beauty I just picked up: The top part weighs over 70 lb and the motor (1 hp Dayton) and stand feels even more! I took it apart to clean and oil some parts but mainly to get at the knives: I honed them until the stones glazed over (any hints on removing the glaze? I soaked...
  8. S

    Rigid 13" Thickness Planner - $175 (Rockfish)

    not mine Rigid 13" Thickness Planner - $175 (Rockfish) Date: 2011-03-18, 2:24PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Nice planner Excellent condition Absolutely nothing wrong with it...
  9. K

    Bench thickness and hold fasts?

    I'm still working on my bench and I'm getting ready to do the top. I am planning on 3/4" dog holes on a bench that is around 1" thick. Since the hold fast wedges in, is 1" thick enough for that to happen? Also do I buy a 3/4" hold fast for 3/4" hole, or are they 1/16" or something smaller? Wes
  10. S

    Ridgid 13" Thickness Planer - $200 (Fuquay Varina)

    Not Mine! Ridgid 13" Thickness Planer - $200 (Fuquay Varina) Date: 2011-02-27, 5:50PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Used but in great condition, selling so we can upgrade to a larger...
  11. S

    dewalt 735 thickness planer - $450 carrboro

    NOt mine, but I do own, awesome tool! dewalt 13 inch thickness planer - $450 (carrboro) Date: 2011-01-17, 5:24PM EST Reply to: see below LIKE NEW!!! The best portable on the market. Smooth glass-like finnish on lumber. No sanding...
  12. S

    Ridgid 13 inch Thickness Planer - $160 (Cary, NC)

    Not mine! 13 inch Thickness Planer - $160 (Cary, NC) Date: 2011-01-05, 5:19PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Ridgid 13" Thickness Planer with spare blades and Manual and dust...
  13. CoolHandLuke

    Thickness Planers and opinions

    Hey fellas, I think I'm going to be shopping for a thickness planer soon and I wanted to hear your opinions/recommendations on a smaller (maybe portable) thickness planer. If you've used one that you like, or know of anything I should look out for please let me know. Thanks Dave
  14. S

    DeWalt DW735 13-in Thickness Planer - $275 (N. Durham)

    not mine! DeWalt DW735 13-in Thickness Planer - $275 (N. Durham) Date: 2010-02-20, 2:42PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Please call Chip at (919) 519-1477 for more information or to set...
  15. S

    DeWalt 12" HD Thickness Planer - $200 (Garner NC) DeWalt 12" HD Thickness Planer - $200 (Garner NC) Date: 2010-02-10, 6:33PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 12" Dewalt Heavy Duty Bench top thickness planer Used 1 time Inc;uded 1 set of...
  16. eyekode

    Plug thickness to hide screws?

    I have a project where I am abutting two cabinets. They do not have face frames but are edged with 3/4" thick maple. There is a visible gap when abutting the cabinets. I want to pull them together by screwing the maple edging together from adjoining cabinets. But I would like to hide this with a...
  17. R

    Need to resurface & thickness plane old barn wood

    I'm dismantling my brother-in-law's 100+ year old barn a little at time to see what kind of lumber is there, condition, etc. So far it's mostly white oak and some pine but I'm hoping to be surprised by some chestnut or maybe walnut too. The unpainted wood looks to be flat sawn and was probably...
  18. Rob

    Thickness planer Sled

    I'm in the process of building a thickness planer sled, since I only have a 6" jointer and need to flatten some stock. Plans are to use 3/4" MDF with a stop board glued to one end. Using shims and hot melt glue to fill in any gaps and taking very light cuts. Question I have is, on a Dewalt...
  19. D

    thickness planer

    If I wanted to laminate several thin boards together, different color species, to make a design as they are shaped later, would a thickness planer be sufficient to mill them and glue up? Or do most still use a hand plane to take out any marks from the machine? If it makes any difference, it...
  20. Canuck

    Thickness Planers - How Thin??

    I have a DW735 planer that I have primarily used to thickness plane down to 1/4"-3/4" lumber. The depth turret is graduated down to 1/8th" It would seem to me that at that height, the knives are getting awfully close to the planer bed. As thin as I have planed is 1/4". Has anyone ever...

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