1. Child


    My first rocking chair. Made from walnut, Minwax Special Walnut stain and 3 coats of Formby's Tung Oil
  2. T

    Recommendations for a comfortable rocking chair

    Hey guys, Need some recommendations - I want to build a nice rocking chair... The wife needs something nice to rock the babies in.... Unfortunately, the "Boughten" sorts are either permanently upholstered (AKA Spitup catcher) or Horribly uncomfortable... or crazy expensive. What's your...
  3. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse - Christmas Morning

    A picture says a thousand words.... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  4. DSC_00711


    Rocking Horse
  5. DSC_0083-1


    Rocking Horse
  6. Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse
  7. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse

    Here's the first ever Rocking Horse I've ever made... Made from Cherry, Jitoba, and Maple. A Christmas gift for our daughter's first Christmas....and hopefully something to be passed down over the years to younger generations :) Let me know what you think! Shawn View image in gallery
  8. Rocking Horse-1

    Rocking Horse-1

    Body cut out of Maple
  9. moodyfloyd

    finish advice - rocking horse

    Hello All, My latest project is a Rocking horse I am making for our Baby Girls' first Christmas. It is being made out of Maple, Cherry and Jaboda with a Classic Cherry Stain. I would appreciate all of your advice on the best finish for this project. What would be the best for look, and...
  10. JackLeg

    Rocking and Separating!

    This week I finished a rocker and a bench for some friends in Chicagoland. :eusa_danc Now I'm working on a Phil Thien Separator for my DC barrel! Finally! I hope this thing works as well as advertised!:dontknow: I know lots of you have built them. :wsmile: Just need to run over to Tractor...
  11. SANY0053


  12. SANY0052


  13. Rocking Golden Retriever

    Rocking Golden Retriever

  14. Rocking Basset Hound

    Rocking Basset Hound

  15. Rocking Kangaroo

    Rocking Kangaroo

  16. Rocking Kangaroo

    Rocking Kangaroo

  17. Rocking Frog

    Rocking Frog

  18. Rocking Family Dog

    Rocking Family Dog

  19. Rocking Kangaroo

    Rocking Kangaroo

  20. Tarhead

    The South's Best Rocking Chairs Made by a NCWW'er

    Saw this in Garden and Gun magazine's blog. Congrats Brian! Check out the photo gallery at the bottom. I needed a drool towel. Beautiful chairs!

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