Recommendations for a comfortable rocking chair

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Hey guys,

Need some recommendations - I want to build a nice rocking chair... The wife needs something nice to rock the babies in.... Unfortunately, the "Boughten" sorts are either permanently upholstered (AKA Spitup catcher) or Horribly uncomfortable... or crazy expensive.

What's your recommendations?

Here's a couple I found so far... Are these good or are there better ones? Which one to start with?
Charles Brock's Maloof style rocker instructionals
Scott Morrison's Maloof or "Simple" rocker instructionals
Hal Taylor's Rocking chair instructionals




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I have constructed a JSR woodworking school Maloof and a Maloof rocker using the Charles Brock plans. The JSR experience was excellent however he is no longer in business. The Chrales Brock plans are less than stellar and the video music choice is extremely annoying. I do not recommend these plans.
I have constructed the Scott Morrison low back side chair and most recently the bar stools. These are excellent plans and I highly recommend anything he produces. I just purchased the table plans that are to be relased at the end of January.
Shamrock has constructed the Hal Taylor chair and speaks very highly of it. He indicates that it sits better than the genuine Maloof style that we built at the JSR class. I have this one on my list as the next rocker to build in the future. Another advantage is this one requires about 35 bf as opposed to 50 bf ant at $6-8 per bf this can be an advantage as well.
If you have questions please send a PM. I have several posts of other maloof projects on the site and Shamrock posted a step by step when we had the JSR class. he did an excellent job and these are very good to follow.
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